Lisa Johnson Sawyer

Not So Sex in the City


Musings of a Dancing Wino

Is the coffee ready yet

Always yours, Bee

Writings of a Mrs.Mommy

The Girl who blogs

Nerd Adventures through Normalcy

Reporting on my mind

Cowboys and Crossbones

CommuniCATE resources for writers



Girl on the contrary


Little Miss Wordy

Alicia Benton

Dating drama of a thirty something

Misc. Maggie

Lori’s Lane

Kerri Chronicles

1 year of single

Girl Intoxicated

Hellish Behavior

~~~~~~ Below are a couple of my older blogs         (this was mine 2010-2012 while married to mr crazy)     (this was my attempt to start a blog again last year but I stopped due to continued bullying by my ex husbands….this blog was made private up until recently)

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