The man in plaid

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A few months ago …..

I slowly woke up and tried to focus on the clock that was across the room, the clock read 2:13am. Instead of laying in bed I figured since I was up I would get a glass of water and use the bathroom but instead of using the master bathroom (so I wouldn’t wake my husband or the furkids) I decided to use the guest bathroom which was in the living room. As I made my way to the bedroom door  (which was only opened a crack to allow the dogs to go in and out as they pleased) I grabbed the knob and proceeded to walk through the doorway ….. I froze because standing right in front of me was a tall fairly built man in a red/black plaid flannel shirt. In those brief seconds I felt no fear, I was just startled because the last thing I expected to see standing in my doorway was a figure of a man.  You would think I would yell, scream, pee my pants …something…..but all that came out of my mouth was a whispered “oh my gosh, don’t do that”  and then he was gone.

Now, don’t get me wrong  if I walked out of my room and almost ran into a man who was peeking in my doorway I would have screamed my bloody head off. In this case, I knew he was a spirit …… as I walked to the bathroom my heart was still racing but I tried so hard to replay what had just happened.  Part of me hoped that I didn’t offend the man in plaid and wondered if he was as startled as I was? Who was this guy……someone just passing by, a deceased relative, a guide? then I grew frustrated…why did I have to look so startled?

I never did tell my husband about our visitor because he doesn’t believe in ghosts and to tell him that I almost ran into one in our home would just start a debate that I really would rather not go into with him.  Granted I did tell him about a couple of incidents that involve my deceased grandfather but honestly I don’t think he paid much attention to the stories…’s just something that isn’t discussed, his beliefs are his and mine are mine.  It makes me wonder if I ever told him the story about the ghost I saw up in the Canyon in California, probably not….haha.

The man in plaid has never showed himself to me again but I still wonder from time to time who he was.


My ghostly encounter ~ still gives me chills!!



There is a road in Southern California named San Francisquito Canyon Road that sends chills up my spine when I have had to drive it.

A few years ago, around midnight my ex and I  were driving home from having a late dinner….as we were driving on this very dark winding road, I was staring off into the darkness trying to see if I could make out any animals that may want to cross into our path.

Within seconds, I am bracing for impact… the middle of the road stood a white male wearing a baseball cap, khaki shorts and a blue pull over windbreaker. I screamed, my legs were now curled up into me….my left hand on the door….again I was bracing for impact. I thought we were going to hit this man.

My ex looked over at me ,  “what’s wrong?”……..“didn’t you see him?” I said as my heart was about to burst out of my chest….I was shaking. I gave him a detail description ….. “He was RIGHT THERE standing in the middle of the road just feet away from our car.” He didn’t see anything…. of course he didn’t.

I drove that road several times after that, in the daytime of course.I avoided that road at night as much as possible but if I HAD to drive it I made sure that someone was with me, that someone was normally my daughter Ann and leave it to both of us to freak each other telling creepy ghost stories or “what if an ax murderer jumps out in the road” scenarios.



Men beware!! ~ Ghostly Adventure

Yesterday, I posted a request for fellow bloggers to share their Ghostly Adventures.I thought it would be fun considering it’s going to be Halloween in just a couple of weeks!! If you have a story you would like to share……you still can, just email me at

I would like to share a story that I received from one of my favorite bloggers, Topaz. Thank you for sharing your story!!


Years ago, I stayed at my sister’s house for a week while she and her family went on vacation. They had just moved into the house. At night I would hear faint sounds of a woman crying. I thought it was just my imagination, so I dismissed it.

About a month later, my brother-in-law began sleepwalking. He said that a woman’s voice would whisper his name, and in his sleep he would follow the voice. Each time he awoke after stumbling over toys or other items on the floor. One time he awoke in front of the kitchen counter and the knife drawer was opened.

My psychic mom didn’t get involved until one night when my brother-in-law woke up from sleepwalking and found himself at the top of the wooden basement stairs, teetering on the top step.

My mother forced the ghost to leave and told it to never come back. It turns out that (according to my mother) it was the ghost of a woman who suffered in an abusive marriage and she had an axe to grind with married men. She was trying to injure or kill my brother-in-law.

The reason the ghost didn’t try to hurt me was because I was single with no girlfriend when I stayed by myself at the house.

Share your own Ghostly Adventure ~

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With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be fun to share personal ghost stories with one another. Have you had a ghostly encounter? walked into a home and felt an eerie presence only to find out that the house is haunted?  If you want to share your stories I will post them here up  until Halloween for all to read!!

You can email me at

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