Pet Peeve: Just hit reply!!



No I’m not talking about replying to a text….I’ve come to terms with not getting an instant response. Heck, you text me …. I text you back. If you were standing in front of me and you said “Hello”,  do you want me to just stare at you and ignore you?? probably not ….. so I say “Hello” back. It’s how things work….but this isn’t my gripe.

It’s emailing…… if someone emails you, don’t you think you should respond?? No,I’m not talking about my friends because I know they are all busy with work, children, sporting events etc. and have better things to do then sit down an email me. I will just call your ass.


I’ve emailed several blog designers …. I filled out their long form (short of giving my blood type) with what I am interested in. I didn’t expect a quick response, I figure they have websites to design… week, fine- two weeks, growing a bit irritated-a month…NOW COME ON!!  Seriously now….if blog design is your specialty and you have a calendar showing your availability on your site and you make me fill out your long ass form then shouldn’t you respond? I THINK YOU SHOULD. END OF STORY.

(it’s not like I am asking for much….just a cute header and some social icons)