My must do’s before I kick the bucket….My Bucket list.

There has been a lot of  posts lately about Bucket lists. Some like Suzie81 have detailed lengthy lists on what they want to do and see in their lifetime, there are lists just for what people want to do THAT year and here I sit with no list, not even a flippin grocery list!! ……don’t get me wrong there are places that I hope to see and things that I hope to do but  I never sat down and made a list…..honestly when I think of  the term “bucket lists” I always thought they for the older generation but I’m not a spring chicken anymore and I AM  hitting forty soon and if I don’t get my list started there will be no way I would want to travel Europe with  walker in tow.

What the heck am I waiting for?  My husband has one, a well thought out one at that and one of his “must do before I die” is to hit all Major League Baseball fields in one year. Now I have been included in this and all I can say is this will be quite interesting, because I still really don’t know much about baseball, up until last night I thought bases were just called bases….who knew they were also referred to as bags??  personally they look more like seat cushions to me ( Click here to read about my lack of knowledge on the subject if you want a good laugh : Americas Favorite past time…it’s definately not mine). I am just hoping that when we do plan this excursion that there are wineries in the vicinity!!

So as I sit here thinking of all the things I want to do and see in my lifetime I’m actually getting excited because I’m actually going to list them…..Plus it will be fun to come back to this post and mark them off as it happens.

I will list 25 for now …… start small right??

1. Start a bucket list before I turn 40     whew just made it!!

2. Swim with the dolphins

3. Visit the castles in Ireland

images (3)

4. Be proposed to in a unique way   Hubbys proposal was the best!! It wasn’t a flash mob moment but it was still amazing.

5. Go shark diving

6. Eat pizza in Italy

7. Ride a gondola   (the one in Vegas doesn’t count)


8. Write a book

9.  Wonder through the vineyards of Tuscany

10. Spend days visiting the Louvre in Paris

11. Put a lock on the Lovers Bridge in Paris


12. Fall in love with a cowboy

13. Learn French  (will come in handy when I visit Paris)

14. Take a picture in front of Buckingham Palace

15.  Spend a weekend in Maine

16.  Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome


17. Take my family to Hawaii

18. See John Mayer in concert

19. run a 5k with my sister


20. Ride an elephant in Africa

21. Go on an Alaskan cruise

22. Pet a baby penguin …..ties into #21

23. Go to Germany

24. Be successful at something

25. Have my children home for Christmas ….. yes I know this should happen every year right? well since my kids are grown they still choose to head on over to California to spend Christmas with my ex-husband and his side of the family…’s a huge family, I don’t blame them……..but just one Christmas in the next 30-40 years it would be nice to have them choose MOM!

28 thoughts on “My must do’s before I kick the bucket….My Bucket list.

      • Stupid me….I got stuck on the proposal and I forgot to ask about the Lovers Bridge….did you write a post about ?? are there pictures?? ….I just think it would just be amazing for my hubby and I to lock one on there!! I didn’t know about this until I saw it on Keeping up with the Kardashians when Kourtney was suppose to meet up with jack ass Scott and he stood her up!

  1. When you swim with the dolphins, please, please, please choose to do it at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. These animals are either raised in captivity or their parents brought there as they were unable to be released back into the wild after sustaining injuries. The dolphins found at resorts all through the Caribbean are purchased from China after their entire pods have been killed, by chasing them into a shallow inlet and then butchering them to steal the babies. As the pods are family groups, every adult will die trying to protect and save the young ones.

  2. Amazing list!! I might go and write my own now!! 😀 my top is possibly to put a lock on the bridge in Paris with my best friend 😀

  3. What a great list. #8 is one of my longer term goals. As for some of the others – I wish you wonderful happy travels. I’ve done some and it’s wonderful (and I think everyone needs more time in the Louvre). I wouldn’t have the courage for shark diving (even though I think they are beautiful!) – All the best!

  4. Great list. Now to start ticking them off. I think if you just did a trip to Europe, you could scratch a lot of them off your list. So lets get that trip planned shall we? 🙂

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