Sincerity bit me in the ass ….

I just heard the most hilarious thing ever…..actually it was borderline ridiculous, nauseating and hilarious all rolled into one.

The town I grew up in is quite small, well not one traffic light small but small enough that people like to share other people’s business with others for example; recent hook-ups, who’s dating who, guess who’s getting divorced and guess who I spotted with your ex.

At this point in my life if Mr.Crazy found happiness then good for him…..everyone needs to find their true love, right? so, when I heard that an old schoolmate of mine was now dating him I wasn’t too shocked because again, it’s a small town and nothing surprises me anymore.

While on Facebook the other day I saw her on another friends (schoolmate) page and friended her, because at one time we did hang out in high school and I truly wanted to see how things were going on in her life. Then today while skimming my lovely Facebook page there was a picture of her with Mr.Crazy… the first reaction I had was to find the nearest trash can because just seeing him made me want to throw up my just consumed skinny vanilla latte. “What the hell did I ever see in him…..UCK!”  I thought to myself.  It’s pretty much the same reaction when I see the woman who my husband use to date “UCK!!” ….. seriously I have no idea what he saw in them… looks like a stocky tranny.  ….BUT love is blind.

After my nausea passed I actually was happy for my schoolmate, she looked happy. I sent her a quick message stating that I wished them the best, because obviously that picture was posted on FB (today) for a reason.  She responded rather quickly, thanking me and also mentioning that she was sorry that things didn’t go well between Mr.Crazy and I.  “Ohhhh shit girl don’t be sorry…it shouldn’t have ever happened” is what I wanted to send back…..but I sent her back a rather sincere message stating that I am where I was always meant to be and that my relationship with Mr.Crazy was just toxic (some people are just not meant to be together)…but that I hope that they find the happiness that they deserve within one another.  She thanked me and I went on about my day, feeling actually relieved that Mr.Crazy has moved on and will no longer hassle me or stalk my blog.

Now…… here comes the funny part.

(ten minutes later)

I get a message from her stating  “you only friend requested me because of Mr.Crazy, that must mean you aren’t over him or what happened. Which makes me feel bad for your husband and I hope that you will be able to move on and truly live your life”  ….. when I read this I laughed so hard that a co-worker peeked into my office to see what was so funny.  I quickly corrected any misconceptions she had  as nicely as I could….because what I really wanted to say was this :

“You’re kidding right? I left him …. I faked early menopause just so I he wouldn’t touch me.I put two restraining orders out on him. I regret ever being with that man and falling for his nice guy image. I fell out of love with him way before our marriage came to a crumbling halt…..if you don’t believe any of this let me direct you to my blog and there you can read all about  Mr.Crazy and his in ability to move on…..and seriously LOOK at my husband and then look at him…..enough side”

But……I didn’t….she will have to learn on her own. He can feed her lie after lie… doesn’t matter, it’s not my problem. I seriously was happy for both of them and actually now I can see they are meant for one another…..they are both looney!!!

~ needed the laugh though but still the thought that someone thinks I’m hung up on that gives me the heebie jeebies….uck!!


Lady, you got some balls!!!



I looked down at my phone, “Coeli pinned one of you pins on Pinterest” the notification read. Ok, that name rang a bell….I let out a chuckle. The only Coeli I know (well not personally)  was my husbands  “not all there in the head” ex-girlfriend. “The girl has some balls” I said to myself. It’s one thing to secretly stalk an ex or their significant other but to make it known that you are checking them out is another thing.

Just to make sure that I wasn’t jumping to conclusions, I did confirm that it was her by just clicking on her picture. I was amused. “Honey, do you want to hear something funny?”, I told him about his ex’s recent action, he rolled his eyes and replied “she’s probably on the internet as we speak looking at all your posts”. “Well, she can look all she wants, she can read my blog and scope my Facebook…..she’s just going to see pictures and read stories about us”

Why now though, I wondered? I just remember all the craziness she created when she found out that my husband moved on and started dating me. She sent my daughter a Facebook message stating that her and my husband were married, that they have a wedding website, that she knew he was cheating when he would say he had to go out of town for work, she even called me a home wrecker. Her story just grew and grew….she even changed her Facebook picture to an old picture of the two of them. My daughter asked her to provide proof of the faux marriage, “send me a picture of your marriage license, a wedding picture and the wedding website, ohhh and why are you still using your maiden name why haven’t you changed it if you are MARRIED?”… she wrote back but Miss Crazy lady   never sent the proof that was asked of by my daughter, she just sent a couple more messages until my husband put an end to it.

Why she never messaged me was the weird thing, to involve my daughter was just further proof she was just out to hurt people. Not long after, my daughter told me that she went onto Miss Crazy lady’s Facebook page and noticed that she wrote a little blurb about moving on and called my husband a not so pleasant name. LOL.

All I have to say is, “Get a life!” ….WE DID.


Daily Prompt: Dear Mr. Crazy

If she would have loved me as much as she writes about me then we would still be together

This was something Mr. Crazy had written not to long ago on his so-called blog. It was in his admission to following my blog. I thought his statement was quite silly if you ask me. So let me just clarify a few things for him, because it’s time for him to move on.

Dear Mr.Crazy,

First, thank you for saying that I am an amazing writer; amazing hardly…mediocre I will accept and secondly when you are mentioned in one of my posts it’s because either WordPress has a Daily Prompt that may trigger a not so good memory that may benefit others or simply you have overstepped your boundaries in regards to my kids or insulted me on Facebook. Although you posted an apology to my daughter after she contacted you regarding insulting me via Facebook and admitted your wrongful doing it was clearly for show because you sent her the link to your website where it’s full of lingering depression and hate for her mother.

Yes, your alias is Mr.Crazy because simply you are, plus you’re license plate THAT YOU CREATED states this….which should have clued me in on the man I would soon be involved with.

Our relationship/marriage was something that should have never happened. We were both in a place where we were longing for someone to love and I guess fill that place where loneliness resides. We may have been better off friends than lovers but maybe not. Our relationship didn’t work….we were like oil and vinegar, fire and water, cat and dog, Newman and Seinfeld. We were constantly in therapy because of our different views on life, marriage and raising our children. You would often go back on your promises, especially ones instructed by our counselor….remember the “no contacting my first husband and discussing our relationship with him or YOUR MOTHER”…..well you broke that many times over………..yes I get it, you have this obsession to be His Royal Highness (1st husband), to fit in, to be accepted by him and his friends…….you pretty much made your choice pretty much like I choose Lily (furgirl) over you.

Yes, I settled when I married you. Yes, I should have never married with the thought of “well I guess this is all there is” and I shouldn’t have married you knowing that you would never measure up to the one man my heart craved for years …… if no other man from my past was able to conquer this large feat than how could you? Yes, me and this man stayed friends but we never crossed those lines while you and I were together, (living under the same roof) contrary to what you believe and what you have told others….I never cheated on you. I never contacted him in the wee hours of the night like you did with your co-worker……it was purely a friendship, he knew I wouldn’t break my vows no matter how dysfunctional our marriage was. Yes, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that there was a slight possibility that we could reconcile our marriage but seriously I only said this so you wouldn’t attempt suicide again and although we visited your therapist a couple of times, he knew that this marriage was over just as much as I did. You lashed out at your anger management counselor when he didn’t agree with the way you were thinking. WHO DOES THAT??  after your outburst I knew your classes weren’t having any effect. ……and he was right when he said “Divorce happens it’s no ones fault”

Our marriage was doomed from the start…..I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I hurt you but you ended up not being the man who you portrayed yourself to be. I fell out of love with you way before that dreadful day and as much as you want to think I didn’t try hard enough to make this marriage work……I did. I tried. EVERYONE saw this….but I was not going to continue to live in a harmful,dysfunctional environment for twenty plus years…..I wasn’t going to be one of those women who just stays …to stay…because if I learned anything from my experience when I left my first husband at the age of 22…..if I could survive that; I could survive anything.

Just to clarify and make this easy for you to understand………….when you are mentioned it is to shed light on a relationship that was not positive, I write about how it affected me and the outcome of the situation. I write in hopes that my story reaches someone who is currently going through the same thing……who is with someone with Bi-Polar, who has anger issues, who has stalker tendencies, who enjoys playing the “my wife cheated on me” card (which I never did……our marriage ENDED on that one horrible day,  who I did or saw after that dreadful day is my business…..I didn’t cheat on you while we were living together……but if you are basing your accusations on what happened after THAT day….then you cheated as well). I write because it’s cheaper than therapy……but I also write because I know my story, my experiences, my journey can help someone. It’s that simple…..I don’t bring you up because I secretly long for you so please don’t think that. You have good qualities about you but you allow others to influence the person you are truly meant to be, you haven’t found YOU yet and I don’t believe that you will find true love until you do.

Knowing what I know now …..


I never imagined by writing the Open letter to my twenty something self  would have opened up emotions that I hadn’t felt for over ten years. As I wrote that letter I imagined myself standing next to such a lost, brokenhearted, young woman… recall the feeling of the cold tile floor beneath me, the emptiness of the house, the silence that surrounded me once more made me just want to delete every word that I had typed so far, I didn’t want to go back to that day….I didn’t want to FEEL those emotions again. I diligently worked hard to shield the truth behind my fake smile that appeared across my face to the people I came in contact with , not even my closest friends knew the darkness that surrounded me during that time.

Driving home from work yesterday, I broke down in tears. “Why now…..shit am I pmsing? Noooo it’s too soon. Why was that letter affecting me this much?” I couldn’t shake that feeling of hopelessness and despair…..I was relieved to find that the Mister wasn’t home yet, I hurried inside and wiped the tears away and did my best to redo my smeared make-up. I don’t know why I bothered; he wouldn’t notice that I had been crying….shit he hasn’t even noticed that I colored my hair.

Throughout the evening I thought about the post I wrote and while sitting outside next to the fire pit enjoying the beautiful night a  heaviness laid on my heart, I knew eventually this would be read by my daughters. “How would they react? Would one call it pathetic while the other one began to truly understand what I went through? Would I lose followers from being too raw” these were just some of my thoughts that I had while getting lost in the flames dancing in front of me.

The last thing I wanted to be labeled was “the woman who gave up on her children”. Which was so far from the truth but this was the label my ex and his family felt comfortable branding me with. They certainly have a way of branding the “exes” with colorful names yet aren’t willing to come face to face with the cold hard truth with those in the family that don’t know the meaning of fidelity.

At the age of 17, we had our oldest daughter……by the age of 21, we had two little girls and I was pregnant with our son. My marriage was falling apart; to his admission years later he wasn’t ready to have a family, he was more interested in himself, his hobbies, living the single life than to be a father and a husband. I made the decision to move to the Midwest to be closer to my family; I knew the road ahead was going to be tough. I just didn’t know it was going to THAT tough. ….I was 22, with three little children under the age of six….Ann (the middle child) was having a hard time with the divorce and the newest addition; her brother. My oldest tried to hold her role as the leader and her stubbornness reigned the household. I worked countless minimum wage jobs, and at one time I was working three jobs just trying to make ends meet but it still wasn’t enough. Paying for childcare, rent, utilities sometimes left me twenty dollars for food for my family. Yes, my parents helped a little but a day didn’t go by that I didn’t hear a snide comment from my mother about watching her grand kids… she can never get anything done around the house or do things she wants to do because the kids were always around. Eventually, I stopped asking for help because I didn’t want to burden them. Plus the constant reminder of me being a failure didn’t help any.

Things just got tougher, my lack of money and growing debt were out of control, I didn’t know what to do anymore, I saw my kids lose their fun-loving mother… now in front of them was a shell of a woman, THEIR MOM who was tired, lost, at her wit’s end, quick-tempered and sad. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t tell them that I loved them they are my world, but they deserved much more. They didn’t deserve the life that I was giving them. They deserved a life with two parents, grandparents who didn’t feel burdened by them, cousins they could grow up with….a family who could offer them so much more.  That’s what they deserved…..they didn’t deserve a mom who would lock herself up in her room and cry because she felt helpless, alone and a failure….the last thing I ever wanted was for my kids to feel as though I failed them. My ex and I were civil, it took me a year to finally come out and ask him if he could help me with our children until I can get on my feet financially. He agreed he would help and that once back on my feet the kids would come back to live with me. I never once said that I didn’t want my kids anymore, not once did I turn my back on them; as I would soon find out the ex and his wife started to tell people.

In hindsight, if I knew that my decision would haunt me for the rest of my life and knowing what I know now I don’t think I would have made the call to my ex-husband and ask him for help. I don’t know how our lives would have turned out but we wouldn’t be the people we are today. Yes, eventually my ex and I shared custody of the children but the damage was already done. He claimed he never spoke ill of me to my children but my children would ask me if what was said about me true…. “dad said he is doing you a favor by having us be with you since you gave us up, did you mommy? why didn’t you want us? Dad says you are a bad influence on us?”  yes, these were just a few things I heard throughout the years ……. What type of man would say this to their kids? I never turned my back on them, when we lived in different states I called them regularly, my heart hurt every day that I wasn’t with them ….I sent them things, bought their clothing….I was THEIR mom through and through, I didn’t let the distance affect us. I never quite understood the “bad influence” comment which he made quite often….it wasn’t like I was some drug pushing whore who drank constantly in front of my children. I worked my butt off to gain the experience and increase in pay so I could provide for my children, I didn’t go to parties on the weekends (like he did), I didn’t put other things before them (like he did)….I led a pretty boring life, yes I dated and had some horrible break ups but that shouldn’t be a deciding factor on another label he branded me with.

As I walked into my office this morning I pondered on the sign that I have on my book shelf….I bought it for the patients who come into my office from time to time, to offer encouragement, to offer hope.

Happiness is something you decide ahead of time 

I will leave you with that and a promise that the next post won’t be so raw …… thank you all for your loving comments. You guys are truly the best and you know who you are!!!

Daily Post : Open Letter to my twenty something self


Dear Jolene,

I know you are in a dark place right now but please don’t give up. I know it would be such an easy fix to just end it all but you can’t. Don’t listen to that piece of shit ex-husband of yours when he says that the kids would be better off if you were no longer in their life. Don’t let his evilness plague you, it’s his own selfish need to reign on top in their eyes that keeps him going. Yes, he will continue to tell your children that you didn’t want anything to do with them but you know the truth and one day they will to. They will know that you cried for months before turning to him for help, you knew he might revel in the fact that you needed him; that you couldn’t make it on your own without his assistance but I know you thought he had changed you thought he was a better person than that. You believed him when he said that he was glad to help, plus it was time for him to get to know his children and be the father that they need.

I wish I could hold you through your pain and sadness but you did the right thing. You didn’t give up on your children, your decision to let your kids live with their father while you get it together was out of love for them. You knew him and his wife could offer them more than you could right now and to be surrounded by family would only create life long memories for them. They could offer them an abundance of love, daily laughter, holidays that they will remember, moments that they can treasure. You did the right thing trust me. Yes, it’s difficult to be without your children on a daily basis and that hole in your heart will only be temporary filled when you hear them on the other end of the phone or when you wrap your arms around them  and see their beautiful faces staring back at you.

You did this for them remember that. You will show them that with perseverance and faith that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Yes, you only make minimum wage and are working a crappy job but this will lead to so much more. Don’t give up please… you don’t want him to win and you know he will feel vindicated and his words true if you give up. I know you hate the poison that he seeps into your children’s head but one day they will learn the truth, one day they will feel it in their heart that you did this for them and that your choices weren’t based on a selfish need.

Lessons you will learn and some lessons are big, but you need to realize that you are a lot stronger than you realize. You are not alone on this journey remember that, turn to God when you struggle he will pick you up. You will experience heartache, you will experience the endless desire to seek your parents approval which my dear will never come so please don’t make that a priority, live for your children, love but not too hard, yes protect that giving heart of yours but when that one special man comes around you will know……but it won’t be for sometime, A LONG TIME…..he will leave but God has a plan…just trust in him. Please.

I hope this finds you some peace. I’m not going to lie and sugar coat things because I know you hate that so I will say that it will be a tough road but it’s worth it in the end.

Remember, I love you

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The night that I wanted to be Lara Croft

images (1)

When I saw this weeks writing prompts on Mama’s Losin It, I crossed off #1 because really it’s Monday and after this past weekends nonsense there really isn’t ten things that I can think of that make me smile at this current moment (yeah I know, my dogs…kids.. blah blah blah…yes I’m grumpy)……plus I’m from California and from what I have been told Californians don’t smile much anyways……so I guess that excuses me from writing about what makes me smile.

Number two: Tell us about a time you wanted to punch someone in the face. Was right up my alley, there have been a couple times that I wanted to hit someone but I’m too much of a scaredy cat lady to raise my fists.

Three and four (What were you blogging about last year at this time? What has changed?
and Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo)I have already written about and number five (Bake something yummy and share the recipe!) may work…..but considering that I am struggling with a good case of Mondayitis I think I will write about the time I wanted to become Lara Croft  from Tomb Raider and kick some major ass!!

Three years ago 

Mr.Crazy and I were having one of our heated arguments probably about his lack of direction and that I needed him to be more of a husband than some lazy piece of crap who should spend more time looking for work than lounging around on the couch playing video games…..or maybe he was yelling at me because he hated the fact that I blogged but either way we were arguing.

I at this time was sitting on the bed and he was over by the doorway…..but I said something that set him off and he got in my face quickly….Lily (my furgirl) jumped in my lap, this was her way of protecting me from the the monster that was standing in front of us. He told me to put her down and I refused……he then got very angry and told me that I had to choose “I’ts either Lily or me….I’m tired off her getting all the attention” he was seriously jealous of a little dog……well he didn’t like the answer I gave….and grabbed Lily from my lap, threw her and when she landed on the floor she hit the dresser.

There’s one thing you don’t do……You don’t hurt my children and Lily was my furgirl. I was beyond livid at this point, I pushed him away with my feet because, I was still on the bed and he was standing over me so the only thing that I could do at that point was use my legs……because anyone who knows me knows that my upper body strength just sucks. He tried to block me from getting to her with his body but Lily ran straight towards me.

If I knew I wouldn’t be hauled off to jail for assault and I had the strength and skill of Lara Croft then I would most certainly have kicked some major Mr.Crazy ass that night!!!


Surviving the in-laws

While channel surfing I came across a show called “Surviving the In-laws” I couldn’t believe what I was watching……these in-laws had some nerve….talk about crossing the line, these in-laws were horrible. This show only brought back my own special memories of my “ohhh sooo special” in-laws.


First marriage: The very outspoken grandmother in-law

It was 1994, I had just had Ann (2nd daughter) two months earlier. I knew that we were all heading over to my in-laws in just a few days for Easter dinner and I needed to do something with my hair, it was dry and just looked horrible… I dyed it, black. I thought it looked alright… hair is naturally a dark brown so black wasn’t a far stretch.

About twenty people gathered around the dinner table to indulge in an amazing Easter feast, family and friends caught each other up on their busy lives and then out of nowhere the grandmother shouted out “Jolene what did you do to your hair? I hate it” SILENCE, you couldn’t hear a pin drop, even Ann stopped crying. I was mortified…all eyes were on me and my horrible dye job. No one came to my defense only telling that everyone was in agreement with grandma.

Needless to say; I have never gone black again……………………….so it’s not true about what they say “Once you go black you’ll never go back” …. when it comes to hair anyways.

Second marriage : My mother in-law


Besides being the voice in my (ex) husbands ear 24/7, unable to cut the cord and releasing him from her bosom  she was something else. She constantly spoke about not being accepted by her in-laws because she was considered “white trash” and would often share her stories of her first marriage which could have been a made for Lifetime Movie. At first she was nothing but sweet but after hearing about our constant troubles and cancellation of our wedding she turned into the mother in-law from hell. She would often call me to inform me that she was done hearing about our problems from Mr.Crazy and that I needed to change, of course her sweet boy didn’t play any role to the demise of our marriage.

I remember the day that our marriage was over like it was yesterday. I had to call the cops because Mr.Crazy let his anger consume him and took it out on my daughter and I. It was a horrible day and the man I married let the monster inside of him emerge …..he finally got what he wanted….my fear. I seldom showed the fear I had when the monster would come out to raise havoc in our household.I was told as a young girl by my father to never show fear, because some men feed off of it… I took his advice and pushed the fear deep inside and stood my ground.

Finally  he was gone and now I had to some how take care of all that had unraveled and most importantly come to the realization that our marriage didn’t even make it one year…..we were 2 weeks short of our 1 year anniversary. There was a knock on the door and there stood my mother in-law and father in-law  “what did you do to make my boy behave in such a manner”, “why did you call the cops”, “What did you do to make him hit you?”, “we are on our way to bail out our son don’t ever contact him again”……I couldn’t believe what she was saying and I couldn’t believe my father in-law was just standing there, a man who I use to admire was now meek and cowardly. I received my mental beating and said good-bye.

I was in shock by what she said, I would have thought that she would have been more sympathetic considering her first husband was abusive towards her and her children but yet again her little boy could do no wrong.

I am blessed to now have amazing in-laws, they are NORMAL….no drama….they welcomed me with open arms and my mother in-law is the sweetest most genuine lady I have ever met!!

Do you have any in-law horror stories??

For shits and giggles

Last night I had a very entertaining conversation with my friend Laura, she’s been dealing with her recent break up and needed some  help to analyze and pick a part an email she received from her ex-boyfriend. It started off sincere, reminiscing of their past but then midway his sincerity was just a mask of his resentment towards her.  His “Thank yous”were nothing more than subtle mudslinging.

Thank you for being part of my life because the pain that I felt when you were gone only made me want to be a better person.

Thank you for running out on me, the despair and loneliness only brought me closer to God.

Thank you for all that you had brought into my life it only shows me what type of person that I really deserve . 


I couldn’t help but start to laugh at this ridiculous letter. “He’s obviously still upset and with each Thank You he takes his knife and stabs you with an insult and I’m surprised he didn’t get struck by lightning by throwing God in the mix when he continues to say horrible things about you to others”

I find it amusing at best when I hear people give out Thank You’s with a pinch of sarcasm, for example :

Thank you for those many nights I just laid there in bed while you performed your rendition of love-making, now that we are longer together I have finally experienced what it really feels like to have someone rock my world!!

Thank you for those days that I had to take off from work to only spend my time sitting in court learning all about the judicial system because you were unable to read and fill out the paperwork correctly.

Thank you for being the man who you are because now I know what it’s like to be with someone who is pretty normal.

Thank you for having a small penis, now I don’t have to lie about having an orgasm when I’m with someone new.


Just because someone starts a sentence with a “Thank you” doesn’t mean that their sentiment is heartfelt or when someone states that they forgive you for an incident that was hurtful but continues to drag you through the mud is only what I call a fake forgiver.  Forgiveness is completely letting go of the past, its pain anger and grief. Forgiveness is operating in the here and now.

I knew once Laura started to laugh at my examples that she began to think twice about wasting a couple of hours to write this jerk a letter or get herself all tangled up in a text messaging war.

“Thank you Jolene and I truly mean that” she said.

“Ohhh no problem, I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking wine because I probably would have encouraged you to write your own rendition of  a thank you letter to him….you know for shit and giggles”

I’m just glad that I was able to help her understand the game this overgrown child was playing, she has already been put through enough regarding him and didn’t need to waste anymore of her time trying to figure out if his sincerity was real or just a hurtful way to get at her again.

Facebook: Friend, Foe or a way to see if someone has one too many screws loose

Picture 069

When I started Facebook it was mainly to  keep an eye on my children, keep in touch with close friends and family, it was also a great way to avoid going to High School reunions…..but I guess I really didn’t need Facebook for that considering all I needed to do was walk into Costco or attend our yearly fair and *poof*   I see many faces that I went to school with……we smile, wave, pass by with a whispered hello. Which to be honest I’m ok with ……it saves me from having to hit the gym and starve myself!!

Picture 067

Facebook is a great place to show how wishy washy you really are.It’s also a great way to see if the man/woman you are thinking about dating has any screws loose.  If in one post they state that they are great and on top of the world, an hour later they post that they are angry as hell , 3 hours later they post a positive affirmation about life,love and happiness, ten minutes later they are sad and hate being alone…..stop the roller coaster and get off ……..and some how tell the person to please choose a personality and STICK WITH IT.

Picture 072

Some have used their Facebook page as their own personal soapbox to insult and air out other people’s  dirty laundry, when in fact their own laundry stinks like the shit they produce. People need to take into consideration the people who are reading your Facebook page like children….friends….family…clergy….etc.  I guess this is the only way they can get sympathy from others.  There have been moments that I would loved to have climbed up on my Facebook soapbox and dish out a good load of whip ass on someone, but then again I’m not twelve.

Picture 071

A friend of mine alerted me that Mr. Crazy got on his soapbox AGAIN this past weekend and thought that it was alright to post awful things about his children’s mother on FB….then his post somehow turned into a post about me. He clearly located my blog; which let me take a moment and thank him for increasing my stats!!! I knew he would eventually locate it……the man has nothing better to do then hang on to his past…..why??

He went onto mention how I love blogging more than my children and how I left my children for a man, well it’s obvious that his head is still far up his ass to see the light of day….but I didn’t leave my son for another man. My 17 year old son had a choice (you can read about it here : A little bit of this and a whole lot of that) and he was really thinking about moving with me but he was fearful of his father’s wrath and being shunned by the family just like what happened when my daughter chose to live with me…..ohhhh I can’t forget the cute little nickname he bestowed on me………..The Dementor hahhaha…..

downloadI can totally see the resemblance, can you???  

A Dementor is considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world that they feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them……..hmmmm well considering he brought everyone down with his foul attitude, months and months of depression and unable to get a job…he was the one that  sucked the happiness out of our home. It’s really difficult to maintain a lovely happy home when there’s someone constantly down on himself and depressed because life just won’t go his way……well he HAD a wife that loved him but failed to see that until it was TOO LATE!!

Of course during his rant, he got plenty of comments about how karma will take it’s course and that it was great that he wasn’t keeping quiet anymore. First off it’s been a year and a half !!! secondly….Karma?? really…. would these woman who are cheering him on  like to the link to this blog so they can fully read the WHOLE story not just the watered down version that he feeds them….because at one time he told me horrible things about his ex-wife making me feel so sorry for him, but of course this is the mans hook, casting out the  poor mistreated man who got left by his horrible ex wife line, flippin hooked me..stupid, I know…..and thirdly, he hasn’t been quiet…….he has told his version to everyone who would listen many times over.Then I saw it, a comment from my daughter asking him to please stop talking bad about her mother. Wow!!…..what an awesome girl she is!!!    He replied that he was tired of holding his tongue blah blah blah……well she responded again, advising him that he was being two-faced and was acting just like her father  when he would talk ill of me.

I just felt bad for his children and mine because in one comment he states how he loves them yet he can publicly throw stones at us……..what type of man could do this?


Needless to say it seems my daughters words helped because he removed the post and submitted an apology to her in its place. I was just glad that his children and mine wouldn’t see his rant  regarding their mother. I would never post or tell his children about his demons or how he ended up spending Thanksgiving weekend tucked away somewhere…….there are just some things you just need to keep to yourself and if you can’t well……

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“Mom, you’re going to blog about this right??” ……. “Of course Ann, why wouldn’t I ….this is pretty funny….ohhh and please from now on call me the Dementor!!”