Baby, it’s cold outside!

Not sure about you but we were pretty much stuck inside the house since Thursday night because of some wicked winter weather….the furkids were in for a rude awakening the next morning when they had to go outside to take care of their “business” only to be greeted with a layer of ice beneath their paws. Lily turned her little furry bottom around and walked back inside and Dart looked a bit confused, I could only imagine what he was probably thinking “WTF is this? what happened to my yard?”

I knew I would have to brave the cold with them, so I bundled up and prayed to God that I wouldn’t slip!!

“Lily, Dart …..please go potty….Mommy is freeezzzzing”

Finally they were headed  back towards the door…..slipping and sliding trying to get their footing. It was the funniest thing ever!!


I would have thought that I would have been bored out of my mind being stuck in the house for 4 whole days but the hubby and I kept each other entertained …..and warm.  🙂

I read a few books …..

I made brownies ……had an overwhelming craving for chocolate!!

Played fetch with Lily I swear a hundred times…..played hide and seek aka “find mommy” with the furkids a few times.

and by Sunday evening they were WORE OUT!!



7 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

    • hahahaha….That’s Dart!! my husband would have to mow the lawn quite often because Dart hated when the grass would poke him in the butt …hahaha……

      I had to find some grassy spots this past weekend so they can do their business……talk about picky!!

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