Never claimed to be Mrs. Molly Homemaker


I can hold my own in the kitchen, I’m no Rachel Ray by any means but I have a few dishes that I make that leave people saying “mmmm that was good!”. I have cookbooks galore that I skim through occasionally for new ideas, an “PIN” yummy must trys on Pinterest daily and when I get control of the remote 9 times out of ten the channel gets turned to the Food Network.

In the past couple of months the hubby has given some rather “helpful” suggestions for making the my cooking process easier. “You should prep our meals for the week”, “While making dinner you should prep for tomorrows meal”, “Guy marinates his meats overnight, you should try that”. Although his suggestions were received with a smile I kindly reminded him that I will not be prepping meals ahead of time (been there done that) and he is always welcomed to utilize the kitchen to make meals anytime he wants. “You know I don’t cook, I just don’t know why you can’t do step A and B then C and D tomorrow” he said.  Although, I understood his point… but for a man who has pretty much survived on PB&J sandwiches and Oreo cookies before we were married he just needs to just sit on the couch and leave the cooking to me…..I don’t suggest easier ways to go about tending to our yard or claim to be Bob Villa, I know my place.


I’ve tried to explain to him that “prepping” meals isn’t as easy as it may sound, it takes time A LOT of time and I have tried this numerous times when the kids were younger but ….it just isn’t something that I enjoyed doing….BUT  if I knew that the pots and pans would be cleaned by him then maybe I would rethink the whole meal prepping idea.  We can all guess what his answer to that one was.

I know of families that prep their meals but they have children at home and a busy lifestyle where prepped meals make sense; but it’s just the two of us…. I just don’t see the need to prep meals.


I did “entertain” the idea of prepping our meals not so long ago and came across a couple of blogs that are all about this crazy idea……….It didn’t take me long to laugh out loud and say “OH HELL NO” especially when I saw the kitchen sink full of mixing bowls, pots and pans, but I kept reading …… skimming their weekly recipes and knew instantly that my hubby wouldn’t be down with a weekly rotation of ground turkey, chicken breast and ground beef….he would definitely question the little grainy things on his plate which I would later have explain what quinoa was and why it doesn’t really have any flavor.

“Honey you knew I wasn’t Molly Homemaker before we got married but I haven’t made you sick, your food isn’t burnt and you seem pretty pleased with your meals…but if your compliments about how good dinner was were just little fibs then you know where to find the Peanut Butter and Jelly …and the bread is over there”  I told him as I headed to the bathroom with the furkids to give them a bath.

mind you, it was late evening….about 8pm, yeah I have PLENTY of time to prep meals. 


Not even icy roads can keep me from chocolate!


I kept peeking out the window in hopes that all the ice that covered the street had miraculously melted during the time that I was in the shower. No such luck, my craving for brownies was beginning to frustrate me. It wasn’t so much the brownie itself that I needed….I needed that yummy chocolate batter. This was as close to any sexual frustration that I have ever felt but there was no toy, no chocolate substitution that could take this edge off but that dang Pillsbury Funfetti Brownie mix.

I had an idea ….

I cornered my hubby in the hallway and gave him one of my flirtatious  “I have a proposition for you” looks.

“Soooo, I was wondering something”  smiling as I twirled a strand of my hair.

“Yesssss” he said.

“If you take me to the store to buy brownie mix I’d make it worth your while later” as I brushed my hand  against his cock.  “You don’t even have to change, I just need you to drive me …. the roads are too icy for me to drive”.    He laughed and headed to the garage, next thing I heard was him start up the car.

Who knew it could be that easy…..but he wins either way, he gets brownies and a little somethin somethin later on!!

So, yes……. I made brownies, thanks to my hubby who maneuvered his way through icy side streets to get me to the store. I also think he knew I was getting a bit stir crazy and needed to get out even if it was just for twenty minutes.


And yes……I licked that spoon clean, along with any chocolatey goodness that was left in the bowl.


My husband has George Bailey beat

george bailey

Just like our one year anniversary, I was left in the dark regarding any Valentine’s Day plans that he had up his sleeve. Days leading up to Valentine’s no mention of what we would do were tossed around; I just assumed we would go into town and have dinner.

Yesterday we slept in (we had the day off), I made my husband and the fur kids eggs and bacon for breakfast and shortly after breakfast was eaten and the kitchen was cleaned I settled on the couch and started to read a book. Hours went by and it was then that he came up to me and led me into the bedroom where the Valentine’s Day fun began (if you know what I mean), once the fun was had I went into the bathroom and that’s when he came in and told me that we were leaving in thirty minutes.

“Where are we going?” I asked. “You will have to see when we get there” he replied.

*intrigued and very curious*

I dressed, fixed my make-up , did my hair and threw a bunch of things in my purse (because I had no idea what was on the agenda) in thirty minutes flat…..I owe it to my mommy skills, I learned a long time ago to shower, do my hair, apply my make-up in no time, this skill has totally paid off many times.

We drove through the country side and headed up to Petit Jean State Park where we stopped off to get some yummy fudge, which totally beats any chocolate you find in a heart shaped box.  “Ok, are you ready to go home…that was it” he said.  I knew he was joking but followed suit “sure, I’m totally content with chocolate fudge” I smiled.

We headed east for quite some time, he asked me if I had any clue where we were headed and I really didn’t. I thought maybe we were going to visit the wineries up in Altus but I was wrong….we headed up to Mount Magazine, snow covered parts of the mountain…it was beautiful. We pulled into the lodge and made our way inside. “Did he plan a weekend get away? I didn’t bring any underwear, I guess I could go commando? I hope they sell toothbrushes in the gift shop” I thought.

He told me to go browse the gift shop while he spoke to the person behind the desk …… I tried to eavesdrop but was unsuccessful.  He told me minutes later that he did try to book a room weeks ago but they were already booked solid but we were going to have dinner here but had to waste sometime (since it was still early), so we went to the bar and had a couple glasses of wine. He kept talking about an event that we had to get to but didn’t elaborate, he was still keeping mum.

At six o’clock he told me we had to go so, I took a sip of my wine and I followed him upstairs… seriously trying not to trip with each step I took; one glass of wine I’m good any more than that my true klutzy self comes shining through.  Once we made it upstairs….we went outside to join up with a park ranger who had quite the fancy telescope.

“So do you know why we are here?” he said….. “uhm, no”, I answered. “What’s going on in the East?” he asked. “The sun is setting” I answered. “So what’s going to happen next?” …..this wasn’t the time for a little quiz, I was freezing and my brain doesn’t quite work with 2 ½ glasses of wine in my system. He saw that I had no clue and chimed in, “the moon is going to rise over that mountain as soon as the sun sets and we are here to watch it rise and see it up close through the telescope”. The park ranger began to tell us some moon facts as the moon started to peak over the mountain. This was the coolest thing I ever saw, yeah I’ve seen the moon plenty of times but not like this, we took turns looking through the telescope and admiring the beautiful view in front of us.


After getting our fill of the moon we headed on inside the lodge for dinner. I stuffed myself silly and said no to desert. It was around 9:30pm when we headed home….I was tired but I dare not close my eyes, we reminisced about our day and how he had planned this whole thing weeks ago and listened to the radio until we couldn’t get a signal…..that’s when he turned on the cd player and hit track 7.

The voice of a female country singer came over the speaker singing a very beautiful ballad, “what a romantic” I thought. I listened to the lyrics:

I will give you my heart
until the end of time
you’re all I need, my love, my Valentine

Aww, I couldn’t believe it….he planned that….that’s something I would have done. “Who is singing?” I asked, he told me it was Martina McBride. As the song continued to play, he held my hand and then pointed at the moon.

“Thank you honey for such an amazing night, you gave me the best gift ever… gave me the moon, George Bailey couldn’t even do that!”

(for those who don’t know who George Bailey is he is from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life)

Honey….she followed me home


Last night when I got home I did what I normally do….I said hello to my furkids, I let them out to go potty …normally I will change out of my work clothes …..but yesterday was different, instead of changing out of my work clothes I went back outside to bring in the trash can and check the mail, as I was heading back up the drive way I heard a very faint “meow”…thinking it was one of the neighbors cats, I looked around to see which one was trying to get my attention “meow meow”…a cute little calico cat was crossing the street making its way towards me. I started meowing back and forgetting all about the trash can and diverted my attention to this cute little kitty that I only saw one time before; which was last week.

I motioned the kitty to follow me into the garage where I have a kitty dish set up for the neighbor cat, she followed and made her way to the dish where she spent a good while filling her belly. As she ate, I became concerned….she was eating as if she hadn’t eaten for days and we had such horrible weather lately. Then I remembered that I did see her a week ago by our new neighbors home, so maybe she was theirs. I ran inside, changed…..and went next door to see if they lost a kitty, no one was home. Shit, it was getting dark….and I wasn’t going to just let her go wonder the neighborhood. I quickly messaged my husband to let him know that we were temporarily going to house a kitty until the neighbors got home.

Forty minutes went by until I saw our neighbors come home, I grabbed the kitty and headed on over. “Uhmmm excuse me, did you lose a cat?” I asked.  The man turned around and instead of relief on his face he said “no, we don’t own a cat…we have a dog…cute cat though”.  I headed back home with the kitty in my arms, now wondering what the hell I was going to do…..there was no way my husband was going to let us have another pet. He always makes it clear to me in one way or another that three furkids is just enough for us……. I can’t say “Honey…she just followed me home”…yes she technically did, she did  cross the street and follow me up the drive way and into the garage…just maybe word got out amongst the cats that “the Jolene lady” is really cool and gives out really good kitty treats and that’s why she’s here seeking a newer better home.

I just knew that my husband was going to be home within the hour and I had to have a solution to the new arrival so I sent out a mass text to my co-workers asking them if they wanted an adorable kitty. I called our local vet, they suggested that I put a picture of her on their facebook page to see if her owner would claim her. Meanwhile…..I decided that the kitty couldn’t stay in the garage so I made her a nice comfy spot in our office and brought her inside.  BOY OH BOY…did the furkids give me some questionable looks.

I knew my husband wouldn’t be mad that there was a cat in the house, he loves animals…..I just knew that he would expect me to handle it the next day and he knew that I was working on the situation. Ten minutes after he got home, he asked where the kitty was and I pointed to the office…..he walked in slowly and I followed.

“she’s adorable and so loving” I told him.

“ohhhh she is” he said. I could tell that he took an instant liking to her and her to him….she knew how to work it…she was working the purrings and playfulness.

We left the kitty alone, we would tell she wanted to sleep….but as the night went on my husband kept mentioning how if we can’t find her owners than we can keep her. Then he looked at our furkids and said,

“Now Lily…Dart…Sami, you have to be nice to her…she’s smaller than you and she’s scared….she’s going to be your cousin, you are going to have to teach her the rules of this house”… he went on talking to our furkids about our possible new addition I couldn’t believe that I was worried or a little panicked….at the end of the day, he’s a softy too. I grabbed my phone and sent out a text to my co-workers “hmmmm …. hubby seems to be loving the kitty, we may have a new furkid!!”

I left it up to him to name our Little Orphan Annie ….  as of right now he has come up with

1. cuddles (from the big bang theory)

2. sgt. fuzzy boots (from the big bang theory)

3. manziel  (Johnny Manziel)


Personally… I like

Zazzles …if we are going after something from the Big Bang Theory

or …


But…… he called me and put me on speaker phone with his co-workers, I guess it’s a slow day at the office and naming the kitty is priority. He asked what was wrong with Cuddles and I said …

“Honey, she doesn’t look like a Cuddles….plus, when you take her to the vet and they call out her name it’s just going to seem silly”

“I don’t take the furkids to the vet you do” he said

he got me there….but still…..

“Sgt Fuzzy Boots is cool …but would we call her Sarg for short or fuzzy or boots?” I said….there was laughter in the background.

“haha we will talk about this when we get home, I love you” he said.

………….to be continued.


New Years Resolutions and me don’t jive

I don’t make resolutions because I know by mid January my resolutions would be a mere memory it’s kind of like how I am during Lent, I say I’m going to give up bread or wine but a month later I find myself in mid sip or swallow and then a “ohh shit” comes out of my mouth.  (It’s not that I am not disciplined in my faith as some may think, but that’s for  a different post) Every year I do a reflection of the past year and of myself; I think of the things that I would like to tweak….things that I would like to accomplish and things that I need to eliminate from my life. Self reflection can be a humbling experience…. it is for me anyway.

I’ve made a decision to step away from a (20 + year) friendship that was just consumed of drama. I allowed her crazy lifestyle to affect me and I just can’t do it anymore.  Her lies …. Her toxic relationships … Her bad choices …Her twisted stories were too much….she was too absorbed in her own made up world that it felt like I was part of a new reality show. I couldn’t do it anymore…I’m starting a new chapter of my life and she won’t be part of it.


(2 hours later)

Ok, well this self-reflection, no more drama in my life will have to start tomorrow because I’m beyond pissed off at the moment.

downloadI received and email from the hubby asking me to bring home the receipts for two of his Christmas presents that I got him, one was for a tool that he asked for and the other was something that I put a lot of thought into, I got him a GoPro so he can use while he takes his bike rides. I spent hours….days researching the best GOPRO to get him, I thought about the stories he’s told me regarding roads he rode on that were crazy dangerous, I remembered how many times he would pause a MotoGP race just to show me the view that was taken from the bike…scene by scene…his excitement just made me realize that this was the gift that I was going to get for him at Christmas.

I asked him if he was going to return the gifts, hoping he would say no….but that wasn’t the case. His reply was “Yes, I don’t have a need for them”.  I instantly felt insulted ….that gift wasn’t some fugly barney purple looking slippers, this was a cool gift that I put some good ass thought into it!!!  Tears started to fill my eyes as I typed him up a response. I kept it simple with no mention of the ugly slippers but I mentioned how him wanting to return the gift made me feel……of course he didn’t respond. I didn’t think he would.

I know I shouldn’t care, but I was so dang excited for him to open that gift. I actually was able to keep that gift a secret and me and secrets ……….well GIFT secrets are soooooo hard to keep!!!  His reaction when he opened the gift was of surprise and excitement………..nothing like my reaction to the purple monstrosities. I’m pissed off !!! I can understand about  him returning that tool from Home Depot but I don’t understand about why he wants to return the GoPro!! it’s a damn cool gift!!!



Our post Anniversary/Christmas Branson get-away


I have been looking forward to this weekend for months, just getting away with my husband is always nice but normally it’s to Oklahoma to visit his family… we were headed to a place that was new to both of us. My co-workers had given me a few ideas, places to go….things to see, my boss actually told me about the place that we were going to be staying at. “You need to stay at the Chateau on the Lake during December its beautiful”, she didn’t have to convince me, one look at the website and I was sold….as well was the hubby “if that’s where you want to stay then book a room”. I was totally on it!!

Chateau on the Lake

The hotel was not only beautiful on the outside it was absolutely breathtaking inside; from the decorations….garland hanging from railing to railing, Poinsettias everywhere you turn, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, stunning gingerbread houses and overlooking the falls was the prettiest nativity scene that I have ever seen……. ohhhh and Santa was there, just “hanging” around!

Chateau on the Lake Nativity 1         Chateau on the Lake Navitity 2

Chateau on the Lake falls 1          Chateau by the Lake Santa           Chateau on the Lake view from 5th floor

Once we settled into our room and walked around the hotel taking in its beauty we headed into town. That’s when the fun began…well more  like “the shopping” began. We found a cute little shopping center called “The Grand Village” it was just adorable and oozed Christmas ………..I LOVED IT!!

“Honey….go shop, find some Santa’s to add to your collection, remember this is part of your Christmas present”

I left with 3 Santa’s and a cute plush penguin……and although things were on sale I spent I think over $200 on my new Christmas items, but he gave me that wink of approval.


Next on our agenda was to see the Dixieland Stampede Christmas dinner show, all I can say was it was AMAZING!! I didn’t expect to cry but I did…more than once, the falling snow…..the story…..and yes they sang Silent Night which brings on the waterworks every time!! We weren’t allowed to take pictures so if you ever get the chance to see the show, please do …. and go on an empty stomach because they load you up on food!!

As we exited the show we walked by all the beautiful horses that were part of the show…..I saw one of the performers with his horse in the stall and what I saw just filled my heart with so much joy. He looked into the horses eyes said thank you and gave his horse such a loving hug….and not just once, three times. Just thinking about it gives me chills. It was just so sweet to see how much he appreciated his friend!

On Saturday we slept in till 8am, this is something my husband NEVER does…..he’s always up by 5:30 no matter what day it is. Once we were dressed and ready to start our day we headed downstairs and had a tasty breakfast and then it was off to see the Titanic museum, my oldest daughter told me that when she went it took her four hours to go through but she is a Titanic fanatic, it took us two hours. Next on our list was to go to Silver Dollar City which is an amusement park, not quite like Disneyland or Magic Mountain….it had a very old-time Knotts Berry Farm feel. While we were there we went on their steam sing a long train ride which at one point during the ride the train slowed to a stop and “Grandpa” told us the story of the birth of Christ….as he began the story; silent night played in the background and I was in trouble… eyes began to water…..”Jolene, think of something…sing something…..jingle bells jingle bells…shit, that’s not working….where are my sunglasses….uhhh I can’t cry, not on a train ride” I said to myself. I felt my husband take my hand and heard him sniffle…. it was getting to him too. Needless to say, you wouldn’t get this at Magic Mountain or Disneyland….Grandpa rocked it!!

We decided to take in a show and saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” …. it was either that or the Dickens Christmas Carol and I am glad we choose to see what we saw, I have always loved this story so to see it in person was just amazing. …………….after the show we were greeted by a sight that would take anyone’s breath away. There were Christmas lights everywhere…..on every building….on every tree!! I was in Christmas heaven!! They say there are five million lights through out the park!

xmas in branson

SDC lights 1               SDC lights 2

SDC lights 5                SDC lights 6

SDC lights 3

We stayed until the place closed…..we never changed into the thermals that we brought with us, I don’t know why….I think I was in that place where I didn’t care, the beauty in front of me was so overwhelming that the falling temps (30 degrees) didn’t bother me until we were in line to get on the bus to take us back to our car. Once back in our room, I think it only took me a few minutes snuggled up in bed to whisk off into dreamland……next thing I know it was morning and that meant that it was time to go home. I was ready though, we both missed the furkids and boy did they miss us…………..we were welcomed home with wet sloppy furkid kisses!!!

It was a wonderful weekend ……….. and to top it off, the Packers kicked some Bear ass!!!

(ok barely, but we won and that’s all that matters)

I’ve made a decision

At first I thought my gloominess was due to taking down all my Christmas decorations and saying good-bye to them for another year, I attributed my silent moments to just missing my children because this was the first year that we weren’t together for the holidays. It wasn’t until my husband and I were driving up to Branson Missouri when it finally hit me, “Shit, I’m going to be forty in a couple of weeks could this be why I’ve been in a funk?”.

I really didn’t expect for the gray gloomy age cloud to set in, I was ready to embrace this new age bracket with a smile……but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I put down the sun visor, looked in the mirror “I don’t look forty, I don’t feel forty,  I don’t have wrinkles and that strand of gray hair will last for about a minute longer” I said to myself.

I tried to think of all those that I knew that were forty and fabulous……and wondered if they went through a mini meltdown when the BIG 4 0 crept up on them? I know that I was a mess for days before I turned THIRTY….I’m not lying, I cried…..I mourned my twenties…..I got a tattoo, yep a tattoo….while others would party it up, drink, go on a sex binge, I got a tattoo. I seriously don’t know why I was having such a horrible reaction, my twenties sucked!! I should have been happy to turn thirty and as the day approached I welcomed the day with the flu “Happy 30th Birthday to me”. (sad face)

Once my husband and I finally made it to Branson we decided to grab a bite to eat….I knew I had to some how pull myself out of my funk, because I couldn’t have this gray cloud hanging over me this whole weekend.

“Honey, I’ve been thinking….”

He looked up from the menu “anxiously” awaiting to hear what was going to come out of my mouth.

“So to bypass this birthday bug and to keep the funk away I’ve decided that since 39 was a good year that I will do it again. I don’t FEEL forty, I don’t LOOK forty, I don’t have wrinkles, so there’s no need for me to turn forty!” I said with a smile.

“Well, we have a problem…..I bought a huge billboard sign going into town that says “Happy 40th Birthday Jolene”

“Then change it….you can edit it” I played along.

“So it will be your 1 year anniversary of your 39th birthday again?” he said.

“Glad that you’re on board, I feel so much better” we laughed as we ate our lunch.





He had me going all day~ Our One Year Anniversary

The hubby really had me going all day on Saturday, as I mentioned earlier he got me a package of toilet paper for our one year anniversary…..the man missed his calling, he should have been a comedian.

During the day he stayed in his PJ’s while watching college football, I did a few things around the house and read a book… was very relaxing, around four he looked over at me and said:

So what do you want to do for dinner….I wouldn’t mind having tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich?”

Seriously?? grilled cheese sandwich and soup?? I kept my frustration at bay…and remembered that we are going out of town in a few weeks to really celebrate our anniversary.

“Well, I thought we were going out to dinner….but if you would rather stay in we could”

“No, we can go out ….where do you want to go?”

“How about you choose, considering I always pick”

He got up off the couch, gave me a kiss and told me to be ready in a little bit.

I started curling my hair….. “I wonder where we are going, uhmm what should I wear?” I headed into the bedroom to ask him but noticed that he was sitting on the couch, still in his sweatpants and t-shirt watching football.

I didn’t say anything, I just came to terms with the fact that he really wanted to watch college football, so soup and grilled cheese would be on tonight’s menu.

5:20 pm 

I noticed the time and I was getting a little hungry…..the hubby stepped outside to have a smoke so I went into the kitchen and started frying up some bacon to put in his grilled cheese sandwich and placed the soup on the stove to warm up.

“What are you doing?”  he said.

“Making dinner….I just figured since you haven’t showered that you decided that we should just stay in”

“I told you we were leaving at six”

“Hmmmm, you never told me a time ….at four you said we would be leaving soon”

“We are leaving at six….so you may want to get ready” 

I finished up frying the bacon and then headed to the bathroom to freshen up, you know….make-up, hair, a spritz of pretty perfume. I still didn’t know where we were going so I was waiting to see what he was wearing before I changed.

He ended up wearing something other than jeans so I knew we weren’t headed to Chili’s so I put on something nice and gave the furkids a kiss good-bye.

Still being left in the dark regarding our destination, I figured from the direction we were heading that we were having dinner in Little Rock….which was a nice change. 35 minutes later we found ourselves trying to find a parking spot in downtown, I knew now that he was going to take me to one of my favorite restaurants, Ristorante Capeo….it’s a bit on the pricey end but it’s romantic and the food is divine.

“Ohhh no, I don’t think we will be able to get in without a reservation” I thought to myself. He opened the door of the restaurant and said;

“Are you surprised?”

“Yes…I am, but we may need a reservation”

“Honey, I made the reservation two weeks ago and made sure to get the little heart table in the know the one we sat at the first time we came. I told them it was our anniversary” 

He had this planned all along….the tomato soup/grilled cheese suggestion was just a rouse.

As we sat down at the table, I looked at him lovingly ….

“You’re such a romantic…I can’t believe you planned to take me here all along….what would of happened if I told you earlier that I wanted to go to Chili’s?”

“I would have told you that I didn’t want to go there” 

Our meal was scrumptious and the tiramisu that we shared was everything that I remembered, yummilicious!!! I got up to use the little girls room and when I made my way back to the table I noticed that he had gone outside to have a smoke, but on the table was a box wrapped in gold paper with a little red bow on top.

My heart melted….

I picked up the box and mouthed to him from the other side of the window

“Honey….really? oh my gosh…can I open it?”

“YES” he said with a smile.

I unwrapped the box, pulled out the little box from inside…..I opened it up and I didn’t know what to say…I was speechless. It was a beautiful diamond heart necklace.

“It’s beautiful…I love you” I mouthed to him …

“I love you too” 

Once he came back inside, I gave him a big kiss……

“Happy Anniversary Honey” he said.

“Happy Anniversary Dear….I love you”

Honey, my ass thanks you!


They say that for your first anniversary the traditional gift is paper…. my husband took this info and ran with it! 

This morning as I slowly made my way into the living room I noticed a grocery bag laying on the coffee table with an envelope sitting on top of it …..hmmmmm, confused and still waking up I went and grabbed his neatly wrapped present and laid it next to the bag.

“Happy Anniversary honey, go open your present” he said.

“Couldn’t wrap it?”

“You know me, when have I ever wrapped anything?”

I opened up the envelope and read the sweet card…..then I picked up the bag, looked inside and pulled out a package of toilet paper.

“Really? Toilet paper ?” I said confused.

“The first year anniversary present is paper” he said laughing.

He had sent me flowers earlier this week so I knew this was a gag gift…..but part of me didn’t like the joke.

“Well, my ass thanks you…….now open your present”

What a year!!


“Thank you honey for the beautiful flowers”  I said to my husband as I admired the vibrant pink and white lilies that were just placed on my desk.

“I didn’t send you any flowers, it must have been your boyfriend”

“Nice try, you’re the only one that calls me Darlin’” I said.

“ohhh shoot”


I can’t believe that on Saturday we will be celebrating our one year anniversary; it still seems so surreal  that I am actually married to this man. Ten years ago when we went our separate ways, I would have never thought that this would be our story, that I would be his Mrs. to his Mr.

I have always known that my heart was his but I never thought in a million years that we would find our way back to one another, shit how could it be possible when I lived on the west coast and him, on the east coast? Yeah I’ve heard of those couples that actually have made it work but long distance relationships and I don’t work. We did keep in touch throughout the years and I tried everything possible to make him a mere memory because just hearing his voice made me melt all over again …not to mention bring back memories of those hot and steamy nights, but nothing I tried seemed to work.

“You knew this whole time ….. well played, well played” I whispered to the big man upstairs as I put on my wedding dress, “did I really have to go through all those disastrous relationships to get to this point, couldn’t I  just have bypassed all those unnecessary roadblocks a few years ago?”   of course, I didn’t need to hear the answer…..I knew. We both had to walk our own path and experience the good, the bad and the ugly just to finally realize what our hearts knew all along. The past ten years we built the first layer of our foundation which was friendship…we didn’t have to fluff up our lives to one another, we shared it all. There was never any judgment, I never heard “why did you marry that idiot?”, he just let me live my life ( he did tell me once we were married that he secretly wished that my marriage to Mr.Crazy would fall apart) as I let him live his…..secretly cringing when he would tell me about someone he was dating.

This past year was definitely an experience; it is true with what they say about the first year of marriage always being the toughest. I wouldn’t say it was hard….it was an adjustment, we had to learn to work as a team ….to rely on one another, to have faith in love and to say “I’m sorry” even if it meant that we would be eating crow for a day or two. I had to learn that just because we may have been not so nice to one another that he wasn’t going to leave, that he made a commitment to me and wasn’t going anywhere.

I love this man ….. I always have.

I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us!!