I’m no Simon Cowell but I WILL judge your costume!!!

Over the years I have noticed that I have become somewhat“judgy” when it comes to handing out Halloween candy….I am no where close to the lady in Fargo, ND who has chosen to hand a child (whom she deems obese) a note instead of candy.

See, I have rules ……

If your costume is creative/adorable or damn right awesome = 2 pieces of GOOD candy (snickers…twix….etc)


images (5)

If your costume is ordinary (I understand that the parents were too lazy to throw some paint on their face or check PINTEREST for ideas) = 2 pieces of candy …the candy that I don’t like (anything peanut butter/almond joy)



NOW THIS is a ghost costume

NOW THIS is a ghost costume

If a family comes up and are in some sort of themed costume such as superheros or cowboy/cowgirl/rodeo clown = 3 good pieces of candy …..if you bring your dog and the pooch is dressed up, the furkid will get a doggy treat and possibly a lot of unnecessary high pitched “ohhh my gosh how cute his he/she”.

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If you stroll up pushing a stroller with your newborn or child under the age of  9 mths = one piece of candy and a look like “really?? I’m not an idiot….this candy is NOT for your child…cheap ass

images (2)

If you come up sporting a costume resembling Miley Cyrus or your regular every day clothes  = the bowl of candy suddenly will disappear and I will tell you “sorry I’m ALL out”

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~Have a BOOtiful day~



I LOVE this holiday…but unfortunately I couldn’t dress up for work today, but I am wearing my spooky socks!   since I couldn’t dress up,  the furkids could…so they jumped right into the Halloween spirit and put on their first costume of the day…..these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, they were NOT in the picture taking mood this morning. Dart looked ready to get down to doggy business in his Hugh Hef robe and Lily was dressed up as a ladybug.  

20131021_172913      PhotoGrid_1379025899729

They have two more costume changes to go….. it’s going to be such a fun evening!!!

A bittersweet weekend

On Saturday the hubby and I were Oklahoma bound ….we were on our way to celebrate his mothers 91st birthday and our great nephews 7th birthday.  During our five hour trip we stopped off at an adorable winery called Wiederkehr wine cellars and picked up some of my favorite wines……five bottles to be exact then we drove through a horrible thunderstorm ……which I wish I had a bottle opener because a bottle of wine would have calmed my nerves a great deal but I read instead and by the time we reached the hotel I had finished the book.

As we were unloading the suitcase I noticed that my travel bag wasn’t in the back seat. I thought…well hoped that the hubby stuffed it in the suitcase just to save space. It wasn’t until we were in our room that I decided to touch up my make-up and hair. “Honey is my carry on bag in the suitcase?”, the look on his face told me the answer……he apologized and told him he will watch some football while I go down the street to Walgreens. $57 dollars and 40 minutes later I was back in our room touching myself up!!

The party was held at our nieces house and boy did she out do herself….talk about Pinterest done right!!!  I’ve seen these crafty food/party ideas on Pinterest but with my less than crafty self I would have botched it up somehow. Within minutes of our arrival the house filled up with 15 little kids running all over the place, parents were stuck in the corners  conversing with one another and I caught up with the ones that I hadn’t seen in awhile.



Later on in the evening after the kids left, the remaining family members gathered around momma and celebrated her. Presents and warm wishes were given … I could tell the disease that plagued momma was consuming her more and more, she now sat in a wheel chair and stared at people trying hard to remember who they were. It was sad but no one led on  what we all knew was happening to this amazing woman who has touched our lives in more than one way.

Momma,Sherry,Ashley and me

Momma,Sherry,Ashley and me

Momma grew tired through out the evening…even grabbing my husband and telling him good-night. “ok momma good night” and within minutes she was sound asleep in her wheelchair.

The next morning we gathered at my sister in-laws house for brunch and headed home about an hour later. It was a nice trip ….. but I knew just by the look on my husbands face that he worried about his momma, I reached over and held his hand as we drove in silence for a little while.







Every pup needs 3 costumes for Halloween!!

With Halloween just around the corner I made sure that my furkids were set. I originally bought Lily a Lady Bug costume and Dart was going to be Frankenstein……..but then I walked into PetSmart last month and picked up 2 more costumes for them, because well one isn’t enough, right??

PhotoGrid_1379025899729   PhotoGrid_1379025827097

Well…..then yesterday when I got home there was a package on my front door and wouldn’t you know ……. more costumes for the furkids, it was as if Christmas had arrived early!!

Thank you Lisa!!!!! 

Miss Lily, as Witchy poo

Lily lily1


and ….. Dart as Hugh Hefner, he LOVES his pipe!!

20131021_172913  20131021_173427


Decisions, Decisions ……..  I’m thinking they will have to do several costume changes throughout the evening!!

My ghostly encounter ~ still gives me chills!!



There is a road in Southern California named San Francisquito Canyon Road that sends chills up my spine when I have had to drive it.

A few years ago, around midnight my ex and I  were driving home from having a late dinner….as we were driving on this very dark winding road, I was staring off into the darkness trying to see if I could make out any animals that may want to cross into our path.

Within seconds, I am bracing for impact…..in the middle of the road stood a white male wearing a baseball cap, khaki shorts and a blue pull over windbreaker. I screamed, my legs were now curled up into me….my left hand on the door….again I was bracing for impact. I thought we were going to hit this man.

My ex looked over at me ,  “what’s wrong?”……..“didn’t you see him?” I said as my heart was about to burst out of my chest….I was shaking. I gave him a detail description ….. “He was RIGHT THERE standing in the middle of the road just feet away from our car.” He didn’t see anything…. of course he didn’t.

I drove that road several times after that, in the daytime of course.I avoided that road at night as much as possible but if I HAD to drive it I made sure that someone was with me, that someone was normally my daughter Ann and leave it to both of us to freak each other telling creepy ghost stories or “what if an ax murderer jumps out in the road” scenarios.



Men beware!! ~ Ghostly Adventure

Yesterday, I posted a request for fellow bloggers to share their Ghostly Adventures.I thought it would be fun considering it’s going to be Halloween in just a couple of weeks!! If you have a story you would like to share……you still can, just email me at valleygirlgonecountry@gmail.com.

I would like to share a story that I received from one of my favorite bloggers, Topaz. Thank you for sharing your story!!


Years ago, I stayed at my sister’s house for a week while she and her family went on vacation. They had just moved into the house. At night I would hear faint sounds of a woman crying. I thought it was just my imagination, so I dismissed it.

About a month later, my brother-in-law began sleepwalking. He said that a woman’s voice would whisper his name, and in his sleep he would follow the voice. Each time he awoke after stumbling over toys or other items on the floor. One time he awoke in front of the kitchen counter and the knife drawer was opened.

My psychic mom didn’t get involved until one night when my brother-in-law woke up from sleepwalking and found himself at the top of the wooden basement stairs, teetering on the top step.

My mother forced the ghost to leave and told it to never come back. It turns out that (according to my mother) it was the ghost of a woman who suffered in an abusive marriage and she had an axe to grind with married men. She was trying to injure or kill my brother-in-law.

The reason the ghost didn’t try to hurt me was because I was single with no girlfriend when I stayed by myself at the house.

Share your own Ghostly Adventure ~

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With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be fun to share personal ghost stories with one another. Have you had a ghostly encounter? walked into a home and felt an eerie presence only to find out that the house is haunted?  If you want to share your stories I will post them here up  until Halloween for all to read!!

You can email me at valleygirlgonecountry@gmail.com

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Fill a bowl with chocolate and they will come


Yes, in the spirit of one of my favorite holidays it was time to add a  little something to my office and by something I mean…..chocolate and why not put it in a festive bowl?  the bowl full of yumminess will only pose a problem much sooner than later, because chocolate is my weakness and I’m trying to lose weight, but I have to look on the bright side…..people in the office will come visit!!

Will my Hydroxycut  cut it and save me from the temptation in front of me?? probably not, I have to stay strong. I have to pretend they aren’t there….I HAVE to go back on the Dukan Diet which was amazing, strict but amazing!!


On another note, I noticed that I lost two blog followers today…..I can only suspect that it had something to do with my earlier post regarding my relationship with my mother . I shouldn’t have to feel like I have to apologize for writing an honest, from the heart post…..I try to keep this blog light and fun but sometimes the need to write very raw personal posts happen and if one doesn’t sit with you, dear reader why not comment, voice your opinion rather than leave altogether?

I started this blog because I have this desire to pretty much spill my guts out in this type of forum and as my husband says jokingly “at least 400 people like to read your ramblings when I don’t”,  believe me he hears the cliff-note version of what I write but he doesn’t follow my blog…..and that’s fine with me.

We all started blogging for a reason and yes, some of you might agree when I say that it’s cheaper than therapy. In some ways, the shy introvert inside myself is able to come out and share my life with you without fear of judgement, because if I were in an auditorium with all of you, I would be the one in the corner or sitting in the back row shying away from everyone.

~ till next time, eat some chocolate and have a great day

It’s here ….It’s here


Fall …. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and this is why

~I simply love the colors of fall …..browns,oranges,yellows…..

~Leaves changing



~I get to wear my yoga pants again

~ The new season of The Big Bang Theory and Revenge come on!!

~Not having to shave my legs as much


~Halloween decorations (believe me I would decorate now, but it’s not even October)….. 5 more days and counting!!!

~Baileys and Hot Coco



~Nights out by the fire pit with my hunny snuggled up with a blanket

~Homemade bread bowl soups, corn chowder and Wisconsin Chili

~My furkids get to wear their Halloween costumes and sweaters

~Visits to the pumpkin patch

images (2)


~Breaking out extra blankets

~Turkey and all the extras on Thanksgiving

~Thanksgiving decorations

~Turning the clocks back

images (1)

Simply …………..









I’m a sucker for doggy costumes.. Yes, I am one of THOSE people!!

Last month when I ventured into PetSmart I was beyond excited at the costumes that stood in front of me, I picked out costumes for my furkids, Lily and Dart and thought that was the end of it…………until yesterday.

On my lunch break I stopped into PetSmart to get Lilys favorite bones but then I got distracted…I couldn’t believe the new costumes that now lined one of the aisles. Snow white, Cinderella……..Minnie Mouse and Micky !!!  They were just too cute so of course I left with 2 costumes. YES I KNOW………they already have costumes……..but i couldn’t pass these up and I’m not going to return them. I will just be prepared for next year!!

Now, I know Halloween is a month and a half a way but I am left with the decision of what costume they will end up wearing…..decisions decisions.

Lily  ………….. Lady bug or Minnie Mouse


Dart ………. Frankenstein or Monkey


What do you think ??? What’s your favorite??

Before you even think “ohhh I can’t believe she dressed her dogs up, she’s so mean” well, they enjoy it….really…seriously….Lily loves her dresses and Dart just plays along!!  hahaha


Lily striking one her many poses!!



A view from the top



Something obviously has their attention



Dart was getting bored …..