Meet little Miss Attitude


One of our furkids, Sami (one of our cats) has a serious problem…..she’s beyond moody and it has nothing to do with this dreaded time change. Ever since Miss Penny strolled up our driveway and into our lives Sami has had one huge  chip on her shoulder. Understandably so, I get it….but it’s been close to two months now and you would THINK she would see that she is still the numero uno kitty in the house. She gets her favorite kitty food at the drop of a “meow” , she gets to stay out all day and roam the woods when the weather permits and Dart cuddles with her regardless of her attitude.


Pre-Penny she was just your average kitty who thought she was a dog, she seldom was in a bad mood… Post-Penny if  you look at her wrong, get in her way, not let her out the instant she meows, or Penny decides to piss her off she lets everyone know that she’s not happy by letting out a high-pitched meow. It almost reminds me of my kids when they were teenagers…maybe I’m onto something!! Sami does come home around noon….eats and then heads back out to hang with the neighborhood kitty posse until it’s time for her dinner.

When she’s in one of her moods (which is daily) I will pick her up and love her ….. the whole time she’s singing her tune of annoyance. Once I put her down her buddy Dart will chase her around a bit, they will play for several minutes until one of them tuckers out. Penny has attempted to play with Sami and at times they do chase each other around the house… my husband and I laugh and think all is well now, it’s at that moment we hear them fighting in another room and “Sheriff” Dart runs into the room to break up the fuss with a few barks.

I hope this is just some “teenage” kitty phase because her attitude is wearing on me…hahaha. I love her regardless and I know she loves us to because at night she will crawl up beside me and fall asleep.

hmmm… I wonder if there is a book out there on “How to deal with your moody cat”.

Happy Birthday Lily



Our little Lily turned five today and before I left for work today I took a few pictures!!


She’s wanting to know where her birthday eggs and bacon are…..but that will be tonight along with her birthday muffins.



For the puppy muffins, I used vanilla pudding for the frosting.


Her son Dart wanted his picture taken as well …… but was fed up with the hat after awhile



What did he just say?

“You’re just pleasantly plump”  he said in a cutesy little voice. I was mortified and by the look on Lily’s face so was she.

“Should I give her less to eat? I only sprinkle a little bit of cheese on her food and make her eggs on Sunday….it’s those dang Beggin strips huh? it could just be her winter coat”, Lily stood there looking violated as I was giving the vet excuse after excuse justifying her extra weight gain.

“No no she’s fine, she’s healthy but she shouldn’t gain anymore weight” he said.

“Hear that Lily?” she was ignoring me …. she was pouting….I didn’t blame her, I’d be pissed to if I was told that I was “pleasantly plump”.  She was only 20 pounds but she did gain 2 pounds since the last time she was there…..but I blame in on winter weight gain we all store up for winter right?

Later that day it was Darts turn to visit the Vet for his annual shots…..

“Dart…let’s get you on the scale” the vet assistant said.

“Come on Dart….stop being stubborn”

He resists going on the scale just like his Mommy does (me) …haha…I pick him up and the assistant and I blocked him from walking off the scale.

“20 pounds…..ok, the doctor will be with you in a minute”

No sooner as she leaves the vet comes in …..

grrrrrr” Dart says in a low growl.

“Dart, knock it off its the doctor”

I place Mr.Wanna Be Rott on the table while the Vet admired him,

“What a handsome boy you are, he’s 20 pounds!! ….you are all muscle, cute under bite……he’s so healthy”

“so his weight is ok?”

(because earlier you called his mom pleasantly plump and they are the same weight…is what I wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut)

“ohhh yes, he’s very healthy”

Needless to say, Mr. Muscles and Miss Pleasantly Plump got Beggin Strips and some extra lovin when they got home because they had to get shots.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Not sure about you but we were pretty much stuck inside the house since Thursday night because of some wicked winter weather….the furkids were in for a rude awakening the next morning when they had to go outside to take care of their “business” only to be greeted with a layer of ice beneath their paws. Lily turned her little furry bottom around and walked back inside and Dart looked a bit confused, I could only imagine what he was probably thinking “WTF is this? what happened to my yard?”

I knew I would have to brave the cold with them, so I bundled up and prayed to God that I wouldn’t slip!!

“Lily, Dart …..please go potty….Mommy is freeezzzzing”

Finally they were headed  back towards the door…..slipping and sliding trying to get their footing. It was the funniest thing ever!!


I would have thought that I would have been bored out of my mind being stuck in the house for 4 whole days but the hubby and I kept each other entertained …..and warm.  🙂

I read a few books …..

I made brownies ……had an overwhelming craving for chocolate!!

Played fetch with Lily I swear a hundred times…..played hide and seek aka “find mommy” with the furkids a few times.

and by Sunday evening they were WORE OUT!!


Every pup needs 3 costumes for Halloween!!

With Halloween just around the corner I made sure that my furkids were set. I originally bought Lily a Lady Bug costume and Dart was going to be Frankenstein……..but then I walked into PetSmart last month and picked up 2 more costumes for them, because well one isn’t enough, right??

PhotoGrid_1379025899729   PhotoGrid_1379025827097

Well…..then yesterday when I got home there was a package on my front door and wouldn’t you know ……. more costumes for the furkids, it was as if Christmas had arrived early!!

Thank you Lisa!!!!! 

Miss Lily, as Witchy poo

Lily lily1


and ….. Dart as Hugh Hefner, he LOVES his pipe!!

20131021_172913  20131021_173427


Decisions, Decisions ……..  I’m thinking they will have to do several costume changes throughout the evening!!

I’m a sucker for doggy costumes.. Yes, I am one of THOSE people!!

Last month when I ventured into PetSmart I was beyond excited at the costumes that stood in front of me, I picked out costumes for my furkids, Lily and Dart and thought that was the end of it…………until yesterday.

On my lunch break I stopped into PetSmart to get Lilys favorite bones but then I got distracted…I couldn’t believe the new costumes that now lined one of the aisles. Snow white, Cinderella……..Minnie Mouse and Micky !!!  They were just too cute so of course I left with 2 costumes. YES I KNOW………they already have costumes……..but i couldn’t pass these up and I’m not going to return them. I will just be prepared for next year!!

Now, I know Halloween is a month and a half a way but I am left with the decision of what costume they will end up wearing…..decisions decisions.

Lily  ………….. Lady bug or Minnie Mouse


Dart ………. Frankenstein or Monkey


What do you think ??? What’s your favorite??

Before you even think “ohhh I can’t believe she dressed her dogs up, she’s so mean” well, they enjoy it….really…seriously….Lily loves her dresses and Dart just plays along!!  hahaha


Lily striking one her many poses!!



A view from the top



Something obviously has their attention



Dart was getting bored …..


I acted like a kid in a candy store

The other day I walked into PetSmart to find Lily (furgirl) a turtle, no not a REAL turtle a stuffy. She’s become OBSESSED with trying to find the turtle who made its brief appearance on Monday every day this week so I thought that I would get her a stuffed turtle to ease her obsession.  As I walked inside I was beyond excited to see what was displayed in front of me……..I seriously was more excited than a kid in a candy store!! It was time for me to pick out a costume for Lily and Dart!!!


download (1)

rows and rows of cute costumes lined the aisle and end caps…..I was beside myself with glee!!!  Should they dress in theme like last year when they were The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood


pups1                dart


Should they go as someone from Grease?

download (2)         download (3)

Then I saw more costumes ….. Super Hero’s ……Boy Scout and Brownie…….Police or Inmate……Rodeo rider and cowgirl…… I would have submitted pictures but I was getting looked at by several PetSmart employees. I’m soooooo excited!!!!



This was Lily a few years ago when she was rockin her Pirates costume!!

Ohhh and as far as the turtle….I did find a stuffed turtle for Miss Lily but nothing will replace the real turtle that she hopelessly searches for every time she goes outside!!

Miss Lil knows how to work it!!

See this face …….  does she make your heart melt?  Well, this is the face of a faker….yep F A K E R!!




When I came home from work yesterday, Lily and Dart welcomed me with sloppy wet kisses and doggy love………but something was off, Lily wouldn’t put pressure on her right paw and every time she did she would cry. Now, anyone who knows me knows that Miss Lily is my little girl…we have gone through A LOT together and when I’m sick she’s right by my side and when she’s sick, I treat her like a little baby.

So I thought maybe her paw fell asleep so I started to massage it…..nope that wasn’t it. I picked her up and headed outside so they could do their “business” and I thought maybe she could just walk it off…….she just stood there giving me her sad puppy dog eyes and whimpered. She didn’t cry when I touched it but she refused to walk on it.

I called the vet and got her in immediately!!

As we were sitting in the room waiting for the Doc I was praying that nothing bad was going on with my little girl…..Lily felt my nervousness and began panting and licking my face, trying to calm me down. hahaha…..once the Doc came in he examined her and told me he was going to take her in the back to exam her paw more closely and to watch her walk.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Every dog yelp I heard I tried to determine if it was Lily, my heart broke. Then the Doc came in………..without Lily. OHHH NO….something is wrong……my eyes started to water……He must have noticed because he said “Jolene, she’s fine……the waiting room cured her, she’s walking fine….I checked her paw, nothing is broken. It’s like when you take your kids to the doctors and finally they feel all better, well this must be the case” ….I laughed….he went on to say that she may have slightly sprained it when jumping off the couch and that they gave her a shot and will be sending home some anti inflammatory medication just in case she’s sore in the morning.

Once we got home and she saw her daddy, guess what she did……..she ran, stopped and began limping.

Really Lily??

She knows how to play the sympathy card, she’s no dummy!!

Three years ago today……

Miss Lily gave birth to four little munchkins ……Dart,Pepper,Hulk and Boots.


Dart is the little white puppy 3 yrs ago                                                   Dart  now

38393_451280935279_5053754_n                          captured_by_snapseed_2

Dart enjoyed his birthday breakfast, eggs and bacon



Mommy that was yummy!!!


Dart and his new stuffy, Mr.Frog


Lily checking out the sign……and showing off her dress


Happy Birthday Dart!!!