Every pup needs 3 costumes for Halloween!!

With Halloween just around the corner I made sure that my furkids were set. I originally bought Lily a Lady Bug costume and Dart was going to be Frankenstein……..but then I walked into PetSmart last month and picked up 2 more costumes for them, because well one isn’t enough, right??

PhotoGrid_1379025899729   PhotoGrid_1379025827097

Well…..then yesterday when I got home there was a package on my front door and wouldn’t you know ……. more costumes for the furkids, it was as if Christmas had arrived early!!

Thank you Lisa!!!!! 

Miss Lily, as Witchy poo

Lily lily1


and ….. Dart as Hugh Hefner, he LOVES his pipe!!

20131021_172913  20131021_173427


Decisions, Decisions ……..  I’m thinking they will have to do several costume changes throughout the evening!!


5 thoughts on “Every pup needs 3 costumes for Halloween!!


    The Witch costume is so much cuter on than I ever thought! HOW FUNNY!!
    I will go back closer to next week and see what is on sale. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

    My God…I feel I am connected to these dogs…. 😀

    • well they LOVE their Auntie Lisa….Dart can’t part with his pipe, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

      Someone asked me the silliest question the other day he said “Why do you dress your dogs?”….. I said “because I can and they love it”….. he said “how do you know they love it”….. I said “because I DO …a momma just knows!!” ….dumbass!!

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