Meet little Miss Attitude


One of our furkids, Sami (one of our cats) has a serious problem…..she’s beyond moody and it has nothing to do with this dreaded time change. Ever since Miss Penny strolled up our driveway and into our lives Sami has had one huge  chip on her shoulder. Understandably so, I get it….but it’s been close to two months now and you would THINK she would see that she is still the numero uno kitty in the house. She gets her favorite kitty food at the drop of a “meow” , she gets to stay out all day and roam the woods when the weather permits and Dart cuddles with her regardless of her attitude.


Pre-Penny she was just your average kitty who thought she was a dog, she seldom was in a bad mood… Post-Penny if  you look at her wrong, get in her way, not let her out the instant she meows, or Penny decides to piss her off she lets everyone know that she’s not happy by letting out a high-pitched meow. It almost reminds me of my kids when they were teenagers…maybe I’m onto something!! Sami does come home around noon….eats and then heads back out to hang with the neighborhood kitty posse until it’s time for her dinner.

When she’s in one of her moods (which is daily) I will pick her up and love her ….. the whole time she’s singing her tune of annoyance. Once I put her down her buddy Dart will chase her around a bit, they will play for several minutes until one of them tuckers out. Penny has attempted to play with Sami and at times they do chase each other around the house… my husband and I laugh and think all is well now, it’s at that moment we hear them fighting in another room and “Sheriff” Dart runs into the room to break up the fuss with a few barks.

I hope this is just some “teenage” kitty phase because her attitude is wearing on me…hahaha. I love her regardless and I know she loves us to because at night she will crawl up beside me and fall asleep.

hmmm… I wonder if there is a book out there on “How to deal with your moody cat”.


Happy Birthday Lily



Our little Lily turned five today and before I left for work today I took a few pictures!!


She’s wanting to know where her birthday eggs and bacon are…..but that will be tonight along with her birthday muffins.



For the puppy muffins, I used vanilla pudding for the frosting.


Her son Dart wanted his picture taken as well …… but was fed up with the hat after awhile



Out for a walk…just me, the furkids and a few……cows



The pups and I took a walk to the farm that is just down the street from me in hopes to see the two newest additions.

Our  walk was a success…..


As soon as we started to head back home, the furkids and I had some company on our walk!!

cows7              cows8

I cows91          cows93

This totally made my day…. I have a feeling we made a few people laugh as they drove by ….it’s not every day you see a bunch of cows following a person walking their dogs!!


My Furkids are about to disown me

“Mom, why is our favorite human making that sound? did she swallow one of our chew toys?”

“No, son she’s sick”

“What can we do to make her stop, she’s ruining nap time”


I’ve been hit hard by a nasty cold bug, it started off small…..slight cough, sore throat nothing that I couldn’t handle and then WHAM within just a few hours it over took me like some alien creature. Fever, chills, fatigue, now what I thought was just a mild sore throat feels more like a raging inferno…..that was Thursday.  

“Honey, what are you doing?” I heard my husband ask from the living room,  barely sounding human I told him that I was finishing up preparing dinner. “You should be in bed” he said …..  I knew I should, I should have been in my polka-dotted cotton pj’s buried under tons of blankets but I knew if I didn’t make dinner than he would have no other choice but to make himself a bowl of cereal or his famous toast with a glob of peanut butter on top…..and at the rate this cold was taking over my body I was going to be laid up for a few days, so I needed to make sure there was something for him to warm up while I was down for the count. “The enchiladas are in the oven….all is good” I said.

Going on day 6 of this evil virus I can finally tell that it is slowly leaving my system and I can’t wait for it to be gone. I’m fed up with my coughing, achy, mucousy self and it seems like nothing I took gave me any relief…all it did was leave me spacey and second guessing if something actually took place.

It was Monday night and I had taken ½ the recommended dose of Nyquil…while speaking with my husband on the phone (he had been out of town for a few days, his mother passed away and he was tying up loose ends), we said good-night and I laid my head down on the couch and continued to watch t.v.  Next thing I remember is calling my dogs in from outside but something caught my attention….it looked as though our back gate leading into the woods was open. I tried to focus….covering one eye with my hand to see if that worked, but I was straining……….next thing I remember is feeling for the gate and hearing the sound of the gate slamming against the lock; I then recall being back inside my house locking the door behind me, lowering the blinds, grabbing the flashlight and placing it at my bedside.  I don’t have any memory of walking out to the gate, I don’t recall if I was cold …. barefoot or if I was even wearing a jacket…I don’t even remember walking back through the grass to my house. I don’t venture out in our backyard at night without a flashlight period…because I’m a scaredy cat so this whole thing just confuses me……what baffles me more was second guessing if that gate was truly open, but then I can hear the gate close loud as day…and if it was open, who opened it?

Monday night will remain a mystery but one thing I do know is I’m staying clear of Nyquil!!


Honey….she followed me home


Last night when I got home I did what I normally do….I said hello to my furkids, I let them out to go potty …normally I will change out of my work clothes …..but yesterday was different, instead of changing out of my work clothes I went back outside to bring in the trash can and check the mail, as I was heading back up the drive way I heard a very faint “meow”…thinking it was one of the neighbors cats, I looked around to see which one was trying to get my attention “meow meow”…a cute little calico cat was crossing the street making its way towards me. I started meowing back and forgetting all about the trash can and diverted my attention to this cute little kitty that I only saw one time before; which was last week.

I motioned the kitty to follow me into the garage where I have a kitty dish set up for the neighbor cat, she followed and made her way to the dish where she spent a good while filling her belly. As she ate, I became concerned….she was eating as if she hadn’t eaten for days and we had such horrible weather lately. Then I remembered that I did see her a week ago by our new neighbors home, so maybe she was theirs. I ran inside, changed…..and went next door to see if they lost a kitty, no one was home. Shit, it was getting dark….and I wasn’t going to just let her go wonder the neighborhood. I quickly messaged my husband to let him know that we were temporarily going to house a kitty until the neighbors got home.

Forty minutes went by until I saw our neighbors come home, I grabbed the kitty and headed on over. “Uhmmm excuse me, did you lose a cat?” I asked.  The man turned around and instead of relief on his face he said “no, we don’t own a cat…we have a dog…cute cat though”.  I headed back home with the kitty in my arms, now wondering what the hell I was going to do…..there was no way my husband was going to let us have another pet. He always makes it clear to me in one way or another that three furkids is just enough for us……. I can’t say “Honey…she just followed me home”…yes she technically did, she did  cross the street and follow me up the drive way and into the garage…just maybe word got out amongst the cats that “the Jolene lady” is really cool and gives out really good kitty treats and that’s why she’s here seeking a newer better home.

I just knew that my husband was going to be home within the hour and I had to have a solution to the new arrival so I sent out a mass text to my co-workers asking them if they wanted an adorable kitty. I called our local vet, they suggested that I put a picture of her on their facebook page to see if her owner would claim her. Meanwhile…..I decided that the kitty couldn’t stay in the garage so I made her a nice comfy spot in our office and brought her inside.  BOY OH BOY…did the furkids give me some questionable looks.

I knew my husband wouldn’t be mad that there was a cat in the house, he loves animals…..I just knew that he would expect me to handle it the next day and he knew that I was working on the situation. Ten minutes after he got home, he asked where the kitty was and I pointed to the office…..he walked in slowly and I followed.

“she’s adorable and so loving” I told him.

“ohhhh she is” he said. I could tell that he took an instant liking to her and her to him….she knew how to work it…she was working the purrings and playfulness.

We left the kitty alone, we would tell she wanted to sleep….but as the night went on my husband kept mentioning how if we can’t find her owners than we can keep her. Then he looked at our furkids and said,

“Now Lily…Dart…Sami, you have to be nice to her…she’s smaller than you and she’s scared….she’s going to be your cousin, you are going to have to teach her the rules of this house”… he went on talking to our furkids about our possible new addition I couldn’t believe that I was worried or a little panicked….at the end of the day, he’s a softy too. I grabbed my phone and sent out a text to my co-workers “hmmmm …. hubby seems to be loving the kitty, we may have a new furkid!!”

I left it up to him to name our Little Orphan Annie ….  as of right now he has come up with

1. cuddles (from the big bang theory)

2. sgt. fuzzy boots (from the big bang theory)

3. manziel  (Johnny Manziel)


Personally… I like

Zazzles …if we are going after something from the Big Bang Theory

or …


But…… he called me and put me on speaker phone with his co-workers, I guess it’s a slow day at the office and naming the kitty is priority. He asked what was wrong with Cuddles and I said …

“Honey, she doesn’t look like a Cuddles….plus, when you take her to the vet and they call out her name it’s just going to seem silly”

“I don’t take the furkids to the vet you do” he said

he got me there….but still…..

“Sgt Fuzzy Boots is cool …but would we call her Sarg for short or fuzzy or boots?” I said….there was laughter in the background.

“haha we will talk about this when we get home, I love you” he said.

………….to be continued.


What did he just say?

“You’re just pleasantly plump”  he said in a cutesy little voice. I was mortified and by the look on Lily’s face so was she.

“Should I give her less to eat? I only sprinkle a little bit of cheese on her food and make her eggs on Sunday….it’s those dang Beggin strips huh? it could just be her winter coat”, Lily stood there looking violated as I was giving the vet excuse after excuse justifying her extra weight gain.

“No no she’s fine, she’s healthy but she shouldn’t gain anymore weight” he said.

“Hear that Lily?” she was ignoring me …. she was pouting….I didn’t blame her, I’d be pissed to if I was told that I was “pleasantly plump”.  She was only 20 pounds but she did gain 2 pounds since the last time she was there…..but I blame in on winter weight gain we all store up for winter right?

Later that day it was Darts turn to visit the Vet for his annual shots…..

“Dart…let’s get you on the scale” the vet assistant said.

“Come on Dart….stop being stubborn”

He resists going on the scale just like his Mommy does (me) …haha…I pick him up and the assistant and I blocked him from walking off the scale.

“20 pounds…..ok, the doctor will be with you in a minute”

No sooner as she leaves the vet comes in …..

grrrrrr” Dart says in a low growl.

“Dart, knock it off its the doctor”

I place Mr.Wanna Be Rott on the table while the Vet admired him,

“What a handsome boy you are, he’s 20 pounds!! ….you are all muscle, cute under bite……he’s so healthy”

“so his weight is ok?”

(because earlier you called his mom pleasantly plump and they are the same weight…is what I wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut)

“ohhh yes, he’s very healthy”

Needless to say, Mr. Muscles and Miss Pleasantly Plump got Beggin Strips and some extra lovin when they got home because they had to get shots.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Not sure about you but we were pretty much stuck inside the house since Thursday night because of some wicked winter weather….the furkids were in for a rude awakening the next morning when they had to go outside to take care of their “business” only to be greeted with a layer of ice beneath their paws. Lily turned her little furry bottom around and walked back inside and Dart looked a bit confused, I could only imagine what he was probably thinking “WTF is this? what happened to my yard?”

I knew I would have to brave the cold with them, so I bundled up and prayed to God that I wouldn’t slip!!

“Lily, Dart …..please go potty….Mommy is freeezzzzing”

Finally they were headed  back towards the door…..slipping and sliding trying to get their footing. It was the funniest thing ever!!


I would have thought that I would have been bored out of my mind being stuck in the house for 4 whole days but the hubby and I kept each other entertained …..and warm.  🙂

I read a few books …..

I made brownies ……had an overwhelming craving for chocolate!!

Played fetch with Lily I swear a hundred times…..played hide and seek aka “find mommy” with the furkids a few times.

and by Sunday evening they were WORE OUT!!


~Have a BOOtiful day~



I LOVE this holiday…but unfortunately I couldn’t dress up for work today, but I am wearing my spooky socks!   since I couldn’t dress up,  the furkids could…so they jumped right into the Halloween spirit and put on their first costume of the day…..these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, they were NOT in the picture taking mood this morning. Dart looked ready to get down to doggy business in his Hugh Hef robe and Lily was dressed up as a ladybug.  

20131021_172913      PhotoGrid_1379025899729

They have two more costume changes to go….. it’s going to be such a fun evening!!!

Lily, you have mouse breath!!

images (4)

In the last couple weeks I have found a few dead mice in our yard, without squealing like a little girl while Sami (our cat) looks at me for praise….. I smile, pat her head while mumbling something on the lines of “Good girl Sami, now I appreciate the kind gift but a gift card would be better than a dead rodent” . I wait till she goes into the house before I grab the shovel from the shed, scoop the furry vermin up and hurl him through the air back into the woods .

Late last night around 9pm, my husband took our furkids outside to go to the bathroom. I walked outside shortly afterwards, I noticed that Lily and Dart were sniffing in one specific area……I assumed they were tormenting a frog with their wet noses ….BOY was I wrong, I wish it were a frog.

“Lily come here”, I demanded. Dart came instead. I walked over to Lily to see what she was so interested in….. “Lily what do you have?”. Miss Little Diva raised her head and in her mouth was a mouse and not a tiny itty bitty mouse, this mouse had some meat on its bones.

“Oh my gosh, LILY GET THAT THING OUT OF YOU MOUTH THIS INSTANT” I squealed like a little girl. “Spit it out, DROP IT!” I demanded.  She drops it back on the grass and looks at me like “whats the big deal you praise Sami”.  I went back inside, grabbed the flash light…..marched out to the shed to grab the shovel. Dart was right beside me, he’s my shadow….plus he loves chasing the light from the flash light…crazy pup!!

As I walked back to where the mouse laid, Lily ran straight towards it and without hesitation she put’s it back in her mouth. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LILY….YOU’RE A GIRL!! PUT THE MOUSE DOWN RIGHT NOW!” . Sami comes sauntering over, looks at Lily almost saying “Really? you think SHE thinks you killed it? Yeah right” and walks away …plops down on the cement and starts cleaning herself, never giving Lily or I a second glance.

I scooped that sucker up with the shovel, managed to secure the flashlight in my hand so the light shined on the furry “hopefully dead” mouse and walked on over to our fence.

Honey, make sure it doesn’t run up the handle and on to your arm” my funny husband yells out.

“Funny…ha ha ha”

Honey, make sure you toss the mouse OVER the fence and not INTO the fence”

This man has jokes…..

I placed the flashlight down and with a good heave hoo that mouse went flying over the fence.

Once back inside, I grabbed Miss Lily and a wash cloth and wiped her mouth clean and gave  her a little bit of peanut butter. There was no way I was going to smell mouse breath all night long while she lays next to me……….peanut butter is bad enough but I will take that over mouse breath any day!!


This is Miss Lily

What a morning ….


Why am I so tired? I know why …… it’s because I feel as though I did a zillion things in an hour and a half before getting to work this morning.

This was my morning ….

Clock begins the countdown…. 1 hr: 30 min

woke up

let the furkids out to go potty

made the hubby lunch

1:15 left  : Shower time

1 hour left :

quickly applied make-up

said good-bye to the hubby

fed the furkids

put together tonights dinner in the crock-pot (thank you Pinterest)


stood in the closet and briefly considered what I was going to wear today

40 minutes and counting :

did my hair

brushed my teeth

reminder * don’t forget to put on deodorant

threw the clothes that were in the washer in the dryer

threw in a load of towels and started the washer

SHIT … I have to leave in ten minutes  : (slight panic)

started the dishwasher

let the dogs out one more time …. yelled at them because they were barking at the little pup next door. THEY NEED TO FOCUS…PEE !!! chased Miss Lily around the yard because her stubborn ass wouldn’t get inside.

put potty pads down “just in case”

grabbed some grapes

grabbed phone charger

Got my phone

Grabbed my purse

…shit where’s my sweater

grabbed a bottle water

said good-bye to the furkids ……

shit where’s Sami ….. she must be outside

filled up outside water bowl for Sami

checked hair one last time …. sprayed it again with hairspray!

25 minutes :

crap I forgot I need to get gas

filled the car with gas

some how kept the road rage at bay

*tired need coffee and breakfast*

head through the Starbucks drive through

“Tall skinny vanilla latte and ….uhmmm…..a multi grain bagel please”

pulled into my parking space at work with five minutes to spare