Early Birthday present

“I have some good news” my daughter Ann said.

“You got a puppy?”


“You’re pregnant?” I asked….secretly hoping to hear that she was. 

“Nope” she laughed.

“You’re calling to tell me that I am the best mom on the planet?”

“Well, yeah you are but that’s not why I called….I’m coming to see you on your birthday!!”  she said.

“This is going to be the best birthday EVER!!”  

I guess turning forty won’t be that bad after all!!! 

~ now if I can get Scott and Marie to come out…..ohhhhh and my sister!!  



Thirty-six ….and no that’s NOT my age


36 as in thirty-six more days till Christmas, urgh….I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet , have you?? every year I tell myself that I need to get a jump start on Christmas shopping but I never listen to myself and I always find myself buying things at the last minute or finding more things to throw in the kids stocking. I can’t do that THIS year because my children and I won’t be together this Christmas…….Scott and Marie will be in California celebrating with their father and Ann will be spending Christmas with her boyfriend in Nebraska.

It will be a little sad not having them around but I knew that eventually they would grow up and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. So…….instead of presents under the tree and stockings filled with candy and trinkets I have to fill up a box that hopefully, when they get it will give them a little sense of home. Moms home.

While at Hobby Lobby I wasn’t sure if I should buy them stockings and fill them up with goodies or just send them gift cards, but that’s just not ME……….I can’t JUST send them gift cards for Christmas!! When they open their box they need to feel Christmas, but I don’t want them to be disappointed either.

~remembering when I was their age and I got some Christian mints and a bible~

I want to be creative ….. but yet not cheesy. Maybe I will spend some time on Pinterest tonight and come up with some cute ideas…..it’s not as easy as it use to be when they would supply me with a Christmas list and I would carefully budget around making Santa come out on top once again!!

…………and aside from the kids I have to think of something to get the hubby and even though I have a few things in mind, I keep hearing “I don’t want anything….it’s not about the presents”.  Last year we didn’t give each other anything because we got married and we were moving…well I was moving. The furkids did get him a few things but that’s because it would just feel weird (to me)for him not to have something to open on Christmas morning…..but what to get a guy who pretty much has everything?  ~ he did mention something to me the other day about me dressing up as a slutty little elf, I wonder where I can get a slutty little elf costume?

Urgh…..that reminds me, the furkids!!  Lily HAS to get a new Christmas dress and Dart needs a cute Santa outfit!!  Maybe if Sami cooperates she will let me put a Santa hat on her and I can get a group photo of them!!

I’m no Simon Cowell but I WILL judge your costume!!!

Over the years I have noticed that I have become somewhat“judgy” when it comes to handing out Halloween candy….I am no where close to the lady in Fargo, ND who has chosen to hand a child (whom she deems obese) a note instead of candy.

See, I have rules ……

If your costume is creative/adorable or damn right awesome = 2 pieces of GOOD candy (snickers…twix….etc)


images (5)

If your costume is ordinary (I understand that the parents were too lazy to throw some paint on their face or check PINTEREST for ideas) = 2 pieces of candy …the candy that I don’t like (anything peanut butter/almond joy)



NOW THIS is a ghost costume

NOW THIS is a ghost costume

If a family comes up and are in some sort of themed costume such as superheros or cowboy/cowgirl/rodeo clown = 3 good pieces of candy …..if you bring your dog and the pooch is dressed up, the furkid will get a doggy treat and possibly a lot of unnecessary high pitched “ohhh my gosh how cute his he/she”.

images (1)


If you stroll up pushing a stroller with your newborn or child under the age of  9 mths = one piece of candy and a look like “really?? I’m not an idiot….this candy is NOT for your child…cheap ass

images (2)

If you come up sporting a costume resembling Miley Cyrus or your regular every day clothes  = the bowl of candy suddenly will disappear and I will tell you “sorry I’m ALL out”

images (4)

Daily Prompt: Sad but true


Sixteen years ago (give or take a few months) after the birth of my son I was in serious need of losing some weight. My weight loss was slow….but I was watching what I ate and going to the gym but I hit a plateau after a while. As frustrating as that was…..I still trudged on but at times fell weakness to the good old Quarter Pounder with cheese or Snicker bar (damn chocolate).

One afternoon, the kids and I went to my parents house to go on a pontoon ride around the lake….. the kids gathered up front, my mom sat in her usual spot, my sister found a spot next to my kids and I claimed the seat in the back, behind the driver’s seat. My dad started up the boat ….but nothing happened, he started it up again, the motor strained.

My dad got up and made his way to the back of the boat…..without hesitation he said “Jolene why don’t you go sit upfront, your weighing down the boat”. His comment stung….at the time I was too hurt to say anything. What I wanted to do was call him an ass and make reference to his beer belly…..but I grabbed my towel and made my way to the front of the boat.

What was keeping the boat from moving was a bunch of weeds stuck in the propeller, but do you think he apologized? …… no

I did end up losing a lot of weight….but the unhealthy way, which was taking double the amount of Phentermine and not eating, but the judgmental words of my father haunted me.


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Could you live without your cellphone or video games for a day??

images (6)

I remember back in the day when my form of entertainment was my own imagination, I would conjure up worlds that I could escape to. Dawn and I would pretend to be princesses awaiting our knight in shining armor, other days we would  threaten preach to the neighborhood kids that being Catholic was the way to go (some hidden agenda from the nuns in our dot to dot Jesus coloring book, I assume) and hold church in our backyard, yes we made host out of Wonder bread. Go figure! We put on plays to entertain our family and friends. My playhouse would one day be a drive through diner and the next a school house, where I was the teacher and my sister and her friends were the students. Outside was everything to my friends and I, it’s where we could be kids …. plus, the less time inside meant I wouldn’t find myself getting in trouble.

This morning I was speaking with my sister, “This Saturday is going to be a tech free day”…. “a what?” I asked. She told me that as she looked around her house last night, she noticed that her husband was on his cell playing a game, the kids were playing video games and she was busy facebooking. “We are always on our phones and the boys would rather play video games then enjoy a beautiful fall day”.

We discussed how things have changed since we were little and that her idea was awesome. “Kids need to step away from video games and be shoved outside…but I have a feeling they won’t know what to do” I told her. “I told the boys to go ride their bikes or play hide-n-seek and they said it was too boring” she replied. I remember how riding bikes was NEVER boring, although if my parents KNEW that we rode around San Fernando Valley for hours they probably would have had a conniption fit…but yet again, times were different then….and an ice cream truck WAS just an ice cream truck, not some perverted old man asking kids if they wanted a drumstick and he wasn’t talking about ice cream.

“I don’t know if I will make it, my phone is attached to me” my sister said. “I think I would have an issue with giving up my Nook, I’m always on it…..reading or checking WordPress…..keep me posted!!”

So I guess I will find out how things went on Sunday ….. I think it will be good for my nephews….a little fresh air never hurt anyone, well unless they live in Southern California during a very smoggy day.

Would you be able to be tech free for a day….no cellphone, no computer,no video games, no nook?