Valentines Day ~ Random Act of Kindness


Yesterday, while we were on our way to an undisclosed location (my husband was keeping quiet) we stopped to get gas and this note along with a gift card was in the credit card slot at the gas pump.

We normally see this type of random acts of kindness or “pay it forward” gestures during Thanksgiving and Christmas….never Valentines day!

My husband handed me the note to read …. “This is such a great idea….there ARE still good people in this world” I said.

Thank you Miss Anonymous



5 thoughts on “Valentines Day ~ Random Act of Kindness

  1. And it probably made you smile…and someone saw you smile and smiled themselves…and someone saw them smile, and on it went. What has this woman done! It will be spread across the country in no time. Aaah, there will be happy people everywhere! 🙂
    But yes, random acts of kindness are a beautiful thing. In the throes of living it can (and does) give that beautiful feeling within, that at times we think we have lost. And I think I’ll take heed and do one myself so that it goes out to someone who needs it most. Namaste

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