Walking on Sunshine


Last Thursday as I was trying to recover from my chocolate cake coma, I received a message from Mark Bialczak stating he nominated me for the Sunshine Award,  “What a way to start off my birthday weekend” I thought to myself as I maneuvered my way over to his blog to see what the Sunshine Award was all about. “The award is given to those who  positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere” it stated.  Do I inspire others in a positive and creative manner? …well sometimes I hope so, but sometimes I just shoot for a smile. Thank you Mark for this awesome award!!

Directions for you to accept the award

To accept the award, the awardee must do the following:

1. Display the award on your blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

3. Present 10 deserving bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

4. Link to the awardees and let them know of the nomination.

5. List 10 interesting things about yourself.


Ten things about me…..I’m not sure how interesting or creative this will be, it IS Monday!!

1.  Insomnia is kicking my lumpy forty-year old ass!!   Going on 3 hours of sleep …can’t wait for my head to hit the pillow tonight.

2. I am determined to step outside my comfort zone and introduce myself to the farmers across the street from me….because one of the cows just had a calf and it’s the cutest little thing ever and what an awesome post that would make. Up close and personal with a baby calf and it’s mommy.

3. I’ve lost 18 pounds since October….trying for ten more.

4. I’m a bookaholic

5. I’m rooting for the Seahawks to win the Superbowl

6. I have a secret mini girl crush on Little Miss Lola ~ but who doesn’t, she’s awesome.

7.  When I’m stressed or biting my tongue to keep me from saying something stupid, I pick at my nails or skin around them until it hurts. (my daughter noticed this past weekend….she gave me the look)

8. I saw a ghost in our house

9. My two favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory and The Andy Griffith Show

10. I am so proud of my children.


The ten bloggers who positively and creatively inspire ME in the blogosphere are :

1. http://scottishmomus.wordpress.com/

2. http://steverebus.com/

3. http://missfannyp.wordpress.com/

4. http://steffiedotorg2.wordpress.com/

5. http://fatbottomgirlsaidwhat.com/

6. http://datingdramasofathirtysomething.wordpress.com/

7.  http://www.mommyverbs.com/

8. http://lisajohnsonsawyer.com/

9. http://1yearofsingle.wordpress.com/

10. http://healingyourheartfromwithin.wordpress.com/


15 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

  1. Many congrats, Jolene. And thank you too. I will have to find out who Miss Lola is. And if you think your ass is lumpy at 40, try a 53 year old one. Think we both have had a birthday this past week. Happy B’day! Funnily enough, I’ve also lost around the same amount of weight in the last couple of months and I’m averaging about 4 hours sleep a night. What’s going on? I think the two things are related. So no need to diet. just don’t sleep!
    Thank you again. 🙂 x

    • Happy Birthday!!!! it must be a Capricorn thing (not the lumpy ass)…..with the lack of sleep and losing weight!!

      Miss Lola is # 6 on the list of inspiring bloggers.

      • I thought she was a pop star!
        Actually I think my arse is disappearing! I’ll soon have no booty at this rate. I’m good with the Capricorn theory and I could suffer having lost a bit.
        Need to go check out Miss Lola, the not pop star, but inspiration. 🙂 x

    • Thanks Mark….
      No you didn’t miss the post on the ghost, I haven’t written it, but maybe I will. …….today.
      I wish I had my daughters Anns courage when it comes to talking to strangers, but I will have to suck it up if I want to meet Momma and baby cow!! I do walk up to the gate when the cows are close by our home…. they are very interested in my furboy, Dart….especially the “teenage” cows they will follow Dart while we are on our walk.


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