Bubble Baths, Pj’s and P90X – Yeah right who am I kidding!!


Last week my husband left for a seven-day impromptu bike trip. One of his friends passed away in a horrible motorcycle accident (a week prior) while on his way to a Rally……so there was no doubt in his mind that he was going to attend his funeral in Pennsylvania.

Although I would miss him during the week….his absence  meant a few things.

1. Full control of the remote control. I caught up on my reality t.v, reruns of Sex and The City was playing  in the background while I caught up on blogs that I missed, I watched Something Borrowed for the tenth time and didn’t have to worry about hearing some sort of negative comment. I watched a couple of episodes of  Ghost Adventures without hearing that “Ghosts” aren’t real and yes……I scared myself silly and had to have the front room light on while I slept.


2. I didn’t have to cook dinner for 7 days. I ordered take-out and made it last for several days …… I had cereal for dinner one night  and munched on carrots and humus the next. So simple……and no fuss!!

3. If I wanted to change into my pj’s right when I got home from work, I could. See, normally I will wait till after dinner before changing into my pj pants……I try my best not to look too frumpy right off the bat. When I get home I change into some shorts and a t-shirt ….. not to frumpy but comfy …..but last week the work clothes came off and I was Mrs.Frump….loved it!!

4. I had the whole bed to myself. ….well not technically all to myself. My furkids took up the whole left side of the bed. (Lily,Dart and Sami) ….I will have to admit I was able to catch up on my sleep!!

5. I could take a bubble bath every single night… sip on some wine with candles lining the tub without worry that he will turn the A/C on and freeze me out of the bathroom. …… Although, this  thought came to mind every single day……..it never happened. Why?? I have no idea …..but I did have a glass of wine from time to time.

6. I would finally pop in the P90X DVD and sweat in private. This didn’t happen either…..the only physically activity I did was run around the backyard with the furkids!!

So now that he’s been back for three days, I’ve learned that being apart a few days gave both of us time to “miss each other” and make us appreciate each other more.

Yes, I had to relinquish my control over the “main” remote and watch Sports pretty much ALL the time….but I’m okay with that, because I can always go to the bedroom to watch t.v.

Yes, I am back to making dinner every night but I don’t mind it so much, plus I get to try my new Pinterest “must trys” on him!

Sleep…..isn’t happening like it did last week, but I’ve learned that if I leave a little early in the morning I will have time to stop at Starbucks to grab a skinny vanilla latte’…..although, for some reason it hasn’t made any sort of difference this morning. I’m still tired.


Mama’s Losin It writing challenge: What did you learn this week

I know I’m getting old because ……

1. Eye of the Tiger (which was in the movie Rocky) was recently referenced by a co-worker as “OH  this song brings me back” he’s 23.  Really? he wasn’t even born when this song came out!!!  …. I was eight and totally submerged in the eighties!!!


2. I’d rather go to bed at 9:00 pm then stay up till midnight just because I can.


images (5)

4.   When I walked into an antique shop I saw this :


5.   I’ve heard myself tell my children to turn down their Ipod because I can hear it from the other room.

images (6)

6.  I can’t for the life of me figure how to use a playstation or xbox controller……just make it simple like Nintendo. My son would get so frustrated with me and pretty much gave up when I started to do this :


7.  I buy anti-wrinkle cream and tightening cream to avoid the onset of wrinkles. (I fear that my face will start sagging like my mothers….and I am going to fight that anyway I can)

8.  I am in denial about arm jiggle …… enough said.

images (7)








6 things that deserve a time out

1.  Hello Walmart Shoppers : Remember to dress for the body you have not the body you want!!!


Really???  It kills me when I have to try and button shorts/pants that are too tight, how can this be comfortable???……plus, I look at myself in the mirror before I head out the door….if there is too much hanging out I change and refuse to eat for a week!!

2.  Saggy pants :

sagging pants

3. Crazy Ass People


4.  The Real Housewives of Orange Country


Their reunion show was giving me a headache ….and the newbie Mrs.Pixie lady needs to leave…..she’s annoying.

5.  Justin Bieber


6. Duckface Facebook Photos


You know who you are …… and if you continue you will be deleted!!



The night that I wanted to be Lara Croft

images (1)

When I saw this weeks writing prompts on Mama’s Losin It, I crossed off #1 because really it’s Monday and after this past weekends nonsense there really isn’t ten things that I can think of that make me smile at this current moment (yeah I know, my dogs…kids.. blah blah blah…yes I’m grumpy)……plus I’m from California and from what I have been told Californians don’t smile much anyways……so I guess that excuses me from writing about what makes me smile.

Number two: Tell us about a time you wanted to punch someone in the face. Was right up my alley, there have been a couple times that I wanted to hit someone but I’m too much of a scaredy cat lady to raise my fists.

Three and four (What were you blogging about last year at this time? What has changed?
and Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo)I have already written about and number five (Bake something yummy and share the recipe!) may work…..but considering that I am struggling with a good case of Mondayitis I think I will write about the time I wanted to become Lara Croft  from Tomb Raider and kick some major ass!!

Three years ago 

Mr.Crazy and I were having one of our heated arguments probably about his lack of direction and that I needed him to be more of a husband than some lazy piece of crap who should spend more time looking for work than lounging around on the couch playing video games…..or maybe he was yelling at me because he hated the fact that I blogged but either way we were arguing.

I at this time was sitting on the bed and he was over by the doorway…..but I said something that set him off and he got in my face quickly….Lily (my furgirl) jumped in my lap, this was her way of protecting me from the the monster that was standing in front of us. He told me to put her down and I refused……he then got very angry and told me that I had to choose “I’ts either Lily or me….I’m tired off her getting all the attention” he was seriously jealous of a little dog……well he didn’t like the answer I gave….and grabbed Lily from my lap, threw her and when she landed on the floor she hit the dresser.

There’s one thing you don’t do……You don’t hurt my children and Lily was my furgirl. I was beyond livid at this point, I pushed him away with my feet because, I was still on the bed and he was standing over me so the only thing that I could do at that point was use my legs……because anyone who knows me knows that my upper body strength just sucks. He tried to block me from getting to her with his body but Lily ran straight towards me.

If I knew I wouldn’t be hauled off to jail for assault and I had the strength and skill of Lara Croft then I would most certainly have kicked some major Mr.Crazy ass that night!!!