My night with Sharon Corr (and about forty other adoring fans)

If you had the opportunity to see your favorite musician or music group perform in a huge venue with over three hundred screaming fans or in a smaller venue with 30-40 people which would you choose? …after last night, I prefer a smaller venue.

Back in 1997 I came across a group that I instantly fell in love with, The Corrs. Their combination of pop and traditional Celtic music was just amazing. In some ways their music was therapeutic, especially during a time when I was attempting to figure life out as a single mom, jumping back in the dating pool and trying hard not to let my inner demons overcome ME. I daydreamed many times while listening to Runaway imagining a love that wouldn’t be discovered for years to come, I shed tears when I would hear All the Love In The World and Forgiven but not Forgotten and their instrumentals such as Joy of Life would turn any rough day around.

I had always hoped to one day get the chance to see them, but when would I get the chance to go to Ireland or Germany or any place that they were touring? as luck might have it, Sharon Corr is currently in the States promoting her new album CD, The Same Sun and was coming to Little Rock, Arkansas. I knew that I just HAD to see her and knowing that she would be performing some songs from when she was part of The Corrs …there was no question what my hubby and I would be doing Saturday, March 8th.

I was beyond excited all day, not only was I able to finally get back into my skinny jeans (aka my Lucky Brand jeans) I was going to see Sharon Corr in concert and if I was lucky enough she would play Joy of Life!! …we arrived at the Ron Robinson Theater forty minutes before show time, I wanted to get a great seat… as we entered the theater we pretty much had our choice of many great seats…..we were the 3rd couple to arrive. We (hubby) chose the fifth row back smack dab in the center ( I would have liked to be front row) our seats were great. As time passed, I thought it was a bit odd that the place wasn’t getting packed because this was SHARON CORR of THE CORRS who was going to be performing in just a few minutes. I figured that the problem must have been due to the venue and time being changed a few weeks ago and those who didn’t get notified of this change were going to be disappointed when they would arrive at the original venue.


Let me just say this, when she hit the stage in a beautiful red dress and started singing I was over the moon. I loved that there weren’t a lot of people packed into this theater. I loved the personal feel of it all ….. as my hubby said “it’s like going to some rich persons private party“, she was personable….silly….lovely and didn’t let the fact that instead of playing for hundreds of adoring fans she was playing for about thirty of her fans. She sang songs from her new CD as well as from her first CD…….she also sang some of my Corr favorites, one of which was So Young….I wanted to get up, dance and sing out loud but decided that I would save my dancing for later and opted to sing my little heart out instead!! time flew by so fast…..and before I knew it she was saying good-bye.


I sat there in my seat a bit sad “she didn’t play Joy of Life” I thought to myself…….then everyone around me started yelling “ENCORE,ENCORE”….even the hubby pulled out his lighter and said out loud “hey it worked 30 years ago, come on pull your lighters out!”. The band came out and took their place…..and then Sharon came out and started to play the wedding song which flowed into another beautiful song and then she grabbed her violin and just played a few notes…..”OH MY GOSH!”….I tapped my husbands knee a few times, grabbed his hand and said “THIS IS THE SONG!! MY FAVORITE SONG” I took out my phone…I was going to video this, “why don’t you get closer to the stage” he whispered. I headed out of the row and moved to the aisle (closer to the stage) making sure I wasn’t blocking anyones view, with my phone in place I notice Sharon looking my way…..she smiled right at me. “SHARON CORR smiled at me and I have it on my phone” I said to myself!!  after a minute or so I headed back to my seat….the whole place was clapping and enjoying themselves, you could just feel the energy!!

It was amazing!!!!  I didn’t want the show to end ….. but it did. Once my hubby and I were back in our car I sent a text to my sister stating she HAS to go see her when she is at the Chicago winery later this month, then I put my phone away and as we drove out of the parking garage my hubby told me that he really enjoyed the show……

“She smiled at me when I was in the aisle….did you see her look over and smile AT ME?”, he grabbed my hand and said “yes Darlin I saw”.

Please take a moment to listen to Joy of Life ….. and if you get the chance to see Sharon in concert please see her, you will not be disappointed.





Day two of being stuck inside: Can’t wait for spring


School closures due to weather was something that rarely happened when I was growing up in Southern California, but on those rare occasions that the city shut down due to a dusting of snow I was thrilled…..I slept in, lounged around in my pjs, built blanket forts and tried my best to make a snowman out of slushy dirty snow.

What’s wrong?” my husband asked, as I let out a big sigh. I had just heard the weatherman say that the roads would be even worse than they were today and it would be best for all to stay inside tomorrow. “I just want to go back to work!!” . Geez, two days inside and cabin fever is finally taken over. “well, you can always work in the other room and organize it….that’s work” he said with a sly smile. That wasn’t my idea of work or fun. “yeah I plan on organizing my closet in a bit” I told him. I really have to find a place for my sweaters considering our kitties enjoy snuggling up against them and on some occasions knock them off the shelf.

weather1             weather

This is day two of being homebound due to the weather (day 5 of my long weekend) and icy roads, our backyard is covered in white……noooo not snow, sleet…….slippery ice!! I wish it was snow, there would have been a family of snowmen decked out in scarves and hats in our yard by now.

I have read two books, cleaned the fridge, played countless games of fetch with Lily, watched hours of the History channel with the hubby and learned all about the Men who Built America, Pinterested my brains out, I’m craving chocolate….brownies (from a box) but due to the stupid icy roads I can’t go buy a mix….and before you say “just make some from scratch” I don’t have any coco, but I DO have hot coco mix ( I wonder if that would work) but that’s for later tonight when I have a desire for some Baileys and Hot Coco. I washed all the laundry and then some, caught up on my reality t.v shows, still didn’t learn my lesson and watched a few Ancient Aliens shows with the hubby and although the things those scientist say are a bit far-fetched I still wish they would just stop showing pics of those green bug-eyed aliens……but what’s even worse is this guys hair!! I’m all about volume but this is a little much.


“I think I figured this whole time travel thing out” I said to my husband ….. he looked amused and listened intently. “So they (scientist and big hair guy) claim that we were visited eons ago by aliens who equipped our people with tools to make the pyramids and strange carvings in stones that NO ONE can figure out how it was done…..but it HAS to be aliens,they say……but maybe Seldon and Leonard did discover time travel, they went back with our tools now to the time of the great pyramids and showed them how it was done…but they couldn’t leave any evidence behind because that would alter the world as we know it, clearly makes sense!!”  he laughed and turned the channel, to something more entertaining….The Big Bang Theory!!

time travel

It’s very clear that I need to go back to work and I hope that the sun comes out and melts all this stuff away but like my hubby and the weatherman has said over and over again……it may melt but it will just ice up when the temps are at freezing. Sigh…. “I just have things that need to get done and I miss work”, I mumbled.

hmmm….I wonder if I can find a recipe for brownies but tweak it a little bit with smashed chocolate chip cookies that it would taste good? I’m seriously on a mission to curb this craving!!


I totally jinxed myself


I have come to the conclusion that I need to either switch from reading Sci-Fi fantasy-vampire-breed  books to a more entertaining chick flick genre, stop watching the first couple minutes of Ancient Aliens an hour before bedtime or both….because my night was riddled with crazy nightmarish dreams which included the scary ass clown from Stephen Kings IT; how that demonic clown webbed its way into my dream is beyond me because I haven’t watched that movie since I was a teenager!!

I blame myself….I sat there watching the intro to Ancient Aliens on the History channel, briefly listening to what the show was going to be about. Something to do with the Fiji Mountains, evil spirits and some other demonic beings who were thought to be aliens at one time or another, who knows but seeing glimpses of these creatures on my television screen for a few seconds made my decision quite easy. “I’m not watching this, it will give me nightmares”………..I totally jinxed myself!!

clownMy dream started with me being told that I was not to wander the town because someone was out to avenge someone’s death by killing me. From what I gathered I was the daughter of some big shot who did someone wrong therefore making my father pay by offing me (totally in the book I was reading but my dream didn’t involve vampires). I did as I was told; I stayed close to home … but one afternoon I saw a neighbor who I hadn’t seen in years so I went down to say hello, a minute later I see the barrel of a gun sticking out from the crack of the door aiming right at my chest. I heard three shots………then things went dark.  You would think that would have killed me….nope not in Jolenes Dream World, I woke up in a safe house somewhere deep in the country. Long story short… one bothered to check if “IT” resided there because after a few days of venturing out on my own to check out this compound that looked like a little city than housing for those that needed to be kept safe I started to see glimpses of this spooky clown…always baring his ugly sharp teeth.  The bizarre part of this dream was that in my DREAM I woke up and hours later I was telling a co-worker about my nightmare (everything I had just written), she then asked “do your dreams have an orange tint to them?”, I looked at her as though she had been smoking something potent “hmmm no, why?” I replied. “If you notice your dreams turning orange you are giving life to them”she said. Interesting.

That’s when I woke up for real, my heart racing …I glanced up at the clock “12:42” , I did my best to think happy thoughts as I cuddled close to the furkids before going back to sleep…those happy thoughts didn’t help. I was whisked right back into the land of IT. While I was wandering the woods I heard the laughter of a child (so I thought), but this laugh was more sinister…… I turned my head to see a little boy holding a doll, HIS CHUCKY DOLL….CHUCKY was laughing ( seriously I was waiting for FREDDY to pop up any moment) knowing this boy lost his way I grabbed his hand and walked him back to the safety of his home. 


This night long nightmare ended with me running into an old roommate of mine at a memorial service for those that died by the hands of the spooky ass clown, we decided to share a room and head back into town the next morning together. We were supposed to meet everyone who attended the service for dinner but fell asleep only to wake up with the eerily feeling that her and I were the only two alive and behind our door was our fate.

That’s when I woke up and decided that I had enough sleep, “I totally jinxed myself” I whispered. My subconscious had fun with me last night, digging deep and pulling out characters that caused me to keep the lights on when I was a young kid. Thank goodness E.T or the alien from Signs didn’t show up in my dream, the lights would be on indefinitely!!




House Divided: A fellow blogger needs some helpful advice…….


Earlier this week I wrote about an ultimatum that I was given regarding my furkid, Lily….my post resonated with a fellow blogger who is currently going through a similar situation. After reading her email I felt her pain and asked her if I could share her current dilemma with you all in hopes that she can get the encouragement, wisdom and strength that she so needs.


Clara is married, has 3 children under the age of ten and lives in a quaint suburban neighborhood. Back in October of last year they decided to add to the family and adopt a dog, I will call him Fido. Fido was less than a year when they got him so he still had those puppy tendencies.

This was the families’ first pet (besides the occasional fish) and it was a major adjustment for everyone, but mostly Clara who took on all the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. As the weeks went on, her husband grew irritated with Fido…he never allowed himself to bond with him. She assumed this was because he never had any pets growing up, where she had. She knew there was a problem when she had to go out of town for a couple days due to her job and her husband refused to take care of Fido while she was gone.  “You will need to kennel him or find someone to watch him” he told her. He didn’t want the responsibility of caring for this bundle of cuteness while she was gone…..knowing that  kenneling the pup would be costly and her tight wad of a husband was now making things difficult with her regarding Fido, she told her employer that she wasn’t able to attend the conference.  She also thought maybe the best thing she could do was give Fido back to the family who adopted him out because of all the tension that was brewing at home….she called the family and they were more than happy to take him back. She changed her mind 2 days later.

A month ago Clara noticed that Fido wasn’t acting right and took him to the vet; after many tests and several Xrays it was determined that Fido had several objects (toys,hairband) in his stomach and surgery was necessary. $1200 later Fido was recovering.  While he was under the watchful eye of the vet, Clara was home being made to feel as though Fido’s incident was her fault, her husband demanded that she get rid of the dog and that she owed HIM $1200. (You heard me, she owed him)  She was beyond stressed and beside herself, she tried to sell things to pay her “debt” back to her husband, there was no reasoning with him at all, a day didn’t go by that he didn’t send her into a tearful mess…..just his crude words and cold heart towards this pup baffled her. He made her feel guilty for wanting to get together with her friends for her birthday stating that she still owes him $1200 and how they can’t afford it.  (They have money).

Tension just grew between them, she knew he was being unreasonable but talking to him was like talking to a brick wall. He claimed he never wanted a dog and only agreed to shut her up…..she didn’t know what else to do so she called the previous family to see if they would take the dog back, they agreed. The thing is they live in Texas and can’t get him until sometime in March. Clara was broken hearted, cried daily…this little furkid was her baby, she loved him.

Clara told me that she got the courage to talk to her husband about everything …. He claimed that he never told her to get rid of him, granted he never spoke those words his actions spoke loud and clear. She thought maybe she could go back on her word  (again) with the previous owners but her husband still refused to have anything to do with Fido if she had to go out of town and the money issue would never be dropped. She then blamed herself because she knew he wasn’t going to own up to his coldness towards this whole thing.

“What do you think I should do?” she asked.

I went over what she sent a couple times; we exchanged a few emails just so I could  get the full story. I finally told her that:

1. She shouldn’t have to OWE her husband anything. She’s in a marriage not a business, they both work and financially contribute to the household and that it was their decision to bring Fido into the family. Granted, if he never wanted a dog this should have been addressed….he shouldn’t have just gave in to “shut her up”.

2. I told her that I didn’t understand why he isn’t willing to take care of the dog when she is required to go out of town to attend seminars for her job. She shouldn’t have to kennel him … she should be able to count on her spouse to take responsibility for their four-legged furkid, plus would the cost of kenneling him be tacked on to the debt that he claims she owes him?

3. I also told her that the issues with the dog are just the icing on the cake…..there has to be more. She needs to find her voice in that marriage because in my opinion she doesn’t have one, not really. When finances are concerned he can buy what he wants (2 laptops in a mth….computer time/games) and come up with a valid reason for these non-budgeted items but when she needs something “its not in the budget”  is what she hears.

4. I told her that she can’t go back on her word again with the previous family who had Fido, they are looking forward to having him back… it’s not like her husband is going to change his mind…..any unforeseen expenses with be HER FAULT, the tension will STILL be there, he isn’t going to change. Plus, Fido needs a yard to run in, he needs a family that will love him completely.

My heart breaks for her…..I can’t imagine being in her shoes right now.

Please feel free to leave your comments for her here…… she will read all of them!!  Thank you  🙂

Making someones day …with coffee

I’m tired, I hardly slept a wink last night …with Lily (furkid) snoring and my husband and Dart (furkid) licking their lips in their sleep (in unison mind you) mixed with the occasional snore I found it really hard to drift off to dreamland.  I finally did manage to fall asleep sometime during the night maybe it was just from exhaustion or a moment of silence but I did sleep for a little bit ….but when I did, I had a horrible dream that I got laid off from work because some lady wanted my office. I know crazy, but it woke me up and left me feeling anxious and laying there listening to Miss Lily snore…at least she was getting some sleep.

downloadOn my way into work this morning I pulled into the Starbucks drive through and ordered a skinny vanilla latte hoping that it would be the jump-start that I needed. Sitting patiently in my car I noticed that the man in the car behind me looked as though he wasn’t having a good morning, he just looked plain grumpy. He kind of reminded me of Mr.Wilson from Dennis the Menace but in corporate clothes. He needed to smile, I thought and then I remembered the note my husband and I found on Valentines Day and at the bottom it said “maybe you can do the same for someone else one day”…..this was the day.

“That will be $3.50” the Starbucks employee said, I handed him a twenty and told him that I would like to pay for the man behind me, “just tell him to pay it forward some day, just to brighten someone’s day”. I pulled away with my vanilla latte and headed out of the parking lot.

HONK.HONK.HONK” I turned my head to see the grumpy old man waving at me and mouthing thank you…..and guess what…..HE WAS SMILING!!!

Deed done and it felt great!!

Hilarious First Date Story


Have you ever read something that was so funny that it left you in tears? I came across a story about a woman talking about a first date; what started off as a sweet and totally romantic evening turned into extreme horror…’s pretty much every girls nightmare. Flatulence.

Girls… we have all been there, we eat a little too much during dinner, we fall victim to sharing a desert with our date ( or partner), any stomach gurgles get ignored because you think you have plenty of time before you have to use the bathroom……and then it hits, normally when you are in a passionate embrace or sitting quietly in his car staring into each others eyes……..that sharp gas pain. Your eyes start scanning the proximity for a restroom, you start thinking of ways end the date without having to tell him the real reason why you need to cut the date short, beads of sweat start to form….he assumes the sudden glistening on your face is because of him not because you have a war brewing in your stomach.


Take a moment and read The Fart That (almost) Altered My Destiny and then come back here!!

~you’re welcome~  ….take a breath, wipe those tears!!

It was worth it wasn’t it?? I bet you passed on that story to all your girlfriends and co-workers right?…if not don’t you think they deserve a bit of laughter?

Do you have any horrific dating stories? 





Valentines Day ~ Random Act of Kindness


Yesterday, while we were on our way to an undisclosed location (my husband was keeping quiet) we stopped to get gas and this note along with a gift card was in the credit card slot at the gas pump.

We normally see this type of random acts of kindness or “pay it forward” gestures during Thanksgiving and Christmas….never Valentines day!

My husband handed me the note to read …. “This is such a great idea….there ARE still good people in this world” I said.

Thank you Miss Anonymous


In a pinch? I gotcha covered


Ok girls gather around …..

I’m not sure about you but my purse has everything in it but the kitchen sink, you need a safety-pin or a staple remover?  I got you covered.  I try to clean my purse out weekly but I always find a reason to keep certain items in there because , well you just never know when you may need to freshen up!

A little over a week ago my best gal pal, Dennine sent me a little something in the mail (belated birthday gift) and I needed to share these awesome treasures with you.

The first is called Pinch Provisions, this little silver mini emergency kit fits in the palm of your hand and is packed with 17 different items!! YEAH 17!!!


This set contains:
– Adhesive bandage
– Safety pin
– Earring backs
– Deodorant towelette
– Nail polish remover pad
– Stain remover pad
– Clear elastics
– Lip balm
– Emery board
– Tampon
– Hair spray
– Clear nail polish
– Dental floss
– Mending kit
– Breath freshener
– Double-sided tape
– Pain reliever

It’s now tucked away in my purse!!

The next item is from Too Faced it’s the Darlings Makeup Collection, it includes lip,eye and face primer, mascara, lip plump lip gloss.


I’ve been a loyal Benefit cosmetics user, but I gave these products a try and I’m hooked!!  plus ….they fit great in a side pocket in your purse, ohh and the lip gloss fits nice and snug in my little silver “in a pinch” case!!

Thanks De!!

Now…let’s talk about hair!

I’m a gal from the eighties and when I was young I teased…sprayed and teased some more it was all about height!!  I admit I never quite got away from the big hair, granted I’m not pulling a Snooki hairdo.I like some volume…..I feel extremely naked and a bit off if I leave the house without hairspray in my hair.

Last Sunday while at the salon the stylist asked if I wanted it styled….

“yes please and can you give it some volume? tease it a bit”

She smiled and totally understood my need for a little height…..because she was sporting a nice bouffant of her very own. Maybe it’s a Southern thing….I’ve heard “the higher the hair the closer to heaven” many times since moving to Arkansas. She went to her shelf and brought over a product that I never seen before, she told me it’s a powder that helps with volume and teasing.

“Can you see the powder? does your hair look like you have dandruff?”

She laughed and told me no….. “I’ve always used hairspray, I didn’t know there was a powder for teasing” I told her.

I watched her carefully ….. and I was very impressed with the result (sorry I forgot to take a picture) I had volume. I left the store with my little pink bottle.


I’ve been using this product for less than a week now and I had some hits and misses, meaning… will look like you have dandruff if you don’t rub it in or place it where it’s visible!! I actually have been combining this with another teasing product because, I just have more faith in hairspray!


My visit to the so-called “Witch Doctor”

Would you have anything for a head-ache?

For months now I’ve heard mumblings about a so called “Witch Doctor” who has the ability to just “know” about your aliment and treat you with some herbal supplements. Now, when I hear the words “Witch Doctor” my mind goes directly to some elder in some far off African village that is in full costume, chanting and conjuring up some mixture that he claims will heal you.

I was curious, to say the least. I knew I wouldn’t come face to face with an actual witch doctor or have to drive hours just to get to some spooky little village…but before I made the decision to go I did my research and read personal accounts about their visit to this “Doctor”.

Some said that when you meet with him he asks what’s on your mind, then he goes into a back room to pray, after several minutes he’d come back to them with a few papers and told them about their problems and what they could take to cure them of their ailment and offer some wise advice. Many claimed that his suggested supplements cured them when modern medicine failed them year after year.


Last Friday after a trip to the chiropractor (hoping to get relief from weeklong migraine) I decided to take a drive to see this “Witch Doctor”, what the hell right? The drive was quite pleasant ….I didn’t have to go down any back roads, or down some beaten path…. the place was right off a main street. His office was more like an herbal store, supplements lined the shelves along with smelly organic soaps and other trinkets, soft music playing overhead….as I scanned the room I didn’t see anything out of ordinary; I guess I was kind of expecting it to look more like a metaphysical store with the smell of patchouli lingering in the air……and in the far corner of the room was an older gentleman (the doctor) talking to a woman about her health and personal issues that have been plaguing her life. I didn’t feel right eavesdropping so after telling the lady behind the counter that I would like to speak to the “doctor” I took a seat on the other side of the shop.

I waited for about 15 minutes before I was called over. I took a seat in front of him and  waited for him to acknowledge me…..

“Your name”

(What no Hello?)

“It’s Jolene”

“What is on your mind?”

(Well a lot of things… why you are not being warm and welcoming)

“I struggle with migraines and they just seem to be getting worse. The migraines start on the lower left side of my neck and the pain intensifies as the day goes on. I also suffer from insomnia and would like to not have to be dependent on sleep medicine”

As I was telling him what was going on he jotted down a few things on an index card and then got up from his chair and headed into a backroom.  “Ohhh that’s probably his prayer room” I thought…. he was gone for maybe a couple minutes, not even that….. “Well that wasn’t long; I guess the big man upstairs gave him his answers” I thought to myself.

“You have Wilson’s syndrome which many doctors can’t diagnosis, it means you have a goiter and it’s on your left side of your neck”

I seriously wanted to laugh….I had a vision of an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine was visiting an elderly lady who had a huge goiter on her neck and Elaine couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“I will prove it” he pulled out a white piece of paper which talked about Wilsons Syndrome, he told me that I needed to take my temperature twice a day and log it and then answer whether or not 50 of these issues that were listed on this sheet of paper applied to me ….for example, fatigue, pms, irritability, fluid retention…etc.  He also suggested that I take a supplement called Thyroid Aizle (3 in the morning and 3 at night), that I should eat more seafood and visit a tanning salon at least twice a week.

I told him that I don’t eat seafood and asked if he carried the supplement, he did. He grabbed it, handed me some papers and then got fairly close to me….looked into my eyes and said “you are very wise”.

That was it… was less than ten minutes, maybe 8 minutes to be exact. I got the feeling that this so called “prayer room” that he went off to was just a room holding papers and pamphlets explaining what he was diagnosing you with and how to go about seeking better health.

I paid for my supplement and headed to my car.

“That was it?” I said to myself… I drove back through the country to get back home my neck was starting to tighten up. This was the sign of being over adjusted earlier that morning…..once I got home I grabbed a couple Aleve, within an hour I was flat on my back unable to move.

“Shit I CAN’T win!!!” I iced my neck, rubbed my neck down with some Icy Hot and decided that I wasn’t going back to the chiro anytime soon!

Needless to say, I haven’t taken the supplements or followed the “Doctors” suggestion to take my temp twice a day and do the homework…..but I did catch myself looking in the mirror for any signs of a lump on the side of my neck….which there wasn’t any.  In my opinion the whole visit was a bit hokey; it definitely wasn’t what I expected at all.

My Furkids are about to disown me

“Mom, why is our favorite human making that sound? did she swallow one of our chew toys?”

“No, son she’s sick”

“What can we do to make her stop, she’s ruining nap time”


I’ve been hit hard by a nasty cold bug, it started off small…..slight cough, sore throat nothing that I couldn’t handle and then WHAM within just a few hours it over took me like some alien creature. Fever, chills, fatigue, now what I thought was just a mild sore throat feels more like a raging inferno…..that was Thursday.  

“Honey, what are you doing?” I heard my husband ask from the living room,  barely sounding human I told him that I was finishing up preparing dinner. “You should be in bed” he said …..  I knew I should, I should have been in my polka-dotted cotton pj’s buried under tons of blankets but I knew if I didn’t make dinner than he would have no other choice but to make himself a bowl of cereal or his famous toast with a glob of peanut butter on top…..and at the rate this cold was taking over my body I was going to be laid up for a few days, so I needed to make sure there was something for him to warm up while I was down for the count. “The enchiladas are in the oven….all is good” I said.

Going on day 6 of this evil virus I can finally tell that it is slowly leaving my system and I can’t wait for it to be gone. I’m fed up with my coughing, achy, mucousy self and it seems like nothing I took gave me any relief…all it did was leave me spacey and second guessing if something actually took place.

It was Monday night and I had taken ½ the recommended dose of Nyquil…while speaking with my husband on the phone (he had been out of town for a few days, his mother passed away and he was tying up loose ends), we said good-night and I laid my head down on the couch and continued to watch t.v.  Next thing I remember is calling my dogs in from outside but something caught my attention….it looked as though our back gate leading into the woods was open. I tried to focus….covering one eye with my hand to see if that worked, but I was straining……….next thing I remember is feeling for the gate and hearing the sound of the gate slamming against the lock; I then recall being back inside my house locking the door behind me, lowering the blinds, grabbing the flashlight and placing it at my bedside.  I don’t have any memory of walking out to the gate, I don’t recall if I was cold …. barefoot or if I was even wearing a jacket…I don’t even remember walking back through the grass to my house. I don’t venture out in our backyard at night without a flashlight period…because I’m a scaredy cat so this whole thing just confuses me……what baffles me more was second guessing if that gate was truly open, but then I can hear the gate close loud as day…and if it was open, who opened it?

Monday night will remain a mystery but one thing I do know is I’m staying clear of Nyquil!!