Meet little Miss Attitude


One of our furkids, Sami (one of our cats) has a serious problem…..she’s beyond moody and it has nothing to do with this dreaded time change. Ever since Miss Penny strolled up our driveway and into our lives Sami has had one huge  chip on her shoulder. Understandably so, I get it….but it’s been close to two months now and you would THINK she would see that she is still the numero uno kitty in the house. She gets her favorite kitty food at the drop of a “meow” , she gets to stay out all day and roam the woods when the weather permits and Dart cuddles with her regardless of her attitude.


Pre-Penny she was just your average kitty who thought she was a dog, she seldom was in a bad mood… Post-Penny if  you look at her wrong, get in her way, not let her out the instant she meows, or Penny decides to piss her off she lets everyone know that she’s not happy by letting out a high-pitched meow. It almost reminds me of my kids when they were teenagers…maybe I’m onto something!! Sami does come home around noon….eats and then heads back out to hang with the neighborhood kitty posse until it’s time for her dinner.

When she’s in one of her moods (which is daily) I will pick her up and love her ….. the whole time she’s singing her tune of annoyance. Once I put her down her buddy Dart will chase her around a bit, they will play for several minutes until one of them tuckers out. Penny has attempted to play with Sami and at times they do chase each other around the house… my husband and I laugh and think all is well now, it’s at that moment we hear them fighting in another room and “Sheriff” Dart runs into the room to break up the fuss with a few barks.

I hope this is just some “teenage” kitty phase because her attitude is wearing on me…hahaha. I love her regardless and I know she loves us to because at night she will crawl up beside me and fall asleep.

hmmm… I wonder if there is a book out there on “How to deal with your moody cat”.


Honey….she followed me home


Last night when I got home I did what I normally do….I said hello to my furkids, I let them out to go potty …normally I will change out of my work clothes …..but yesterday was different, instead of changing out of my work clothes I went back outside to bring in the trash can and check the mail, as I was heading back up the drive way I heard a very faint “meow”…thinking it was one of the neighbors cats, I looked around to see which one was trying to get my attention “meow meow”…a cute little calico cat was crossing the street making its way towards me. I started meowing back and forgetting all about the trash can and diverted my attention to this cute little kitty that I only saw one time before; which was last week.

I motioned the kitty to follow me into the garage where I have a kitty dish set up for the neighbor cat, she followed and made her way to the dish where she spent a good while filling her belly. As she ate, I became concerned….she was eating as if she hadn’t eaten for days and we had such horrible weather lately. Then I remembered that I did see her a week ago by our new neighbors home, so maybe she was theirs. I ran inside, changed…..and went next door to see if they lost a kitty, no one was home. Shit, it was getting dark….and I wasn’t going to just let her go wonder the neighborhood. I quickly messaged my husband to let him know that we were temporarily going to house a kitty until the neighbors got home.

Forty minutes went by until I saw our neighbors come home, I grabbed the kitty and headed on over. “Uhmmm excuse me, did you lose a cat?” I asked.  The man turned around and instead of relief on his face he said “no, we don’t own a cat…we have a dog…cute cat though”.  I headed back home with the kitty in my arms, now wondering what the hell I was going to do…..there was no way my husband was going to let us have another pet. He always makes it clear to me in one way or another that three furkids is just enough for us……. I can’t say “Honey…she just followed me home”…yes she technically did, she did  cross the street and follow me up the drive way and into the garage…just maybe word got out amongst the cats that “the Jolene lady” is really cool and gives out really good kitty treats and that’s why she’s here seeking a newer better home.

I just knew that my husband was going to be home within the hour and I had to have a solution to the new arrival so I sent out a mass text to my co-workers asking them if they wanted an adorable kitty. I called our local vet, they suggested that I put a picture of her on their facebook page to see if her owner would claim her. Meanwhile…..I decided that the kitty couldn’t stay in the garage so I made her a nice comfy spot in our office and brought her inside.  BOY OH BOY…did the furkids give me some questionable looks.

I knew my husband wouldn’t be mad that there was a cat in the house, he loves animals…..I just knew that he would expect me to handle it the next day and he knew that I was working on the situation. Ten minutes after he got home, he asked where the kitty was and I pointed to the office…..he walked in slowly and I followed.

“she’s adorable and so loving” I told him.

“ohhhh she is” he said. I could tell that he took an instant liking to her and her to him….she knew how to work it…she was working the purrings and playfulness.

We left the kitty alone, we would tell she wanted to sleep….but as the night went on my husband kept mentioning how if we can’t find her owners than we can keep her. Then he looked at our furkids and said,

“Now Lily…Dart…Sami, you have to be nice to her…she’s smaller than you and she’s scared….she’s going to be your cousin, you are going to have to teach her the rules of this house”… he went on talking to our furkids about our possible new addition I couldn’t believe that I was worried or a little panicked….at the end of the day, he’s a softy too. I grabbed my phone and sent out a text to my co-workers “hmmmm …. hubby seems to be loving the kitty, we may have a new furkid!!”

I left it up to him to name our Little Orphan Annie ….  as of right now he has come up with

1. cuddles (from the big bang theory)

2. sgt. fuzzy boots (from the big bang theory)

3. manziel  (Johnny Manziel)


Personally… I like

Zazzles …if we are going after something from the Big Bang Theory

or …


But…… he called me and put me on speaker phone with his co-workers, I guess it’s a slow day at the office and naming the kitty is priority. He asked what was wrong with Cuddles and I said …

“Honey, she doesn’t look like a Cuddles….plus, when you take her to the vet and they call out her name it’s just going to seem silly”

“I don’t take the furkids to the vet you do” he said

he got me there….but still…..

“Sgt Fuzzy Boots is cool …but would we call her Sarg for short or fuzzy or boots?” I said….there was laughter in the background.

“haha we will talk about this when we get home, I love you” he said.

………….to be continued.