Daily Prompt: State of Your Year


I would have to say this year has been pretty good so far…… well, minus the bad hair days due to this Arkansas humidity, getting acquainted with the country creepy crawlies ohh yeah and there was that little issue of the snake.

There is always some sort of adjustment when merging two households together and getting used to each others quirks, but all in all it’s been good. My hubbys diet no longer consists of Oreo cookies, ice cream, fried egg sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…..his version of a single mans diet I guess. He now gets to enjoy a home cooked meal pretty much every night of the week and a lunch to take to work with him every day.

My oldest daughter graduated college and now will be teaching her own kindergarten class in just a few short months.  I still can’t believe she’s graduated college and will be twenty-two in just a few weeks, it just seems that not to long ago she was having a hair crisis in the bathroom and telling me she wasn’t going to school because her hair wouldn’t cooperate.

My furboy lost his balls…….yes seriously, we needed to get him fixed. It was for his own good…but he was spoiled rotten for days after.

I am blessed with a good job and co-workers that aren’t all about the drama.

After a long hiatus I started blogging again, I love every minute that I am able to sit and write it’s so refreshing and hey…it’s cheaper than therapy!!

yes….there have been moments that Mr.Crazy decided to stir the pot, I knew eventually he’d find this blog and create drama but his constant need to check up on me after ALL this time apart only proves one point…..His name fits….he’s crazy.

My parents met my husband and that experience was less than amusing. I think I would have opted for a root canal than to see them…..but that’s another story for another time.

All in all It’s been a good year so far!! Knock on wood!!

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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

    • Thank you ….. It’s about time. Things have been very rough the last 3-7 years…..well that’s a lie…..it’s more like a good solid 15 years. I’m just taking things day by day, living in the moment as best I can and enjoying being with Bobby again.

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    • I’m having ONE OF THOSE DAYS……I spent thirty minutes curling my hair and showering it with hairspray in hopes my curls would stay………I stepped out of the house and within 5 minutes my hair was flat and frizzy…..I’m ready to pull my hair back into a ponytail and call it a day!! hahaha.

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