I was so close to dusting off my Packer gear and painting my face Green and Gold !!


Why couldn’t I be some selfish bitch who is an “all about me” kinda gal and could care less about our finances……shit, I felt guilty just buying a bra and some warm pajamas today….. ohhh and a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte. It’s not like we are penny-pinching but still.

See, yesterday a friend of ours told me that she has 2 extra tickets to go to the Packer / Eagle game on November 10th in Green Bay, Wisconsin!! The price for the tickets are $250 each ….. well, of course I got super excited just thinking about setting foot back at Lambeau Field and just taking in the whole experience……but besides the cost of the tickets there would be added expenses like  the cost to travel to Wisconsin, kenneling the furkids, of course buying some new Packer apparel…. plus this would also give me the chance to spend a day with my sister and her family.  I looked at my husband with a huge grin telling him about this Packer fun-filled weekend that could be ours for JUST $500. He didn’t say no  but he didn’t say yes either……but after I really thought about it,  I couldn’t see us spending close to $1000 after all was said and done.

I continued to silently think about this all night and well into the  morning…… this would be such an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary/Christmas and my 40th birthday (which isn’t until January) ….kinda like huge combo celebration.

While standing in line at TJ Maxx, contemplating whether or not I REALLY needed a new bra and warm fuzzy pj’s I checked my phone and saw a message come through from my husband.

“Honey, if you really want to go, ok- just understand that it will be a Christmas/birthday/anniversary rolled into one-tkts plus travel plus dog kennel will be over $1000”

I wanted to scream “I’m going to the Packer game bitches” while jumping up and down. He SAID yes!!…well, he said “ok” and for a brief moment I was already planning on what I was going to wear…I was going to call my sister to tell her to expect us that Friday night and I was already preparing what I was going to tell my boss. Then reality hit…..yeah, I REALLY wanted to go…that was true….but I also

would REALLY love for my son to get over his fear of airports and fly to see me for the holidays.

I would REALLY love for all my kids to come see me for Christmas

I would REALLY love a good camera to take some really beautiful fall pictures.

I would REALLY love to go hog wild at Hobby Lobby and buy tons of Christmas decorations.

I would REALLY love to do a lot of things, like to be seated in section 114 row seat 44 in Lambeau field but I have to be that responsible smart person…..it’s NOT all about me….so I replied back to my husband that there would be other opportunities to go to a game but right now it wouldn’t be financially smart….a minute later he replied “I love you too”.


16 thoughts on “I was so close to dusting off my Packer gear and painting my face Green and Gold !!

    • well……I AM coming down with something….but yeah I know. I WOULD LOVE to go……the last time I went was with the “youngin” and my parents….he was given luxury box seats and the experience was AMAZING!!! I haven’t had the chance to see the stadium since they remodeled it. It would have been fun to go with our friends…..Tammy is a Packer fan as well…..her husband is a Eagles fan I think, but my hubby is a Cowboy fan.

  1. But the feeling of that decision felt right within, didn’t it. Yes, of course you wanted to go, but your thoughts to others was stronger and felt right to you. That is listening to your truth. Well done! And as you said, other times, other places specifically because you put yourself out for others. And you will appreciate them all the more when those things do arrive. (By the way, even though I’m an Australian, I follow the 49’ers 🙂 ).

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