An Andy Griffith Intervention


Once Opie (yes as in Opie Taylor, from the Andy Griffith Show) apologized to his father for sabotaging Andy’s relationship with the blonde nurse and good ole Andy reassured Opie that no one can come between their father/son bond…..all was well in Mayberry  once more.


I lifted my head off my husbands lap and said,

“Honey, ya know the world would be a better place if everyone watched the Andy Griffith show”, he laughed.  “Seriously though, think about it……if the prisons and jails only showed this show and if the gang infested neighborhoods only received this show in their homes…..just think about how it may turn some of those people around…it would be kinda like an Andy Griffith intervention!!”



The hubby smiled, said he loved me……and gave me one of those “you’re silly” looks. The more and more that I thought about it, the more convinced that I became that I was seriously onto something amazing!…..there’s no violence well unless Barney gets himself in a little pickle, the show doesn’t shove some unrealistic Leave it To Beaver goody two shoes family down your throat…. Andy is a single parent who makes it work,the show promotes old fashion values with a good lesson at the end of every episode, there is no sexual innuendos seeping out of the mouths of the people of Mayberry. The show simply just warms your heart and honestly, I have caught myself saying “I wish I had a dad like Andy Taylor”.

Now, before you go and think that living in the country really has done in this Valley Girl…let me explain. My husband is fourteen years older than I am and from time to time he likes to watch shows from “his childhood” like Bonanza, Gun Smoke and The Andy Griffith Show; at first I wasn’t really into these oldie but goodies because well…..I thought they were cheesy. It wasn’t until I actually sat and watched a couple of episodes and gave them a chance that I actually started to enjoy them. So, practically every night after dinner we sit and watch a few episodes of The Andy Griffith show….I’m hooked and the hubby knows it.


12 thoughts on “An Andy Griffith Intervention

    • LOL…..not doing what you’re implying….for Christs sake the Andy Griffith Show was on!!! hahahaha….we were cuddling and while my head was on his lap he was running his fingers through my hair. We were having a moment!! hahaha

  1. I love that you are into the OLDIES. Andy lived right on around the corner from me. Very nice he was on TV,but very safely kept to himself in real life. In HS sports, we play Manteo and occasionally he would come sit. His good ole friend would/still does rowl the crowd for both sides..Andy would just shake his head and smile. Manteo would get right upset with his friend. But to the opposing teams, it was all in good spirit.
    Andy sure left a legacy of goodness and wholesomeness.
    IF only life was lived like Aunt B taught us….IF ONLY….

    • Ohhhh no, I’m not the Aunt Bea type…hahhaa

      Hoss…that’s the BIG guy right?? I haven’t watched many episodes of Bonanza to even remember if he’s a teddy bear or a grizzly bear…hahaha. I just glance up from my Nook from time to time to see what’s going on. haha

      • Yeah, Hoss is the BIG guy. Little Joe is Michael Landon, and … I remember way too much about the Ponderosa, the name of the ranch in Bonanza. I used to watch it with my Dad. Way, way, back, Jolene, and thanks for reminding me of those comfort times.

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