Daily Prompt : I am a rock

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“Why didn’t you ask us for help?”  Mommy Dearest said.  “Ask you for help? The last time I asked for help you looked at me like I was a failure, you made me feel guilty every day when I had to drop off my children …YOUR GRANDKIDS….so I could go to work. I refused to ask for financial help anymore because you would throw it in my face constantly…….I had to do what I had to do to survive. Do you THINK I wanted to bounce a check at the grocery store? The kids had to eat….I knew it was wrong…..but I wasn’t getting much assistance from their father” This is what I wanted to say…….but I didn’t. I just looked at her judgmental stare….the stare that even to this day is impeded in my head. (this was over 16 years ago)

It’s hard for me to ask for help, but I have learned that sometimes it’s better to ask for help rather than go at it by myself….but even though I know this, I still find it difficult.

I also have a hard time with just asking for advice or sharing a current situation with people because well again, I fear judgment….I fear that I will be secretly discussed…..again this has a lot to do with Mommy Dearest and finding out that she spoke horribly about me to a family friend, never thinking that this family friend would share every last detail about their conversations with me and she did this only because she felt sorry for the words she heard coming from my mothers mouth…..but in a way it didn’t shock me but it was heartbreaking to actually hear it from someone elses mouth.

In the last week I actually shared some very personal things with a couple of old friends and ….. well some new friends that I have made through WordPress. I can’t begin to tell you how I feel so blessed that the two (newly made) friends have texted me daily to see how things are going……even during the rough moments they continued to check in. One simply road this hectic ride with me……..while the ones that have known me the longest just well …… had other things on their plate, like going to parties and hanging out with Danny Devito. Yet, when all hell breaks loose in their (her) world I drop everything to make sure she’s ok.

In the end, there are things that I can only rely on myself to accomplish because I know that I am strong enough to tackle it…………….but then there are moments when darkness surrounds me and having those people rally beside me to listen ,to offer sound advice, to help me find humor in a situation, to take my mind off my troubles, to shed some spiritual assistance …… and lastly reaffirming my belief in the meaning of friendship you guys are truly my angels, my rock…..you guys know who you are, I just want to say THANK YOU!!!


Daily Prompt : I am a rock 

Grocery store fiasco

Nothing irritates me more than getting home from the grocery store, unpacking the items  only  to realize that the dumbass bagger didn’t bag all my items or just plain forgot to put the last bag in my cart ….. just my luck that the Twizzlers that I had my heart set  on happened to be one of the things that didn’t get into my bag; along with some other yummy items. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I lived a few minutes away but it’s a good twenty minutes from the “good” grocery store. …I pulled the crumpled receipt out of my purse to make sure that I paid for the missing items and that I  wasn’t having some lingering side effects from my Ambien sleep walking episode and simply thinking that I bought the items….sure enough I paid for all the missing items. Then I saw that the cashier highlighted a number  to call and participate in a survey…..hmmmmmm  “Yes Miss Maria I will call and partake in the survey …..and I will be glad to state how you and bagger Travis forgot to load my bag full of 6 items that I am missing….you are probably sitting in the break room chopping on my Twizzlers and freshly baked bread giggling away!! ”


Monday, I decided to take a drive to Little Rock, Arkansas, I was in need of Saffron and apparently Saffron isn’t a big seller in my town or the surrounding cities.…..so I googled several places and noticed that there was a Whole Foods Market just 40 minutes away, with a quick call …well it wasn’t quick the lady on the other end was missing a few marbles because she had no idea what Saffron was. So I took her word that they did have it and made the short trip to Little Rock…..I had nothing better to do anyways. It took me an extra 15 minutes to find the darn thing…stupid navigator…. “You have reached your destination” it said in its cute accent…..NO I HAVE NOT REACHED MY DESTINATION!! I yelled back in frustration.

Once inside I must have spent an hour wandering the aisles….it took me a few  minutes to locate the  Saffron but I found it….wow $8.00 for the stuff!! I headed to the salad bar and  loaded up a container full of yummy things  for lunch….. Fifty dollars and some change later I got in my car and headed home. …………….. to only find out when I unpacked my goodies that the $8.00 Saffron wasn’t in the bag!!! I went to my car looked under the seats….nope it wasn’t there…… urgh!! I was mad!! It’s not like I was going to make the forty minute trip again and I didn’t bother to call either because what would they do, overnight it? Give me store credit?

It just makes me upset….it almost ties with being cart jacked at the grocery store. A few years back I was at our local supermarket shopping for that week…. my cart was pretty full and as I was headed to check out I noticed that the lines were really long, well…..I had to use the bathroom and knew that I couldn’t wait so I placed the cart next to the women’s bathroom door……a few minutes pass…..once out of the bathroom I noticed my cart went missing. I looked around and even asked an employee if they knew where my cart had disappeared to and of course I got a blank stare, like I was speaking a foreign language. Then I saw one of the employees pushing a cart full of items……I looked …..and looked again and sure enough, wouldn’t you know it my things were on the bottom of this over flowing cart. “hmmmm that was my cart…those are my items under the rest of the things you placed on top….that’s my bread which is now a flattened mess”….. “Well I asked around and no one claimed it” said Little Miss Attitude…… I never had the urge to bitch slap someone before…..but I now knew what it would feel like because I was beyond pissed “You asked around? did it EVER occur to you why the cart was near the bathroom door? did you peak inside and ask whose cart that was?” …..she asked me if I wanted her to remove all the items…..I looked at her and said “well let’s see…my bread is flat…..the eggs are probably cracked and the fruit probably bruised….don’t worry I will spend ANOTHER hour in this crowded store thank you very much!! ”


Daily Prompt: Name that…..you


I always wondered how my parents decided on my name , were they just tired of flipping through the book that held 1,000 baby names and decided to let the radio station pick the fate of my name with the next song that came across their radio?……..or  were they in the throws of pre-baby passion and Dolly Parton came across the airwaves singing ” Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene I’m begging of you please don’t take my man”  and then in an instant they just knew……they both felt it…….and at the same time they whispered “Jolene….if it’s a girl we will name her Jolene”.

As a kid I hated my name……hate is being too kind. I loathed the first day of school or when we had a substitute teacher because it never failed…..a teacher would have to belt out the first couple lines of the song as I try my best to wish myself some place else. As an adult it didn’t get any better but I tolerated it…………  “ohhh you’re name is Jolene, like the song?”  No shit Sherlock, I would quietly say to myself hoping they wouldn’t try their best to mimic Dolly Parton. Who would have known this song was that popular? Imagine my surprise when I heard Jolene on Glee……crazy!

Looking back ….. would I want my name to be any different??  I don’t look like a Cathy, Brenda or Samantha……..Jennifer and Ann wouldn’t do either. I’ve grown to accept my name…..I guess being named Jolene isn’t soooo bad…..at least my name isn’t Hildagard. (sorry if that’s your name..no offense)

Daily Prompt : Name that …… you

Soul Mates – is it just a bunch of bologna?

God created androgynous souls—equally male and female. Later theories postulate that the souls split into separate genders, perhaps because they incurred karma while playing around on the Earth, or “separation from God.” Over a number of reincarnations, each half seeks the other. When all karmic debt is purged, the two will fuse back together and return to the ultimate.

~ Edgar Cayce


As a young girl I based my whole existence on finding my knight in shiny armor/soul mate/ Prince Charming (I know pathetic) only to come to the realization in my early thirties that this whole Disneyland fantasy of finding my soul mate was just a bunch of bologna.

The topic of Soul Mates came up when I recently received a message from an old boyfriend of mine who came across my blog and said

I’m happy with Melinda and all and am grateful as you are that we have found our soul mates

I stopped, reread that sentence and rolled my eyes…… because I never claimed that my husband was my soul mate. I just don’t believe in soul mates. Then I recalled when MM and I were dating he referred to me as his “soul mate” this freaked me out more than the words “I love you” did and I told him that I wasn’t his soul mate. I soon learned that this was a total mood killer. He wasn’t the only one that threw out the “S” word………..I think some men thought by saying that I was their soul mate that I would melt and I succumb to his every desire…..but this was met with a look of “you got to be kidding, really??

I believe that there is that one person that you can totally click with, that you love with all your heart, that you could somehow tolerate his/her strange habits or silly routines. I believe in love, I believe in romance, I believe in passion but to roll it all up and label the person you’re married to or dating your “soul mate” is just setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was in a serious relationship and thought “This is it!! he’s the one, I can feel it!! he’s my prince charming” only to find out later that he was nothing but a world-class jerk. I even went as far as proposing to a man to only have my heart seriously broken because he would rather pop pills,play Madden, text his old girlfriends “ya wanna make out” rather than making out with his fiance’  and fully realizing that he did have it all….until it was too late.

I asked several people their thoughts on the subject and the majority of them didn’t believe in soul mates.

I don’t believe in soul mates. I used to (mainly from watching too many chick flicks), but as I’ve aged I think that the concept, while lovely, is unrealistic. The Bloke is my best friend certainly, but I truly believe that if we lived in different cities and had never met we would be in equally fulfilling relationships with other people. There’s seven billion people on the planet and what I believe is that people are more compatible with some than others depending on their personalities and their interests~ Suzie

I do not believe in them.  I believe that there is enough differences in everyone that to be perfect soul mates does not exist.  I thought I could find the perfect one, but after looking for so many years I figured it did not exist.  Even after finding “The One” i found that we both had so many differences that something had to hold us together.  Had that little girl not been part of the equation, we would not be together. ~John

I hate to be the rotten tomato, but no, I don’t believe they exist.  I originally thought my current hubby was my soul mate, but I eventually realized that he’s only the exact opposite of my first husband.  It’s my opinion that there are certain people with whom we have more in common with, but even those relationships take work, and if you’re with that person long enough, you’ll eventually see that there are MAJOR differences with that person, too, that need to be worked out.  Not every day is pleasant and all sunshine and roses with ANYONE.  I feel like if there was a such thing as soul mates, that wouldn’t be the case. -Alicia


We see those rare stories of couples that have been married for over fifty years, one of the spouses die and within the week the other spouse passes on to. The caption usually states “Wife/Husband dies of broken heart”. I admit I secretly wish to be THAT lucky but still that doesn’t mean they were “soul mates” destined by a greater power to walk the earth, life after life until they happen to find each other.

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I’m not sure if I believe in soul mates, I guess when Phil dies and I then I do soon after then I will truly know that he was my soul mate.  -Andrea

I have learned that there’s not one definitive soul mate out there. I think we fit a relationship to last, souls need to connect, but our souls can connect with many people, as humans are so dynamic ~ Dawn


I love hearing the opinions of the young at heart, still open to the phrase “Love will conquer all”. My oldest daughter strongly believes that God will place “The ONE” in her path and she will know without a doubt when she meets him that this is the guy brought to her by God. I love her faith and belief that she doesn’t need to date a handful of guys because the first man she dates will be the one. I hope that this does happen for her. At the age of 22 I don’t want her to experience that dreadful feeling of “but I just thought……I knew God heard me, I believed….I had faith”.

I believe that you have a soul mate…cuz when you have a relationship where you just have that super strong connection, were you can’t live without them…you would DIE for that person because you love them so much. They are your best friend and your better half….I also believe you can have more than one. In those cases where you become a widow/widower you can meet a new love/soul mate. ~ Ann,19

Soul mates exist but for their relationship to last it has to be true love. Love is not a feeling it is an action of selflessness, always doing what is best for the other person. Two people with that kind of love striving/centered in God will last ~ Marie, 22

After speaking with my daughter Ann last night she asked  “Your husband is your soul mate right?” …. “No, Lily (my furgirl) is”. I knew she would get a kick out of that response. Yes, I was making light of the topic.  If I were to believe in the whole meaning of a soul mate then I think a soul mate doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner, maybe it could be your best friend who just gets you……..and why couldn’t it be Lily my furgirl?? hahaha…..granted my husband says animals have no souls….which only leads to a whole other disagreement…………Heck, hasn’t he ever seen “All dogs go to heaven?”

Where do you stand on Soul Mates? Do you believe or do you think it’s just something that has been exaggerated over time by romance novels and chick flick movies?

Beat out by Charmin


Seriously Freshly Pressed committee???  TP or NOT TP?? ….. I know it’s not a competition of sorts but in a way I feel as though I was beat out by the very thing I wipe my ass with.

I know it’s highly unlikely that the Freshly Pressed committee would recognize a newbie like myself or find my writing ability to be less than Freshly Pressed worthly but there is that little ray of hope that I have that one day I would get that email stating that I was “Freshly Pressed”.I even went to bat for the FP committee when I read a post that stated that the committee only chooses those who are white, which I thought was ludicrous!!! not like this little rant is going to get me to that spot; it would most likely get me black balled for a few years. Don’t get me wrong and misread this post….I am very happy to those that get recognized especially the very talented blogger, Donofalltrades!!!   All of you that have been recognized are truly deserving!!

It’s just Monday …. I didn’t get much sleep …..and well I just have the guts to say what many are thinking!!   kidding….seriously I’m kidding!!

A long awaited gift

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“Hi my name is Martin, come right this way”…I followed Martin into a little room, there was a small table, two chairs and the smell of incense filled the air.  “Please have a seat”……he took a drink of his water, smiled and asked me what brought me to see him today. “Well …. uhmm…I just couldn’t shake this feeling that I needed to come and see you…plus, I’ve been having these strange dreams…in one, I was in danger and all of a sudden an older man came up to me wrapped his arms around me, but they weren’t arms….maybe it was a cloak, but then we were engulfed in beautiful light, I felt safe ….next thing I know we were standing in a beautiful garden with a magnificent  tall  oak tree in the center…this older man has become a frequent presence in my dreams”

Part of me was second guessing this visit and that I should have seen a therapist instead but then another part of me told me that I just needed to relax.

“Please hand me your keys”…..he held onto them tightly, took a few deep breaths and mumbled something that I couldn’t quite make out. I can only believe that it was an incantation of some sort. He began to glance in one area of the room and then back at me again. “Your grandfather is here…he’s tall, stocky build, he’s wearing a plaid shirt and he’s smiling….there is also  another man here but your grandpa wants to talk”….chills ran through out my body, my grandpa?  another man?? ….. “Your grandpa is telling me that he loves you so much and wants you to know that he watches over you, he is also telling me that you were supposed to get something after he died but you never received it”.  I was supposed to receive something?? “ I have the pictures….the pictures of their wedding and war pictures. I am taking good care of them” I said. “No, you were supposed to get a pocket knife. He is showing me how he would use this to peel the skin off the apples and give pieces of apple to you when you were a little girl, this was supposed to be for you”  As I was trying to make sense of everything that was being said I just knew that the knife was probably long gone or that it had been given to one of my cousins….just then as though my grandfather heard my thoughts, Martin said “he wants you to go ask your father”. I laughed out loud “He wants me to ask dad? Ohhh this is going to be interesting”.

See my father doesn’t believe in spirits, mediums or anything on that level and for me to come out and say that I saw a medium today my father would just laugh and shove some opinionated comments my way.

Martin began to describe the pocket knife to me, the small details and color and again emphasized that I would need to ask my father. He then stated that my grandfather chose to be my guardian angel and reaches out to me through my dreams and that is why I had found my way here. I looked at Martin and brought up the moment when I was a little girl and saw a figure next to my bed (while everyone was asleep) I asked if that was my grandpa….he looked towards the corner of the room and turned back and nodded. I really didn’t need validation because I knew back then that it was him, but still it didn’t hurt to ask. Martin then told me that the other man was my great-uncle who was a pilot in the military and his body was never found during WWII and that he was my grandmother’s brother. This was interesting news to me but I knew that I would have to verify this with my parents.

He also mentioned that my grandfather didn’t like the guy that I was dating and thought I deserved better….then Martin laughed…..”Your grandpa does things to make this known, if you pay attention he has been showing you that this man is no good for you”….I began to think of the recent situations between me and the man I was with and things started to make sense. “Thank you Grandpa, I get it”.

After our session was over, I felt drained …….. every ounce of energy I had in me was gone. I felt as though I ran for miles. …..I made my way to my car and called my dad.

The conversation went something like this:

“Dad, hey I have to ask you a question…..did grandpa ever give you a pocket knife?”

“How do you know about the pocket knife?

“You KNOW about the  pocket knife?” I was beyond excited!!


“Grandpa told me”

Silence…..Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have just thrown it out there like that.

“Grandpa told YOU about the knife…what are you talking about?”

I told him about my visit with Martin, he didn’t react like I thought he would ….I could still hear the doubt in his voice though.

“Jolene the day of grandpa’s funeral your grandmother told us to go into the bedroom and grab something of his that we wanted. The knife was on his nightstand and I grabbed it…… Well, I guess you are getting an early birthday present from your grandpa”

Tears filled my eyes but a calmness filled the air….it’s a calm I felt before when I would start to cry or if I was having a rough day and was at my breaking point…it felt almost like a comforting hug, it was then that I knew that my grandpa was right there…….kinda ease dropping on my conversation with my dad.

“Dad, did grandma have a brother who was a pilot in World War two?”

“Yes, why?”

“Because he was there as well”

There was no more doubt in my father’s tone any longer.

“They never found his body, but yes he was a pilot”

He told me briefly about my great-uncle before we ended our call and a  week later I received an envelope in the mail.


The pocket knife

This happened more than five years ago …….I carry the picture of my grandpa and I in my wallet and the pocket knife is tucked away in my purse ……I miss him and holding onto these items just makes me feel closer to him in some way.

Yes it’s true….I’m A Scaredy Cat


Yep, this is me…..a scaredy cat!!  I thought I would share ten things that I fear …….

10.   Things that go bump in the night. I blame this on all the scary movies I watched while I was a teenager. Thanks FREDDY!!!


9.   Losing my teeth. I have dreams of just going about my business and next thing I know my teeth begin to fall out, it’s the scariest feeling ever!!!

download (2)

8.   Snakes. You can read about it here …. Ohhh my gosh, what the heck is that

7.  Creepy Crawlies


6.  Having a Sandra Bullock moment

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If you have no clue what I mean by this, let me just tell you. In the movie 2 Weeks Notice, Sandra and Hugh are stuck on a bridge, her stomach starts to rumble…..she starts to sweat……she has to go to the bathroom BAD and not just  #1 …..it’s a whole lot of #2 and then some.  My friends and children know that when I start driving faster, the windows go down, I  begin to wiggle in my seat….beads of sweat start forming I’m in the throes of my own Sandra Bullock moment and I better find a bathroom ASAP!!…..I simply fear that there will not be a bathroom in sight and I will have to make that dreadful decision…………….to go or not to go, in my car!

5. Tight spaces.

Yes, I struggle with claustrophobia …… I can be in an elevator packed to its capacity and I start to panic, thoughts of the “what ifs” start to flood my thoughts…..dread…but it never fails I’m always the one pushed to the back corner….smooshed against the wall…..I can’t breath and it’s taking forever to get to my floor!!! …..I.HATE.TIGHT.SPACES.

4. Driving by myself at night. Blame it on the scary movies because when I am alone driving on a dark spooky road visions of something popping out in front of me come to mind. It never fails.


3.  Giving a speech.   WILL NOT DO IT…..I will admit it, I fear judgment…..I fear people snickering and making fun of me while I am giving a speech. Making fun of what I am wearing, what I’m saying, making fun of me because I’m nervous……………ok maybe no one is judging me but like I mentioned in a previous post, I would take an F or fake an illness before standing up in front of a group of people to give a speech.

2. My children dying before me

1. Fear of losing peace of mind, again.  Always having to be alert of my surroundings in fear that I was  being watched by Mr.Crazy, not being able to sleep because I feared that Mr. Crazy may be lurking outside my window. Knowing he was driving through my complex at all hours of the night was just disturbing. It is nice to finally feel safe again…..to have peace of mind that no one is “watching me”.

What do you fear ? 


Girls Night Out: since when are men and children allowed ?

230724a2590bab32a22fc07a650991b0Three weeks ago the girls here in the office planned a “Girls Night Out” for this coming Friday. This outing would consist of dinner,drinks and to scare ourselves silly at the opening night of The Conjuring.  I did my best at trying to convince the girls to have the Girls Night Out in the afternoon because I know how I am after watching a scary movie….I’m a big sissy pants, but nothing I said made them cave.

It’s only Tuesday and people are backing out but BIG SISSY PANTS isn’t although come time when the lights go down in the movie theater I may excuse myself to the bathroom and never come back..

I hear the girls down the hall chit chatting about this Friday and next thing I hear is one of my co-workers say she may just bring her husband because he wants to see the movie too…………..hmmmm what??……..then other wants to bring their kids…………..EXCUSE ME??

I haven’t had a girls night in such a long time but what I do remember is that men and kids aren’t allowed. It’s not like we are going to get all dressed up and hit the town, come on……I’m not living in some big city anymore and we aren’t going to get our drink on to only have to call our spouses to come pick us up. It was dinner, a couple of drinks and a scary ass movie. So I sauntered up to the front desk and casually pointed out that the last time I checked men and children weren’t allowed …….but if we were going to turn this into FAMILY NIGHT then just let me know……I think my furkids Lily,Dart and Sami would love to get teeth into a nice juicy steak but they  probably say “heck no” to a scary  movie, they are a bunch of  big sissy like their mommy!!

So I really don’t know what Friday night will entail but somehow some way I will end the night with a glass of wine and my handsome hubby by my side!!

Facebook: Friend, Foe or a way to see if someone has one too many screws loose

Picture 069

When I started Facebook it was mainly to  keep an eye on my children, keep in touch with close friends and family, it was also a great way to avoid going to High School reunions…..but I guess I really didn’t need Facebook for that considering all I needed to do was walk into Costco or attend our yearly fair and *poof*   I see many faces that I went to school with……we smile, wave, pass by with a whispered hello. Which to be honest I’m ok with ……it saves me from having to hit the gym and starve myself!!

Picture 067

Facebook is a great place to show how wishy washy you really are.It’s also a great way to see if the man/woman you are thinking about dating has any screws loose.  If in one post they state that they are great and on top of the world, an hour later they post that they are angry as hell , 3 hours later they post a positive affirmation about life,love and happiness, ten minutes later they are sad and hate being alone…..stop the roller coaster and get off ……..and some how tell the person to please choose a personality and STICK WITH IT.

Picture 072

Some have used their Facebook page as their own personal soapbox to insult and air out other people’s  dirty laundry, when in fact their own laundry stinks like the shit they produce. People need to take into consideration the people who are reading your Facebook page like children….friends….family…clergy….etc.  I guess this is the only way they can get sympathy from others.  There have been moments that I would loved to have climbed up on my Facebook soapbox and dish out a good load of whip ass on someone, but then again I’m not twelve.

Picture 071

A friend of mine alerted me that Mr. Crazy got on his soapbox AGAIN this past weekend and thought that it was alright to post awful things about his children’s mother on FB….then his post somehow turned into a post about me. He clearly located my blog; which let me take a moment and thank him for increasing my stats!!! I knew he would eventually locate it……the man has nothing better to do then hang on to his past…..why??

He went onto mention how I love blogging more than my children and how I left my children for a man, well it’s obvious that his head is still far up his ass to see the light of day….but I didn’t leave my son for another man. My 17 year old son had a choice (you can read about it here : A little bit of this and a whole lot of that) and he was really thinking about moving with me but he was fearful of his father’s wrath and being shunned by the family just like what happened when my daughter chose to live with me…..ohhhh I can’t forget the cute little nickname he bestowed on me………..The Dementor hahhaha…..

downloadI can totally see the resemblance, can you???  

A Dementor is considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world that they feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them……..hmmmm well considering he brought everyone down with his foul attitude, months and months of depression and unable to get a job…he was the one that  sucked the happiness out of our home. It’s really difficult to maintain a lovely happy home when there’s someone constantly down on himself and depressed because life just won’t go his way……well he HAD a wife that loved him but failed to see that until it was TOO LATE!!

Of course during his rant, he got plenty of comments about how karma will take it’s course and that it was great that he wasn’t keeping quiet anymore. First off it’s been a year and a half !!! secondly….Karma?? really…. would these woman who are cheering him on  like to the link to this blog so they can fully read the WHOLE story not just the watered down version that he feeds them….because at one time he told me horrible things about his ex-wife making me feel so sorry for him, but of course this is the mans hook, casting out the  poor mistreated man who got left by his horrible ex wife line, flippin hooked me..stupid, I know…..and thirdly, he hasn’t been quiet…….he has told his version to everyone who would listen many times over.Then I saw it, a comment from my daughter asking him to please stop talking bad about her mother. Wow!!…..what an awesome girl she is!!!    He replied that he was tired of holding his tongue blah blah blah……well she responded again, advising him that he was being two-faced and was acting just like her father  when he would talk ill of me.

I just felt bad for his children and mine because in one comment he states how he loves them yet he can publicly throw stones at us……..what type of man could do this?


Needless to say it seems my daughters words helped because he removed the post and submitted an apology to her in its place. I was just glad that his children and mine wouldn’t see his rant  regarding their mother. I would never post or tell his children about his demons or how he ended up spending Thanksgiving weekend tucked away somewhere…….there are just some things you just need to keep to yourself and if you can’t well……

Picture 074

“Mom, you’re going to blog about this right??” ……. “Of course Ann, why wouldn’t I ….this is pretty funny….ohhh and please from now on call me the Dementor!!”