A bittersweet weekend

On Saturday the hubby and I were Oklahoma bound ….we were on our way to celebrate his mothers 91st birthday and our great nephews 7th birthday.  During our five hour trip we stopped off at an adorable winery called Wiederkehr wine cellars and picked up some of my favorite wines……five bottles to be exact then we drove through a horrible thunderstorm ……which I wish I had a bottle opener because a bottle of wine would have calmed my nerves a great deal but I read instead and by the time we reached the hotel I had finished the book.

As we were unloading the suitcase I noticed that my travel bag wasn’t in the back seat. I thought…well hoped that the hubby stuffed it in the suitcase just to save space. It wasn’t until we were in our room that I decided to touch up my make-up and hair. “Honey is my carry on bag in the suitcase?”, the look on his face told me the answer……he apologized and told him he will watch some football while I go down the street to Walgreens. $57 dollars and 40 minutes later I was back in our room touching myself up!!

The party was held at our nieces house and boy did she out do herself….talk about Pinterest done right!!!  I’ve seen these crafty food/party ideas on Pinterest but with my less than crafty self I would have botched it up somehow. Within minutes of our arrival the house filled up with 15 little kids running all over the place, parents were stuck in the corners  conversing with one another and I caught up with the ones that I hadn’t seen in awhile.



Later on in the evening after the kids left, the remaining family members gathered around momma and celebrated her. Presents and warm wishes were given … I could tell the disease that plagued momma was consuming her more and more, she now sat in a wheel chair and stared at people trying hard to remember who they were. It was sad but no one led on  what we all knew was happening to this amazing woman who has touched our lives in more than one way.

Momma,Sherry,Ashley and me

Momma,Sherry,Ashley and me

Momma grew tired through out the evening…even grabbing my husband and telling him good-night. “ok momma good night” and within minutes she was sound asleep in her wheelchair.

The next morning we gathered at my sister in-laws house for brunch and headed home about an hour later. It was a nice trip ….. but I knew just by the look on my husbands face that he worried about his momma, I reached over and held his hand as we drove in silence for a little while.








2 thoughts on “A bittersweet weekend

  1. I wish I could be one of these women who wins at Pinterest. I also wish there was one time in my life– every– that I purchased 5 bottles of wine at one time. But if I did this it would mean a bottle of wine a night for the next five nights. Just kidding…………. mostly.

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s mother, that is so difficult to walk through– especially when everyone is aware of what’s going on 😦 I’m glad you all were able to get together and make some memories though, that’s the most important thing.

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