Bad case of the Mondays


I thought by visiting Hobby Lobby (at lunch) and roaming the Christmas aisles would cure my Mondayitis. I was wrong. I must clearly have a bad case of the Mondays because I don’t ever remember leaving that store empty handed.

I knew exactly when I came down with Mondayitis……I stepped on the scale at work and noticed that I didn’t lose one gosh dang pound, I didn’t gain either but I clearly thought that I would jump on the scale and be pleasantly surprised….I was so wrong. “Shit I should have had that dang brownie!!” I thought to myself…. What’s the point of nearly starving myself and working out if I don’t even see some kind of results??  Ok….yes, my jeans are getting looser but still…I like to see it in the numbers!!!  I like to see that my lack of carb intake is at least doing something besides making me cranky!!

It didn’t end there …… I don’t know about you but I believe that if you are going to turn in paperwork to a facility it shouldn’t have any evidence of what you had to eat for …..the last few days. What you present to someone else……torn, wrinkled, coffee and chicken grease stained (I believe) is a reflection of you. I would never hand in an application or letter that looked as though it had been lying on the bottom of my trash can for a week.

I’m not the only one that came down with Mondayitis, my daughter Ann called me on her lunch break to vent about a co-worker. Poor thing is new to the adventures of Cubeville and let me tell you after listening to her…. I don’t miss having to submerge myself in a room full of moody ass-hormonal women who I swear still act like they are in high school. “Mom, I just want to tell her that she’s being a bitch!!”, I explained to her that that wouldn’t be a wise thing to do……she’s a newbie and has to earn her stripes, like I had to do A LONG time ago. “Now, you know why I would come home in a bad mood …..those women would wear me out!!” I told her.  I dreaded going to work sometimes, you had no idea who was going to be on the boss’s shit list for the week or if the person sitting in the next cubicle was going to rat you out for glancing at your cellphone!!

I’m blessed to work at a place where everyone gets along …… we are weasel free!!


6 thoughts on “Bad case of the Mondays

    • OMG you’re right!!! MEN are worse….I use to work in a factory back in the day doing clerical, but the men were so loud and WHINEY!!! these big burly -don’t want to be caught alone in an alley-type men were always bitching and moaning about such and such doing something or another ……it was the funniest thing!!

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