I truly miss my IPhone 4




Last year I switched from the IPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy two and at first I really liked it. I even spoke the words “This is so much better then the IPhone” because at one point I did enjoy the large screen and all the new dodads that come with operating some new techy equipment.

Since I wasn’t using the IPhone anymore I sent it onto my sister considering she was having issues with her own IPhone….I wasn’t going to just give it to just anyone….shit I paid enough for it, over $250. After awhile, I felt a little tug …. I missed my IPhone….it was pretty, I was able to organize pictures in folders, it had that little “ding” that reminded me of the sound I heard while flying, I was able to take pictures of the screen by just pushing a button (i can’t do that with this phone), I missed the opportunity to listen to my music list that I had on my ITunes, I was able to see when another IPhone user was texting me back…I just missed it, but I pushed my feelings aside…..I had a nice phone, I needed to stop being a baby.

I knew I shouldn’t have ever given my IPhone 3 to a co-worker, but I was being nice…..she had broken hers earlier that morning and financially she couldn’t afford a new phone. SOOOO, the nice person that I am told her that I had a phone that I wasn’t using and she could use it, DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID???? a couple days later I noticed that she was sporting a phone, a new phone….not the IPhone I gave her. She told me she traded my IPhone in for the one she was now sporting……I smiled but inside I was pissed!!!  Kinda still am.

Well, months have passed and I am still missing the IPhone…. and after being around my relatives this past weekend; who all had IPhones  just confirmed to me that I am going to go back to the IPhone. I just like the format, I like what it has to offer……. I spoke with my sister about my stupid desire to have an IPhone again and she told me she would send mine back, since she has a new phone and no longer was using the IPhone I gave her.

~I know this is stupid…..but I’m excited…..so excited that I already went and purchased a pretty case for it, now I’m just waiting for the phone.




9 thoughts on “I truly miss my IPhone 4

  1. I can’t believe your co-worker swapped it for another phone… I’d say you’re well within your rights to be pissed.

    Also. I just got the Galaxy S4; it’s literally still in the box. But after reading this I feel like returning it!

    • hahaha…don’t return it you may like it….I’m just an IPhone girl and I just couldn’t believe how much I’ve missed it.

      The co-worker no longer works here…..so i can’t say anything anymore ….it’s a good thing!!

      • The 5 is longer from ear to mouth. For some reason it will cut you off (end a call) at nothing OR start trying to FaceTime the other person while you are talking. I hate this phone as far as size. The battery isn’t as good either.
        As for anything positive? Lighter.
        I loved my 4. It was perfect.
        They have all gone iOS 7. It’s always updating. But if you are going iPhone that’s what you have to look fwd too.
        Get your 4 back. I would wait to upgrade. My brother is all into apple. Accd to him, there is a 6 coming out soon. Go figure.

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