This is NOT what I ordered!!

One thing that I love about winter is that I get to wear my sweaters and then on occasion I will see a sweater that I just HAVE to buy….like this one. I saw it on Pinterest…..I envisioned myself wearing this sweater with jeans ( or black pants) and my black boots. I clicked on the picture and it took me to the American Eagle site, ok so the price was a little high but I convinced myself that I deserved it….plus it had penguins on it and I just LOVE penguins. Click…click….sweater was ordered, now all I had to do was wait.


Saturday morning the sweater arrived, I pulled it out of the package and was so disappointed. “What the heck is this?”I said out loud. The sweater was more like a crop sweater, not long as shown on the site…..and I ordered a medium….this was more like an XXXL…..I grabbed my tablet just to look at the picture on the stores website. The sweater shown went pass her hips and was form fitting.   As you can see…….there is nothing form fitting about this sweater.


My husband asked to see the sweater, “It’s going back” I told him. He examined it …. and then looked at the picture online. “The model must be 5 foot tall because there is no way this sweater would look like that on me, it would probably come up to my hips…not over it” I said totally frustrated. He agreed.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be ……


5 thoughts on “This is NOT what I ordered!!

  1. yeah…they stretched that bi*** OUT… around the neck…put her tiny tail in a LARGE. You walk in cant hardly see where ya going anyway. (crowded with clothes) And lord forbid you try going in abercrobie…its DARK in there and the music …our age group goes in with hearing and comes out deaf. NOW..takeme to Lord and Taylor…just let me feel the marble floor and smell the inside for at least 20 steps…IM GOOD!

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