My Furkids are about to disown me

“Mom, why is our favorite human making that sound? did she swallow one of our chew toys?”

“No, son she’s sick”

“What can we do to make her stop, she’s ruining nap time”


I’ve been hit hard by a nasty cold bug, it started off small…..slight cough, sore throat nothing that I couldn’t handle and then WHAM within just a few hours it over took me like some alien creature. Fever, chills, fatigue, now what I thought was just a mild sore throat feels more like a raging inferno…..that was Thursday.  

“Honey, what are you doing?” I heard my husband ask from the living room,  barely sounding human I told him that I was finishing up preparing dinner. “You should be in bed” he said …..  I knew I should, I should have been in my polka-dotted cotton pj’s buried under tons of blankets but I knew if I didn’t make dinner than he would have no other choice but to make himself a bowl of cereal or his famous toast with a glob of peanut butter on top…..and at the rate this cold was taking over my body I was going to be laid up for a few days, so I needed to make sure there was something for him to warm up while I was down for the count. “The enchiladas are in the oven….all is good” I said.

Going on day 6 of this evil virus I can finally tell that it is slowly leaving my system and I can’t wait for it to be gone. I’m fed up with my coughing, achy, mucousy self and it seems like nothing I took gave me any relief…all it did was leave me spacey and second guessing if something actually took place.

It was Monday night and I had taken ½ the recommended dose of Nyquil…while speaking with my husband on the phone (he had been out of town for a few days, his mother passed away and he was tying up loose ends), we said good-night and I laid my head down on the couch and continued to watch t.v.  Next thing I remember is calling my dogs in from outside but something caught my attention….it looked as though our back gate leading into the woods was open. I tried to focus….covering one eye with my hand to see if that worked, but I was straining……….next thing I remember is feeling for the gate and hearing the sound of the gate slamming against the lock; I then recall being back inside my house locking the door behind me, lowering the blinds, grabbing the flashlight and placing it at my bedside.  I don’t have any memory of walking out to the gate, I don’t recall if I was cold …. barefoot or if I was even wearing a jacket…I don’t even remember walking back through the grass to my house. I don’t venture out in our backyard at night without a flashlight period…because I’m a scaredy cat so this whole thing just confuses me……what baffles me more was second guessing if that gate was truly open, but then I can hear the gate close loud as day…and if it was open, who opened it?

Monday night will remain a mystery but one thing I do know is I’m staying clear of Nyquil!!



7 thoughts on “My Furkids are about to disown me

  1. Condolences to you and your husband. It was good that you all caught up. She is now in a wonderful place. But not like you at the moment, that Nyquil must be a little bit strong. Might have to put a camera out in the back yard to see what does go on…mind you, don’t be surprised if you are going out there dancing barefoot with the fairies in the garden. THAT will shock the cold right out of you 🙂 Good energy coming over to you! Namaste

    • Thank you Mark 🙂

      Although the camera idea did spark my interest for a few minutes just the thought of what I may be doing while under the influence of Nyquil could be very entertaining I wouldn’t want something like that floating around for years !!!!

      * I heard those fairies can be a little sneaky*

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