I totally jinxed myself


I have come to the conclusion that I need to either switch from reading Sci-Fi fantasy-vampire-breed  books to a more entertaining chick flick genre, stop watching the first couple minutes of Ancient Aliens an hour before bedtime or both….because my night was riddled with crazy nightmarish dreams which included the scary ass clown from Stephen Kings IT; how that demonic clown webbed its way into my dream is beyond me because I haven’t watched that movie since I was a teenager!!

I blame myself….I sat there watching the intro to Ancient Aliens on the History channel, briefly listening to what the show was going to be about. Something to do with the Fiji Mountains, evil spirits and some other demonic beings who were thought to be aliens at one time or another, who knows but seeing glimpses of these creatures on my television screen for a few seconds made my decision quite easy. “I’m not watching this, it will give me nightmares”………..I totally jinxed myself!!

clownMy dream started with me being told that I was not to wander the town because someone was out to avenge someone’s death by killing me. From what I gathered I was the daughter of some big shot who did someone wrong therefore making my father pay by offing me (totally in the book I was reading but my dream didn’t involve vampires). I did as I was told; I stayed close to home … but one afternoon I saw a neighbor who I hadn’t seen in years so I went down to say hello, a minute later I see the barrel of a gun sticking out from the crack of the door aiming right at my chest. I heard three shots………then things went dark.  You would think that would have killed me….nope not in Jolenes Dream World, I woke up in a safe house somewhere deep in the country. Long story short…..no one bothered to check if “IT” resided there because after a few days of venturing out on my own to check out this compound that looked like a little city than housing for those that needed to be kept safe I started to see glimpses of this spooky clown…always baring his ugly sharp teeth.  The bizarre part of this dream was that in my DREAM I woke up and hours later I was telling a co-worker about my nightmare (everything I had just written), she then asked “do your dreams have an orange tint to them?”, I looked at her as though she had been smoking something potent “hmmm no, why?” I replied. “If you notice your dreams turning orange you are giving life to them”she said. Interesting.

That’s when I woke up for real, my heart racing …I glanced up at the clock “12:42” , I did my best to think happy thoughts as I cuddled close to the furkids before going back to sleep…those happy thoughts didn’t help. I was whisked right back into the land of IT. While I was wandering the woods I heard the laughter of a child (so I thought), but this laugh was more sinister…… I turned my head to see a little boy holding a doll, HIS CHUCKY DOLL….CHUCKY was laughing ( seriously I was waiting for FREDDY to pop up any moment) knowing this boy lost his way I grabbed his hand and walked him back to the safety of his home. 


This night long nightmare ended with me running into an old roommate of mine at a memorial service for those that died by the hands of the spooky ass clown, we decided to share a room and head back into town the next morning together. We were supposed to meet everyone who attended the service for dinner but fell asleep only to wake up with the eerily feeling that her and I were the only two alive and behind our door was our fate.

That’s when I woke up and decided that I had enough sleep, “I totally jinxed myself” I whispered. My subconscious had fun with me last night, digging deep and pulling out characters that caused me to keep the lights on when I was a young kid. Thank goodness E.T or the alien from Signs didn’t show up in my dream, the lights would be on indefinitely!!





Personal Space Invader


Personal space…..some people honor it and some……..well they don’t understand what “personal space” is all about. They don’t see that you are taking steps backwards to hold onto “your” space, they just keep creeping forward, they don’t notice the lack of eye contact and they don’t notice that you really don’t want to carry on the conversation that they think you  would be interested in having…………… “sir I really don’t care to know how your routine colonoscopy went  or how your great uncle Lester sold your cow at this weekend’s fair” is what I would have loved to say but I just stood there nodding and smiling like I care about his rectal exam and family affairs…….all the while wondering if I can pull off answering my cell phone for that nonexistent  phone call.

I witnessed firsthand someone sucking the air out of some ones personal space and honestly it was quite amusing. While waiting at the airport for my daughter to arrive I noticed the lady in the blue dress standing super close to the airline employee. He gave her a side glance, which to some would mean “uhmmmm back away”….he took a step forward (to breath) but in her world she took this as “lets talk”. She then proceeded to touch his neon orange vest , chit chatting about his line of work I assume??…..then…..she reached up for touch his ear muffs…….yes, she had the audacity to reach up and touch his ear muffs!!! I thought for sure he would tell her to step off, but he was a gentleman and kindly turned his back to her trying to ignore her…..but that didn’t stop her from asking him questions about his soon to be Starbuck purchase…..I know he must have been relieved when the lady behind the counter rescued him and asked him for his order.

2013-05-27 16.50.36

I was just dumbfounded…….amused…….but dumbfounded.