Our post Anniversary/Christmas Branson get-away


I have been looking forward to this weekend for months, just getting away with my husband is always nice but normally it’s to Oklahoma to visit his family…..now we were headed to a place that was new to both of us. My co-workers had given me a few ideas, places to go….things to see, my boss actually told me about the place that we were going to be staying at. “You need to stay at the Chateau on the Lake during December its beautiful”, she didn’t have to convince me, one look at the website and I was sold….as well was the hubby “if that’s where you want to stay then book a room”. I was totally on it!!

Chateau on the Lake

The hotel was not only beautiful on the outside it was absolutely breathtaking inside; from the decorations….garland hanging from railing to railing, Poinsettias everywhere you turn, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, stunning gingerbread houses and overlooking the falls was the prettiest nativity scene that I have ever seen……. ohhhh and Santa was there, just “hanging” around!

Chateau on the Lake Nativity 1         Chateau on the Lake Navitity 2

Chateau on the Lake falls 1          Chateau by the Lake Santa           Chateau on the Lake view from 5th floor

Once we settled into our room and walked around the hotel taking in its beauty we headed into town. That’s when the fun began…well more  like “the shopping” began. We found a cute little shopping center called “The Grand Village” it was just adorable and oozed Christmas ………..I LOVED IT!!

“Honey….go shop, find some Santa’s to add to your collection, remember this is part of your Christmas present”

I left with 3 Santa’s and a cute plush penguin……and although things were on sale I spent I think over $200 on my new Christmas items, but he gave me that wink of approval.


Next on our agenda was to see the Dixieland Stampede Christmas dinner show, all I can say was it was AMAZING!! I didn’t expect to cry but I did…more than once, the falling snow…..the story…..and yes they sang Silent Night which brings on the waterworks every time!! We weren’t allowed to take pictures so if you ever get the chance to see the show, please do …. and go on an empty stomach because they load you up on food!!

As we exited the show we walked by all the beautiful horses that were part of the show…..I saw one of the performers with his horse in the stall and what I saw just filled my heart with so much joy. He looked into the horses eyes said thank you and gave his horse such a loving hug….and not just once, three times. Just thinking about it gives me chills. It was just so sweet to see how much he appreciated his friend!

On Saturday we slept in till 8am, this is something my husband NEVER does…..he’s always up by 5:30 no matter what day it is. Once we were dressed and ready to start our day we headed downstairs and had a tasty breakfast and then it was off to see the Titanic museum, my oldest daughter told me that when she went it took her four hours to go through but she is a Titanic fanatic, it took us two hours. Next on our list was to go to Silver Dollar City which is an amusement park, not quite like Disneyland or Magic Mountain….it had a very old-time Knotts Berry Farm feel. While we were there we went on their steam sing a long train ride which at one point during the ride the train slowed to a stop and “Grandpa” told us the story of the birth of Christ….as he began the story; silent night played in the background and I was in trouble…..my eyes began to water…..”Jolene, think of something…sing something…..jingle bells jingle bells…shit, that’s not working….where are my sunglasses….uhhh I can’t cry, not on a train ride” I said to myself. I felt my husband take my hand and heard him sniffle…. it was getting to him too. Needless to say, you wouldn’t get this at Magic Mountain or Disneyland….Grandpa rocked it!!

We decided to take in a show and saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” …. it was either that or the Dickens Christmas Carol and I am glad we choose to see what we saw, I have always loved this story so to see it in person was just amazing. …………….after the show we were greeted by a sight that would take anyone’s breath away. There were Christmas lights everywhere…..on every building….on every tree!! I was in Christmas heaven!! They say there are five million lights through out the park!

xmas in branson

SDC lights 1               SDC lights 2

SDC lights 5                SDC lights 6

SDC lights 3

We stayed until the place closed…..we never changed into the thermals that we brought with us, I don’t know why….I think I was in that place where I didn’t care, the beauty in front of me was so overwhelming that the falling temps (30 degrees) didn’t bother me until we were in line to get on the bus to take us back to our car. Once back in our room, I think it only took me a few minutes snuggled up in bed to whisk off into dreamland……next thing I know it was morning and that meant that it was time to go home. I was ready though, we both missed the furkids and boy did they miss us…………..we were welcomed home with wet sloppy furkid kisses!!!

It was a wonderful weekend ……….. and to top it off, the Packers kicked some Bear ass!!!

(ok barely, but we won and that’s all that matters)


2 thoughts on “Our post Anniversary/Christmas Branson get-away

  1. It looks like you really had a great time. I love all the lights!! And the literally hanging Santa is cracking me up! Lol. You had a very wonderful experience 🙂

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