My husband has George Bailey beat

george bailey

Just like our one year anniversary, I was left in the dark regarding any Valentine’s Day plans that he had up his sleeve. Days leading up to Valentine’s no mention of what we would do were tossed around; I just assumed we would go into town and have dinner.

Yesterday we slept in (we had the day off), I made my husband and the fur kids eggs and bacon for breakfast and shortly after breakfast was eaten and the kitchen was cleaned I settled on the couch and started to read a book. Hours went by and it was then that he came up to me and led me into the bedroom where the Valentine’s Day fun began (if you know what I mean), once the fun was had I went into the bathroom and that’s when he came in and told me that we were leaving in thirty minutes.

“Where are we going?” I asked. “You will have to see when we get there” he replied.

*intrigued and very curious*

I dressed, fixed my make-up , did my hair and threw a bunch of things in my purse (because I had no idea what was on the agenda) in thirty minutes flat…..I owe it to my mommy skills, I learned a long time ago to shower, do my hair, apply my make-up in no time, this skill has totally paid off many times.

We drove through the country side and headed up to Petit Jean State Park where we stopped off to get some yummy fudge, which totally beats any chocolate you find in a heart shaped box.  “Ok, are you ready to go home…that was it” he said.  I knew he was joking but followed suit “sure, I’m totally content with chocolate fudge” I smiled.

We headed east for quite some time, he asked me if I had any clue where we were headed and I really didn’t. I thought maybe we were going to visit the wineries up in Altus but I was wrong….we headed up to Mount Magazine, snow covered parts of the mountain…it was beautiful. We pulled into the lodge and made our way inside. “Did he plan a weekend get away? I didn’t bring any underwear, I guess I could go commando? I hope they sell toothbrushes in the gift shop” I thought.

He told me to go browse the gift shop while he spoke to the person behind the desk …… I tried to eavesdrop but was unsuccessful.  He told me minutes later that he did try to book a room weeks ago but they were already booked solid but we were going to have dinner here but had to waste sometime (since it was still early), so we went to the bar and had a couple glasses of wine. He kept talking about an event that we had to get to but didn’t elaborate, he was still keeping mum.

At six o’clock he told me we had to go so, I took a sip of my wine and I followed him upstairs… seriously trying not to trip with each step I took; one glass of wine I’m good any more than that my true klutzy self comes shining through.  Once we made it upstairs….we went outside to join up with a park ranger who had quite the fancy telescope.

“So do you know why we are here?” he said….. “uhm, no”, I answered. “What’s going on in the East?” he asked. “The sun is setting” I answered. “So what’s going to happen next?” …..this wasn’t the time for a little quiz, I was freezing and my brain doesn’t quite work with 2 ½ glasses of wine in my system. He saw that I had no clue and chimed in, “the moon is going to rise over that mountain as soon as the sun sets and we are here to watch it rise and see it up close through the telescope”. The park ranger began to tell us some moon facts as the moon started to peak over the mountain. This was the coolest thing I ever saw, yeah I’ve seen the moon plenty of times but not like this, we took turns looking through the telescope and admiring the beautiful view in front of us.


After getting our fill of the moon we headed on inside the lodge for dinner. I stuffed myself silly and said no to desert. It was around 9:30pm when we headed home….I was tired but I dare not close my eyes, we reminisced about our day and how he had planned this whole thing weeks ago and listened to the radio until we couldn’t get a signal…..that’s when he turned on the cd player and hit track 7.

The voice of a female country singer came over the speaker singing a very beautiful ballad, “what a romantic” I thought. I listened to the lyrics:

I will give you my heart
until the end of time
you’re all I need, my love, my Valentine

Aww, I couldn’t believe it….he planned that….that’s something I would have done. “Who is singing?” I asked, he told me it was Martina McBride. As the song continued to play, he held my hand and then pointed at the moon.

“Thank you honey for such an amazing night, you gave me the best gift ever… gave me the moon, George Bailey couldn’t even do that!”

(for those who don’t know who George Bailey is he is from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life)