Honoring Aleasha Billing


As parents we do our best to keep our children safe, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my kids tell me  “MOM, I’m not five I don’t need you to watch me cross the street” or “MOM, I’m not a baby anymore I’m 15!!”, sometimes as much as we want to wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them from harm or keep them within arms length of us, we just know that THAT is an impossible feat as they get older.

In 2011 as I was checking  Facebook I noticed that an old schoolmate posted some sad news regarding another classmate of ours and his family. The day after Thanksgiving, Mike and Carrie Billings 16 year old daughter, Aleasha was struck by a car while walking across the street with her sister and a cousin (who were unharmed)  and was now unconscious, on a respirator with a severe head injury and fighting for her life.

For everyone, no matter how upset you are, tell your children you love them. Never take the children for granted,” said Carrie Billing. “Always take the opportunity to give them a hug and tell them you love them because you never know.”

carrie billing


My heart broke for this family, I couldn’t imagine the pain they were feeling. Aleasha underwent many surgeries in the last two years but never recovered. She passed away in late January due to complications after another brain surgery. A couple of weeks ago a link was being sent through Facebook regarding Aleasha, one of her nurses decided to help the Billings family in hopes to ease the mountain of medical bills, funeral expenses and other costs that were to come.


I thought I would share this link with all of you in hopes that you can pass it along, if you would like to help the family they would forever be grateful.

Aleasha Billing’s nurse and friend raising money to help her family with medical costs/memorial since the death of this beautiful girl.

Aleasha Billing was full of life until one tragic day in November 2011. She was struck by a vehicle as she was walking home. She fought for a little over 2 years and had seemed to be making some progress. Tragically, her fight ended 2 weeks ago after having yet another brain surgery. She received her angel wings and returned home to God. Her family is having a difficult time in dealing with the death of their child….a parent’s worst nightmare!! I am trying to help the parents to take care of the mounds of medical bills, out-of-pocket funeral expenses and a memorial in Aleasha’s honor. Please support the fight to take care of our children and possibly keep this from happening to another innocent!!

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4 thoughts on “Honoring Aleasha Billing

  1. My fiance’s brother and sister were hit by a car when they were very young. They both survived, but hearing his Mom recount that day it’s like she just relives it all the time. I can’t imagine if she had lost one of them how devastated she would be, or how devastated that family clearly is having lost their daughter. There is nothing wrong with reminding your children no matter how grown to look both ways, or know their surroundings… if a person is swerving all around or driving far too fast, get off the road. I am so sorry this happened.

  2. Sad story. At a high school retreat for seniors, a letter from a father to his son summed up what parents should do. He wrote: “If I could change one thing, it would be to tell you I love you everyday of your life.” We all need to hear those words, and children need to hear them even more.

  3. A young girl I knew from primary school passed away due to being the victim of a car accident as well, it happened not long ago. Even the students who only knew her by sight were devastated, the classrooms became quiet and everyone did some soul-searching. I myself discovered a long time ago that if you feel like telling someone something kind, you should absolutely go for it. One might think it intrusive, but people react with positive surprise, some are even touched. It’s worth it and everybody benefits – and we’re all in need of some love.

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