Out for a walk…just me, the furkids and a few……cows



The pups and I took a walk to the farm that is just down the street from me in hopes to see the two newest additions.

Our  walk was a success…..


As soon as we started to head back home, the furkids and I had some company on our walk!!

cows7              cows8

I cows91          cows93

This totally made my day…. I have a feeling we made a few people laugh as they drove by ….it’s not every day you see a bunch of cows following a person walking their dogs!!



16 thoughts on “Out for a walk…just me, the furkids and a few……cows

  1. The professor has two fur kids too! One solid black the other (not white) but tan. No cows the professor wouldn’t know what to do with them. Do the fur kids help you with the cows? There are llamas next door, but they scream and stare. Would cows do this?

  2. I love your fascination with cows! They have free roaming rights in my town, so I’m totally used to them (Although its a bit scary when a herd of 50 suddenly suddenly start coming towards you!)

    • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have cow figurines through out the house….so I’m not cow obsessed. I lived all my life in Southern California so seeing a farm with cows in a field was something I only saw on commercials or in Northern California, so moving to Arkansas a year ago just a block away from two farms and cows galore just was an awesome sight to see!! My husband just laughs at my excitement and my co-workers just think it’s cute to see a newbie to farm country. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw them just roaming down our street~Lucky 🙂

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