Day two of being stuck inside: Can’t wait for spring


School closures due to weather was something that rarely happened when I was growing up in Southern California, but on those rare occasions that the city shut down due to a dusting of snow I was thrilled…..I slept in, lounged around in my pjs, built blanket forts and tried my best to make a snowman out of slushy dirty snow.

What’s wrong?” my husband asked, as I let out a big sigh. I had just heard the weatherman say that the roads would be even worse than they were today and it would be best for all to stay inside tomorrow. “I just want to go back to work!!” . Geez, two days inside and cabin fever is finally taken over. “well, you can always work in the other room and organize it….that’s work” he said with a sly smile. That wasn’t my idea of work or fun. “yeah I plan on organizing my closet in a bit” I told him. I really have to find a place for my sweaters considering our kitties enjoy snuggling up against them and on some occasions knock them off the shelf.

weather1             weather

This is day two of being homebound due to the weather (day 5 of my long weekend) and icy roads, our backyard is covered in white……noooo not snow, sleet…….slippery ice!! I wish it was snow, there would have been a family of snowmen decked out in scarves and hats in our yard by now.

I have read two books, cleaned the fridge, played countless games of fetch with Lily, watched hours of the History channel with the hubby and learned all about the Men who Built America, Pinterested my brains out, I’m craving chocolate….brownies (from a box) but due to the stupid icy roads I can’t go buy a mix….and before you say “just make some from scratch” I don’t have any coco, but I DO have hot coco mix ( I wonder if that would work) but that’s for later tonight when I have a desire for some Baileys and Hot Coco. I washed all the laundry and then some, caught up on my reality t.v shows, still didn’t learn my lesson and watched a few Ancient Aliens shows with the hubby and although the things those scientist say are a bit far-fetched I still wish they would just stop showing pics of those green bug-eyed aliens……but what’s even worse is this guys hair!! I’m all about volume but this is a little much.


“I think I figured this whole time travel thing out” I said to my husband ….. he looked amused and listened intently. “So they (scientist and big hair guy) claim that we were visited eons ago by aliens who equipped our people with tools to make the pyramids and strange carvings in stones that NO ONE can figure out how it was done…..but it HAS to be aliens,they say……but maybe Seldon and Leonard did discover time travel, they went back with our tools now to the time of the great pyramids and showed them how it was done…but they couldn’t leave any evidence behind because that would alter the world as we know it, clearly makes sense!!”  he laughed and turned the channel, to something more entertaining….The Big Bang Theory!!

time travel

It’s very clear that I need to go back to work and I hope that the sun comes out and melts all this stuff away but like my hubby and the weatherman has said over and over again……it may melt but it will just ice up when the temps are at freezing. Sigh…. “I just have things that need to get done and I miss work”, I mumbled.

hmmm….I wonder if I can find a recipe for brownies but tweak it a little bit with smashed chocolate chip cookies that it would taste good? I’m seriously on a mission to curb this craving!!



Staying true to myself


Last night I slept, I slept better than I had in days…maybe weeks. I woke up around one in the morning recalling a dream that I just had, “I fell asleep” …I closed my eyes, snuggled up closer to the hubby and without hassle I fell back to sleep. I woke up refreshed … no sign of a headache, I was ready to tackle my day.

It had seemed as though writing about what was troubling me helped tremendously, but why was I so surprised this time?  Writing has always been therapeutic to me, writing is what I know …… sharing or venting to a friend has helped at times but when I write I feel as though I can express myself more clearly without interruption. It’s my feelings, my truth, my hopes, my life… in black and white.

I made a decision when I started Valley Girl Gone Country not to hold back, or to allow someone to dictate what was deemed appropriate…that type of restraint left me feeling bogged down and trapped, yes there are times that I have had to change a name just to protect the person that I am speaking of, there have been moments that I sat in front of my computer screen ready to hit publish but had second thoughts because maybe it was too raw…too personal…too me, but you know what?  I had to get pass that. Throwing myself under the bus or sharing idiotic situations will happen, because well…….sometimes life brings you idiot moments..right?

When I am blogging about my life here in the country or sharing experiences of my past….there are times that to some it may come across very personal, for example “Love Doesn’t Leave Bruises” It’s my attempt to reach them (them meaning friends/family) and I have exhausted my efforts every other way, I’ve talked to them until I was blue in the face, I’ve dumbed it down for them, I’ve pulled the emotion out of it, emailed…but I know they read this blog, I also know they read your comments. I know in time something has to click.

I watched the first episode of Blood, Sweat and Heels this past weekend and honestly I wasn’t too impressed, but one of the cast members is a blogger, Demetria Lucas and boy oh boy did she get some of those girlies panties in a bunch just by writing her truth, her observation from a brunch she attended. She wasn’t going to let them bully her into silence, she was going to write what she knew…..not even a calculated dinner to bamboozle her and tear apart her posts broke her. She stayed classy. She remained true to herself.

All in all I will remain true to myself and Valley Girl Gone Country. I’ve shut down one too many blogs and went into blogging hibernation because of other peoples opinions but I can’t do that anymore.

* You have the choice to read or not to read. I am not forcing that hand*

and when I say that I am staying true to myself this has nothing to do with me refusing to accept becoming forty  in a couple of days…..I will be 39 again and again and again. 

A little Q & A with Suzie


This morning as I was catching up on my “must-read” blogs, I noticed that Suzie81  wanted to shake things up…try something new….a little bit of an experiment if you will. I was game…..anything for my witty English friend!! 

She asked a few harmless questions and we could either answer them on our blog or hers… here you go Suzie!!

    Why have you chosen your blog name?

I remember the day that my blog name came to me. I was driving home from work and as I rounded the corner from my home I just saw the most breath taking view …. rolling green hills, cows in the pasture and trees everywhere; I was not in the valley any longer and then it hit me, my blog should be called “Valley Girl Gone Country”…..a California native moving to Arkansas of all places?? there had to be some humor in that….so that’s when this blog came alive.

    When you have an hour of free-time, what do you do?

I read …. for the first couple of minutes I do get that nagging feeling that I should clean something, but that soon fades when I think about my book anxiously waiting for me to return!!


    If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

This is a hard one…’s not like I would have to go back and relive that age because I really don’t think I would like to relive any point of my life. So to choose an age that I could stay forever, I would have to say the age I am now, 39. I’ve enjoyed being thirty something….I’ve enjoyed saying “I’m in my thirties”, yes gravity has taken hold of certain areas, no thanks to my 3 children….but that’s the price you pay right? now my boobs look like cow utters but Victoria has amazing “Secrets” that do wonders for my utters!!  but …. wrinkles haven’t appeared yet, my ass isn’t sagging …. I don’t have turkey neck and I have no need to freeze my face with injections. I fear that once I cross over “to the dark side” as my husband calls it then within weeks after my fortieth birthday crows feet will suddenly appear and applications to join AARP will show up in my mailbox.


    If you could learn to do something, what would it be?

I would love to learn how to make my very own website, with cool logo and snazzy header.

     What would be the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

A trip to Ireland for my husband and I ….and I guess my kids and one of their friends could come as well!!

     What is the thing that makes you absolutely unique?

Unique?  I’m not sure if there is any part of me that makes me unique…..if there is, I don’t see it…..but …


     What is your favourite blog?

It all depends …..  I really fancy Suzie81’s blog because she isn’t afraid of sharing her true self and Lisa Johnson Sawyer because I’m just so proud of how far she has come, she’s reminds me of a Southern version of Audrey Hepburn!!

Daily Prompt: Reading material



When it comes to choosing blogs to read…… it’s all about the heading, for example:

Don and jesus do Canada, sort of… (Don of all trades)

To suck more, or to not suck more? That’s the question!  (1 year single)

My Feminity Change at the Eye Drs Office (Lisa Johnson Sawyer)

The Date With The Therapist (Dating Dramas of a Thirty something)

These are just some that have made me stop to read their entertaining, witty, sometimes jaw dropping blog. I enjoy blogs that grab my attention…I’m not much into the do-it yourself blogs because I’m not a do-it yourselfer. I don’t find myself clicking away at Political posts because I hear enough about it on the news. I don’t like whiny blogs….yes, occasionally we have to vent and get on our soapbox, sometimes we are experiencing something earth shattering….that’s different from the constant “Feel sorry for me, everyone hates me” blogs, the first five posts …ok I get it…..but after that you lose me.

When I read a post, I want to get a sense of that person, are they being “real” with your readers or is it just a bunch of fluff or smoke and mirrors? As for myself, there are no smoke and mirrors. I may not share EVERYTHING due to some prying eyes but if you are a blogger friend, I tend to fill you in via email…..but for the most part my blog is a representation of me. My silly and not so silly experiences moving to the country….I’m a long way from California that’s for sure!!

Daily Prompt: Reading Material