Revenge by weight loss

I didn’t watch the Biggest Loser this season but from what I have read this morning this seasons winner, Rachel Frederickson made mouths drop due to her extreme weight loss. She went from being a size 20 to 0/2 and in my opinion I think she went a little overboard with trying to win this seasons title of the Biggest Loser!


I get it … I really do, shit if I was on National T.V and had to reveal how much I had lost, I’d probably wire my mouth shut, stick to a liquid diet, try some outrageous workouts and then purchase the best Spanx body suit so any remaining lumps wouldn’t be visible. Personally I give kudos to all those contestants that are brave enough to sport those hideous outfits week after week and step on a scale in front of all to see….I just cringe every time I have to step on the scale at my doctor’s office and sometimes will look away and tell the nurse that I don’t want to know how much I weigh.

The problem that I am having with our winner is what she claims to have weighed during her make-over.


“I started as a [size] 20 and now I’m a 0/2. I was a 6 during makeover week. It’s all about maintaining now!” she told Us

I’m sorry but I don’t believe Rachel (5’4) was a size 6 during the make-over show. She claimed to be 150 and a size 6…..well let me just say that I am 5’5 and a little less than 150 and there is no way in hell I could squeeze myself into a size 6, not even the best Spanx on the planet could manage that feat.

Yeah, I’ve been guilty of lying about my weight from time to time, especially at the DMV, but there would be no way I would tell all of America that I was a size 6 when indeed I wasn’t….pictures don’t lie….a size 10 would be believable a size 6 is a bit of a stretch.

I do hope that once all the excitement of her win dies down that Rachel has herself a nice tasty steak …..but for now I bet she’s basking in her win and secretly wishing that the man who broke her heart crawls back to her asking for forgiveness to only get told that he could go to hell!

Sometimes revenge by weight loss can be super sweet!!



8 thoughts on “Revenge by weight loss

    • I know for myself i felt great after losing a bunch of weight after my first divorce….he would often say horrible things during our marriage regarding my weight so after I lost all the weight and he saw me for the first time I felt like a winner… turning him down after he tried to come on to me was even better!!

  1. $250k, national recognition AND she lost all those lbs? Best. Revenge. Ever. Although I do agree with you – I don’t know many gals who are 5’4 and a size 6 at 150lbs. Maybe she’ll settle on a little more weight once she’s back in real life.

  2. I totally agree on her picture, there’s no way she looks like a size 6 in that photo, definitely more like a 10.
    BUT, in all honesty, I weight about 140 lbs, and am 5’4 and wear either a 4 or 2, at every single clothing store. I have a very strong thin frame so I weigh a lot despite my hip bones sticking out. Everyone who looks at me guesses I weigh about 125 at most, but looks are deceiving. Hers are not.

    I’m still annoyed she lied. That was like Kelly Osbourne going on the cover of some magazine claiming she was a size 0. Obviously unlikely. I don’t understand how they think they’re helping anyone by lying.

  3. She definitely doesn’t look like a 6 in that photo to me! I am 5’9″ and a lot of my 150 pounds is muscle and I only fit into a size 6 at certain stores. And while I’m hard on myself, I know I definitely look a lot slimmer than that.
    And I rarely think someone looks skeletal and “too skinny” but that photo of her you have here at the finale? Not healthy looking by a long shot. I didn’t watch this season either but the gif of Jillian and Bob’s reactions to her coming out at the finale is priceless!

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