I’m calling Santa on you


“Do not open your gift until you call me first”, this is something my children know to do when they get something in the mail from me and as of yesterday I thought my sister knew that to….. I mean I DID tell her to call me.

For me,  it has something to do with hearing them struggle to get all the duct tape off the box, tearing into their neatly wrapped gift …to then hear a bunch of “ohhhhs and ahhhhs” followed by “ohhh myyy goshhhh thankkkkk youuuuu”. I would close my eyes and I would instantly see their beautiful smiles as I continued to hear their excitement about what they received.

I sent a text message to my sister yesterday afternoon telling her that her Christmas present was set to arrive later that day and to call me before she opens it.

“Ok I will” was her response.

In my head I had it all planned out…. she would call me……while she fought to tear off the crazy amount of duct tape I used to seal the box, then she would find a cute Christmas box addressed to her inside and as she picked it up out of the box she would left the lid and see a brand new Coach purse, then as she was in the middle of her “ohhh and ahhs” I would tell her to check the side pocket……and when she did she would see two little Pandora charms; a little sis charm and a snowflake charm.

This isn’t how it went down.

While I was working I was interrupted by the theme song of “Friends”,  it was my sister calling ….. her box must have arrived …. now it was time to hear her reaction.

“Thank you ….ohhh my God Thank you for my present!!! I can’t believe you got me a Coach purse”

“You opened your gift? I told you to call me” I was annoyed…more so then I should have been but I was tired.

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I got excited” she said nonchalantly

I was glad that she liked her present but I was bummed that she didn’t call first.

“Did you look in the  pocket?”

“No?? why”

(fighting back the annoyance)

“This is why I wanted you to call me …… look in the pocket”

“Ohhh cool, I have more charms to put on my bracelet. I can’t wait to tell Phil about my purse!! ”

“I wished you would have called me first, I sent you a message and you even replied that you would” …..

“I just got overwhelmed when I saw the box, haha”

“I’m calling Santa on you”

We spoke for a couple of minutes longer and then I had to let her go, but before I put my phone down I texted my daughter Ann quickly. “WHEN YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE, PLEASE  CALL ME BEFORE YOU OPEN IT”.

“OK” she replied. I knew I didn’t have to worry about her though…..just like I didn’t have to worry about Marie (her sister) when her Christmas present arrived a few days ago.  “Mom I think something broke inside the box?” Marie had said…. “Haha, no it’s fake snow, the box must have flipped over in transit”.



This is the box I sent Marie’s gifts in, I placed a bunch of fake snow at the bottom of the box and placed her presents on top, I wanted to give it a Christmasy feel!! …..I think what she got was a snowy mess but she LOVED it and that’s all that matters.


10 thoughts on “I’m calling Santa on you

  1. So sorry to bum you out about the Christmas gift I will call from now on lol! I will have the boys call you before they open there’s too They are already wondering what is in those boxes. I do love the Christmas box my gift was in! I love you sis!

  2. I like your style, Jolene. It is wonderful to want to be there phone-side to hear the opening of the gift you thought so long and hard about before sending. Nice. By the way, I see by the comments posted already you let your sis off the hook pretty quick. Just saying.

    • hahahaha….yeah I know but she’s the only sister I have and this was her first offense…..and it’s Christmas……and I’m well rested…..and….hhahahaha…. come to think of it, shit….I did let her off easy!!!

  3. I get that. Next time dont tell them to wait. send them something stupid in the mail. Call back the day after it gets there just to chit chat and keep mentioning how excited you are about the gift you got for them and talk about how you cant wait to see the look on there face.

    I enjoy seeing or even hearing there excitement more so than receiving a gift from anybody.

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