My night with Sharon Corr (and about forty other adoring fans)

If you had the opportunity to see your favorite musician or music group perform in a huge venue with over three hundred screaming fans or in a smaller venue with 30-40 people which would you choose? …after last night, I prefer a smaller venue.

Back in 1997 I came across a group that I instantly fell in love with, The Corrs. Their combination of pop and traditional Celtic music was just amazing. In some ways their music was therapeutic, especially during a time when I was attempting to figure life out as a single mom, jumping back in the dating pool and trying hard not to let my inner demons overcome ME. I daydreamed many times while listening to Runaway imagining a love that wouldn’t be discovered for years to come, I shed tears when I would hear All the Love In The World and Forgiven but not Forgotten and their instrumentals such as Joy of Life would turn any rough day around.

I had always hoped to one day get the chance to see them, but when would I get the chance to go to Ireland or Germany or any place that they were touring? as luck might have it, Sharon Corr is currently in the States promoting her new album CD, The Same Sun and was coming to Little Rock, Arkansas. I knew that I just HAD to see her and knowing that she would be performing some songs from when she was part of The Corrs …there was no question what my hubby and I would be doing Saturday, March 8th.

I was beyond excited all day, not only was I able to finally get back into my skinny jeans (aka my Lucky Brand jeans) I was going to see Sharon Corr in concert and if I was lucky enough she would play Joy of Life!! …we arrived at the Ron Robinson Theater forty minutes before show time, I wanted to get a great seat… as we entered the theater we pretty much had our choice of many great seats…..we were the 3rd couple to arrive. We (hubby) chose the fifth row back smack dab in the center ( I would have liked to be front row) our seats were great. As time passed, I thought it was a bit odd that the place wasn’t getting packed because this was SHARON CORR of THE CORRS who was going to be performing in just a few minutes. I figured that the problem must have been due to the venue and time being changed a few weeks ago and those who didn’t get notified of this change were going to be disappointed when they would arrive at the original venue.


Let me just say this, when she hit the stage in a beautiful red dress and started singing I was over the moon. I loved that there weren’t a lot of people packed into this theater. I loved the personal feel of it all ….. as my hubby said “it’s like going to some rich persons private party“, she was personable….silly….lovely and didn’t let the fact that instead of playing for hundreds of adoring fans she was playing for about thirty of her fans. She sang songs from her new CD as well as from her first CD…….she also sang some of my Corr favorites, one of which was So Young….I wanted to get up, dance and sing out loud but decided that I would save my dancing for later and opted to sing my little heart out instead!! time flew by so fast…..and before I knew it she was saying good-bye.


I sat there in my seat a bit sad “she didn’t play Joy of Life” I thought to myself…….then everyone around me started yelling “ENCORE,ENCORE”….even the hubby pulled out his lighter and said out loud “hey it worked 30 years ago, come on pull your lighters out!”. The band came out and took their place…..and then Sharon came out and started to play the wedding song which flowed into another beautiful song and then she grabbed her violin and just played a few notes…..”OH MY GOSH!”….I tapped my husbands knee a few times, grabbed his hand and said “THIS IS THE SONG!! MY FAVORITE SONG” I took out my phone…I was going to video this, “why don’t you get closer to the stage” he whispered. I headed out of the row and moved to the aisle (closer to the stage) making sure I wasn’t blocking anyones view, with my phone in place I notice Sharon looking my way…..she smiled right at me. “SHARON CORR smiled at me and I have it on my phone” I said to myself!!  after a minute or so I headed back to my seat….the whole place was clapping and enjoying themselves, you could just feel the energy!!

It was amazing!!!!  I didn’t want the show to end ….. but it did. Once my hubby and I were back in our car I sent a text to my sister stating she HAS to go see her when she is at the Chicago winery later this month, then I put my phone away and as we drove out of the parking garage my hubby told me that he really enjoyed the show……

“She smiled at me when I was in the aisle….did you see her look over and smile AT ME?”, he grabbed my hand and said “yes Darlin I saw”.

Please take a moment to listen to Joy of Life ….. and if you get the chance to see Sharon in concert please see her, you will not be disappointed.