I totally jinxed myself


I have come to the conclusion that I need to either switch from reading Sci-Fi fantasy-vampire-breed  books to a more entertaining chick flick genre, stop watching the first couple minutes of Ancient Aliens an hour before bedtime or both….because my night was riddled with crazy nightmarish dreams which included the scary ass clown from Stephen Kings IT; how that demonic clown webbed its way into my dream is beyond me because I haven’t watched that movie since I was a teenager!!

I blame myself….I sat there watching the intro to Ancient Aliens on the History channel, briefly listening to what the show was going to be about. Something to do with the Fiji Mountains, evil spirits and some other demonic beings who were thought to be aliens at one time or another, who knows but seeing glimpses of these creatures on my television screen for a few seconds made my decision quite easy. “I’m not watching this, it will give me nightmares”………..I totally jinxed myself!!

clownMy dream started with me being told that I was not to wander the town because someone was out to avenge someone’s death by killing me. From what I gathered I was the daughter of some big shot who did someone wrong therefore making my father pay by offing me (totally in the book I was reading but my dream didn’t involve vampires). I did as I was told; I stayed close to home … but one afternoon I saw a neighbor who I hadn’t seen in years so I went down to say hello, a minute later I see the barrel of a gun sticking out from the crack of the door aiming right at my chest. I heard three shots………then things went dark.  You would think that would have killed me….nope not in Jolenes Dream World, I woke up in a safe house somewhere deep in the country. Long story short…..no one bothered to check if “IT” resided there because after a few days of venturing out on my own to check out this compound that looked like a little city than housing for those that needed to be kept safe I started to see glimpses of this spooky clown…always baring his ugly sharp teeth.  The bizarre part of this dream was that in my DREAM I woke up and hours later I was telling a co-worker about my nightmare (everything I had just written), she then asked “do your dreams have an orange tint to them?”, I looked at her as though she had been smoking something potent “hmmm no, why?” I replied. “If you notice your dreams turning orange you are giving life to them”she said. Interesting.

That’s when I woke up for real, my heart racing …I glanced up at the clock “12:42” , I did my best to think happy thoughts as I cuddled close to the furkids before going back to sleep…those happy thoughts didn’t help. I was whisked right back into the land of IT. While I was wandering the woods I heard the laughter of a child (so I thought), but this laugh was more sinister…… I turned my head to see a little boy holding a doll, HIS CHUCKY DOLL….CHUCKY was laughing ( seriously I was waiting for FREDDY to pop up any moment) knowing this boy lost his way I grabbed his hand and walked him back to the safety of his home. 


This night long nightmare ended with me running into an old roommate of mine at a memorial service for those that died by the hands of the spooky ass clown, we decided to share a room and head back into town the next morning together. We were supposed to meet everyone who attended the service for dinner but fell asleep only to wake up with the eerily feeling that her and I were the only two alive and behind our door was our fate.

That’s when I woke up and decided that I had enough sleep, “I totally jinxed myself” I whispered. My subconscious had fun with me last night, digging deep and pulling out characters that caused me to keep the lights on when I was a young kid. Thank goodness E.T or the alien from Signs didn’t show up in my dream, the lights would be on indefinitely!!





Big Bang Theory + Golf = Nightmare on a different level!!


I’m moving really slow this morning; I blame this on my sister. ……it certainly is not my fault that I couldn’t sleep and therefore tossed and turned till about two this morning.  If it wasn’t for her saying “what if you fall a sleep and dream about it again” I think I would have slept soundly….but no, I didn’t want to fall victim of that nightmare again….so I fought sleep.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t some “Nightmare on Elm Street” sort of dream, Freddy wasn’t chasing me down some darken alley…..and this wasn’t some Ambien induced dream either. ….I woke up several times throughout the night just to shake off the dream…but every time I fell back to sleep I was sucked right back into this crazy world. I even took the furkids outside to go to the bathroom, grabbed a cookie and went back to sleep…..total ten minute tops!!! I looked at the clock when I climbed back in bed 2:23am……………wouldn’t you know it, I was back in the dream….same place, same horror, but seeing it from a different persons perspective.

All I can say is that it was another realm of existence, a place that I can only describe as some highly disturbed purgatory which has now been taken over by something evil. This “thing” was captivating in its human form but when you saw past it’s glamour he was all things evil. He wanted to keep you in this place…..but there was a way out. Death. Not by his hands….but by your own. “Choose death or be his prisoner” was what the common phrase was…..it was truly bizarre.

Disturbing….I know, I dreamt it. I experienced this dream through three people’s eyes. It took me pretty much the whole next morning to shake it off, I even wrote about it in detail …… just to get it out.

“What did you watch that brought that on ?” my sister asked.

“I went to bed watching the Big Bang theory and then maybe a few minutes of golf” I told her…..nothing I watched or experienced that day would have triggered such a graphic, odd, horrific dream.

It’s not uncommon that I remember my dreams or have reoccurring dreams….I welcome those but this dream was something that I wasn’t quite ready to experience again.

Totally can’t stand nightmares!!



Two nights ago I had a crazy dream and by crazy I mean I could still remember the terror I felt while being in such a horrible situation. When I woke my heart was beating out of my chest…….it took me several minutes to settle myself down to go back to sleep.

While sitting outside enjoying a very muggy Arkansas evening I brought my dream up to my husband …. this is how the conversation started off.

“So, I had a CRAZY dream last night……….normally when I dream I’m like Lora Croft from Tomb Raider and I’m saving the world. I pretty much kick ass  (*husband is rolling his eyes and smirking*) so I’m use to the sight of guns and other nifty gadgets…………but that’s why THIS dream really threw me for a loop. I was at work and someone came in with a shot gun, grabbed me by my hair, shoved me to the ground and that’s when I saw the barrel of the gun pointing right at me. He told me to turn around and then I felt the coolness of the steel on the back of my neck……at that moment it wasn’t the fear of dying that frightened me…..it was the sheer terror and fear of the forthcoming pain that consumed me”

my husband sat silent, digesting my enthusiastic  replay of my dream.

“OK so you don’t think your Lora Croft dreams are crazy?”

“No…those are normal, I have them all the time……….it’s not like I’m really Lora Croft I’m kinda like her without the whole leather get up…but seriously this dream was CRAZY”

I knew he didn’t quite get it and was just giving me that “Okie Dokie you’re a nut” look. I think it’s because he can’t remember his dreams (therefore he can’t relate) and mine, sometimes leave me feeling exhausted the next morning…shit it takes a lot out of a person when they are out saving the world ya know!!

The dream really had me thinking, more so about my reaction. The fear of the impending pain consumed me …….all I thought about was “I hope he gets it right and I go quickly”. Why wasn’t the fear of death and leaving everything behind frightening to me??  ……. I guess it’s because it comes right now to my faith.

All I hope…is that THAT dream was a one time thing unlike many of my reoccurring dreams that I look forward to.