Really… you’re bringing our furboy into this?


“Honey did you get your flu shot today?” my husband asked.

Urgh, really he’s bringing this up again…..what does “I am not getting it because shots freak me out” mean? we had this conversation sitting in the doctor’s office last week and of course he is Pro flu shot where I am NOT… why is he bringing it up now?

“No, I didn’t get the flu shot today, but like I mentioned last week… I’m not getting it”

“You need to get it, stop being a baby and get the shot” he said.

“I’m not getting the shot, I have never had the flu shot ….. I just don’t like things being injected into me, it weirds me out”

By this time I’m getting a little annoyed. If I don’t want the shot then leave it alone …..  but he thought he would be cute and bring our furboy into this.

“Dart, mommy is being a big baby…she’s afraid of getting a little shot. What do you think Dart, is mommy being silly”…..really??

“Get the shot”  he was now putting his foot down.

“You’re not my dad and if you were I still wouldn’t get it!!” and walked into the kitchen to pour me a glass of wine.

I know he means well…..but I don’t push certain things with him so I expect the same in return and plus, I just read an article about a mother who claims the flu shot is responsible for her son’s death, there was also the NFL cheerleader, Desiree Jennings who had a horrible reaction to the shot and now has a neurological disorder called dystonia which is due to the seasonal flu vaccine.

I realize that I may not have that type of reaction….I just may have a sore arm for a day or two and possibly get sick a few days, but why bring on something that I necessarily don’t have the time for? granted my husband didn’t get sick after his flu shot ….. but that’s not saying I won’t.

I just might grab a stinkin Band-Aid from the nurses station, put it on my arm and when Mr.Flu Shot officer asks me again I will pull my sleeve up and show him the band-aid…..but I’m NOT getting a stupid shot, never ever!!


2 thoughts on “Really… you’re bringing our furboy into this?

  1. I never get the flu shot, nor do certain family members who are in the health field (registered nurse) – I don’t think it’s necessary for already healthy people. Maybe when I’m old, or if I ever come down with some auto-immune disease, but honestly I trust my body to fight off the flu on it’s own.

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