Making someones day …with coffee

I’m tired, I hardly slept a wink last night …with Lily (furkid) snoring and my husband and Dart (furkid) licking their lips in their sleep (in unison mind you) mixed with the occasional snore I found it really hard to drift off to dreamland.  I finally did manage to fall asleep sometime during the night maybe it was just from exhaustion or a moment of silence but I did sleep for a little bit ….but when I did, I had a horrible dream that I got laid off from work because some lady wanted my office. I know crazy, but it woke me up and left me feeling anxious and laying there listening to Miss Lily snore…at least she was getting some sleep.

downloadOn my way into work this morning I pulled into the Starbucks drive through and ordered a skinny vanilla latte hoping that it would be the jump-start that I needed. Sitting patiently in my car I noticed that the man in the car behind me looked as though he wasn’t having a good morning, he just looked plain grumpy. He kind of reminded me of Mr.Wilson from Dennis the Menace but in corporate clothes. He needed to smile, I thought and then I remembered the note my husband and I found on Valentines Day and at the bottom it said “maybe you can do the same for someone else one day”…..this was the day.

“That will be $3.50” the Starbucks employee said, I handed him a twenty and told him that I would like to pay for the man behind me, “just tell him to pay it forward some day, just to brighten someone’s day”. I pulled away with my vanilla latte and headed out of the parking lot.

HONK.HONK.HONK” I turned my head to see the grumpy old man waving at me and mouthing thank you…..and guess what…..HE WAS SMILING!!!

Deed done and it felt great!!


17 thoughts on “Making someones day …with coffee

  1. Well done Jolene! I’m impressed. AND because it made you feel good, that got passed on at work that day and the boss probably thought of giving you a raise or a better job even (you never know, and at least you didn’t lose your job (like from your dream). I think I might pass it forward too today, thank you for the thought. Namaste

  2. This just happened to my parents a few days ago. They pulled up to pay for their two coffee drinks and a scone and the barista said “the car in front of you paid”….
    I think I will do this. If you look at my latest post…I just got Gold status on my Starbucks Rewards card. As long as I keep the card filled with money, I don’t pay out of my pocket.

    • That’s awesome!!!! 🙂
      You should totally do it…..i just told my husband that i paid it forward today and he was confused….he never heard the term before.

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