Yep!!! my nephews have the best Aunt ever!!! ~ ME


That’s right I rock!!! well according to my nephew who totally LOVED his “belated” birthday gift that I sent him. I picked out an awesome gift that I knew deep down  he would enjoy….well I crossed my fingers and toes in high hopes that he would love it!!

I didn’t want to buy him any Marvel Comic or Star War figurines plus between him and his brother they probably had enough to fill up Gotham City ten times over!!  and I couldn’t see buying this boy more bay blades, I still have no idea what they are and why he finds these small noisy things entertaining. There was no way I was going to buy him a video game because he spends too much time already playing those games…………… I thought a fun board game would be a great gift!! one that would make him think, one that would stir up those creative young juices and be entertaining!!

This picture says it all ….. plus my sister told me that he played with it last night and brought it down first thing this morning!!!



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