Dear Santa…..


Last night as I was nose deep in an amazing book my husband turned to me and asked,

“Have you written your letter to Santa yet?” 

(laughing) “No, not yet ….but I’ve already mentioned to “Santa” what I would like for Christmas”

“Well, Santa is getting kind of old and forgetful so you may want to write it down for him” 

This is when I had to practice that saying “think before you speak” because I wanted to say something soooooo bad but I refrained.

“Santa seems to selectively remember certain things, but I do recall while we were having my ring cleaned you wanted some ideas come Christmas time and I showed you some necklaces that caught my eye”

“Santa doesn’t remember,  he’s getting old and someday you will understand this….. so write him a list and include pictures” 

Ok….I will play along, how could I resist that handsome face anyways…….but it didn’t stop me from thinking about those times when I was younger when I wrote Santa letters but come Christmas morning I didn’t get what I wrote down but looked on while my sister played with Fisher Prices newest doll. As years went by I noticed my sister would show my parents what she wanted and she would get it, so I tore out a picture of a camera that I wanted and placed it on their fridge…………it was there for years, it’s probably still there. I never got the camera…..and no it wasn’t expensive, shit it was on sale!!

I thought I would share the letter that I wrote to “Santa”.

Dear Santa,

It’s been awhile since I sat down and wrote you a letter…..but I have no doubt that you would forget me…cute, pony-tailed, sweet, Barbie lovin little girl always wanting the newest Barbie doll and my letters would always include a quick message for the elves and Mrs.Claus ending with my signature in purple crayon.


I am pretty sure there is an age limit to whose letters get through to you, but considering my husband thought that I should write you a list of what I wanted for Christmas then I better not put it off much longer seeing that you are on a deadline. I have a feeling that I have peeked your curiosity and you are sending your main elf to bring you THE BOOK. I can tell you that there is no need for that, because Santa I have been very nice and very very naughty but in the way Mrs. Claus is with you.. not in the bad I push the elderly down kind of way, but in a very good naughty way.

Diamond heart necklace or Princess Cut Pendant Necklace

heart      princess cut nordstroms

Apple® – iPhone® 5 with 32GB Memory Mobile Phone – White & Silver (Sprint)

Iphone 5

Gift Card to Hobby Lobby

Cute slippers (size 8) — because my husband tells me everyday that I need slippers.

Thank you Santa,



19 thoughts on “Dear Santa…..

    • Hahaa…..
      I don’t think I will be seeing the IPhone 5 under the Christmas tree……we may wait till it’s my time to renew for a new phone which is in June….but I put it on the list, just to see. hahaha….

    • Well Mark….I WAS tempted to put it on there but as much as I would LOVE to have a cool fancy camera, we have a couple cameras already (not fancy) and plus I use my phone to take pictures anyways.


      • Yeah, I wouldn’t know what to do with a fancy camera either. The iPhone works just fine for me. (Although some of the shots I post on my blog, OY!) FYI I had my wife tell me her Santa wish list while I had my iPad out and the Notes app open.

        • well….I mentioned to my husband that I was a little surprised that he didn’t write things down over the last 9 months considering he jots down notes in his phone all the time!!!! hahaha I do because I know I will forget.

        • well……we shall see 🙂
          I’m not going to say anything ….. Santa has the list hahaha….although, I wanted to see how creative he could be. Anything is better than receiving some britney spears perfume and some cheesy penguin necklace…..won’t mention who got me that a couple years back, but I think you are smart enough to figure it out. hahaha

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