Thirty-six ….and no that’s NOT my age


36 as in thirty-six more days till Christmas, urgh….I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet , have you?? every year I tell myself that I need to get a jump start on Christmas shopping but I never listen to myself and I always find myself buying things at the last minute or finding more things to throw in the kids stocking. I can’t do that THIS year because my children and I won’t be together this Christmas…….Scott and Marie will be in California celebrating with their father and Ann will be spending Christmas with her boyfriend in Nebraska.

It will be a little sad not having them around but I knew that eventually they would grow up and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. So…….instead of presents under the tree and stockings filled with candy and trinkets I have to fill up a box that hopefully, when they get it will give them a little sense of home. Moms home.

While at Hobby Lobby I wasn’t sure if I should buy them stockings and fill them up with goodies or just send them gift cards, but that’s just not ME……….I can’t JUST send them gift cards for Christmas!! When they open their box they need to feel Christmas, but I don’t want them to be disappointed either.

~remembering when I was their age and I got some Christian mints and a bible~

I want to be creative ….. but yet not cheesy. Maybe I will spend some time on Pinterest tonight and come up with some cute ideas…’s not as easy as it use to be when they would supply me with a Christmas list and I would carefully budget around making Santa come out on top once again!!

…………and aside from the kids I have to think of something to get the hubby and even though I have a few things in mind, I keep hearing “I don’t want anything….it’s not about the presents”.  Last year we didn’t give each other anything because we got married and we were moving…well I was moving. The furkids did get him a few things but that’s because it would just feel weird (to me)for him not to have something to open on Christmas morning…..but what to get a guy who pretty much has everything?  ~ he did mention something to me the other day about me dressing up as a slutty little elf, I wonder where I can get a slutty little elf costume?

Urgh…..that reminds me, the furkids!!  Lily HAS to get a new Christmas dress and Dart needs a cute Santa outfit!!  Maybe if Sami cooperates she will let me put a Santa hat on her and I can get a group photo of them!!


8 thoughts on “Thirty-six ….and no that’s NOT my age

  1. Every year I tell myself that I need to start Christams shopping in October. I have yet to do that but I did buy my doaughter 1 of her Christmas gifts. Now, I just have to go out and buy the rest of her’s and the rest of the family their gifts. Well at least I know what to expect when I am out and about going foward. Lots of People!

  2. omg.. mean santa use to leave them lifesaver books..seriously. But can I say, (such an embarrassing moment) that I became so in love with the butter-rum lifesavers. those darn things are so hard to find…I also remember getting a flipping TAPE RECORDER-the five pushbutton kind..(LOL)..I had entered the CLICHE ! NOW? I gotta wait in the cold to get a flipping PS4…gullible I tell ya..

  3. I officially started my Christmas shopping today…which means I’m early! My oldest won’t be spending Christmas at home either…getting sad just thinking about it.
    Slutty elf costume huh? Let me know if u find one 🙂

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