Date night on a Monday?

Yep…. who said date nights had to be saved for Friday and Saturday nights?

After work I met my husband at Chili’s, as we sat eyeing the menu we caught each other up on our day ….his seemed more exciting than mine; our new (well used) riding lawn mower stopped working …… the edger for our lawn fizzled out and an impromptu trip to Home Depot to switch out the edger took place.  He also showed me some new things he discovered on his new phone but all I noticed was his font on his phone was EXTRA LARGE……..and yes, I couldn’t help but throw an “old” joke his way. “Just you wait, I thought the same thing when I was your age (he’s 54) things go downhill once you turn forty…just you wait!!” he laughed.

I barely ate anything on my plate …… with every bite I took, I kept thinking of the weight loss challenge being held at work and the fact that I have already lost 6 pounds; I couldn’t afford to fall backwards and gain a pound or two back. Thankfully my husband was there to finish the other half of my burger.

After dinner we headed on over to the movie theater to see Last Vegas  boy let me tell you …………..there was hardly anyone there and I loved it!!  We settled into our seats, enjoyed some upcoming previews and spent the next hour and a half enjoying a great movie!!!  ~ you must see it!!!

Once the movie was finished we headed back to his car …… in unison we both yawned “geez….it must be past our bedtime, what is it 9:30?” I said mid yawn.  We jumped into the car and headed on over to the Chili’s parking lot to pick up my car. As he pulled up to my car, it kind of felt like old times when we were dating (ten years ago)……. I looked over at him and said “kinda feels like a real date with you dropping me off at my car and all” ……he smiled and said “well, I have your number….I’ll give you a call sometime”, I laughed and told him I’d see him at home.

Driving home I recalled those dates nights we had back in the day ….. I will tell you this, I never heard “I will give you a call sometime” ….. I made sure of that!!


18 thoughts on “Date night on a Monday?

    • What’s wrong with Chili’s?? hahaha….. do you know something i don’t??
      Actually……he wanted to take advantage of the Veterans Day special!!
      ….no trips to the closet…..we were in bed cuddling by 10:20 and asleep by 10:25!! haha

    • I agree, many couples just get complacent and seldom go out on date nights. Doing things together (besides sitting on the couch vegging out) outside of the home is so important.

  1. Monday is the BEST day for date night.
    i mean, then Monday is something to look forward to!
    less wait (Fridays & Saturdays can be troublesome…)
    …a married couple i know have had date night on a Monday for YEARS!
    sweet post

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