Daily Prompt: Sad but true


Sixteen years ago (give or take a few months) after the birth of my son I was in serious need of losing some weight. My weight loss was slow….but I was watching what I ate and going to the gym but I hit a plateau after a while. As frustrating as that was…..I still trudged on but at times fell weakness to the good old Quarter Pounder with cheese or Snicker bar (damn chocolate).

One afternoon, the kids and I went to my parents house to go on a pontoon ride around the lake….. the kids gathered up front, my mom sat in her usual spot, my sister found a spot next to my kids and I claimed the seat in the back, behind the driver’s seat. My dad started up the boat ….but nothing happened, he started it up again, the motor strained.

My dad got up and made his way to the back of the boat…..without hesitation he said “Jolene why don’t you go sit upfront, your weighing down the boat”. His comment stung….at the time I was too hurt to say anything. What I wanted to do was call him an ass and make reference to his beer belly…..but I grabbed my towel and made my way to the front of the boat.

What was keeping the boat from moving was a bunch of weeds stuck in the propeller, but do you think he apologized? …… no

I did end up losing a lot of weight….but the unhealthy way, which was taking double the amount of Phentermine and not eating, but the judgmental words of my father haunted me.


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24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sad but true

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  6. I think that weight shouldn’t be something we should be ashamed of, especially after giving birth:) But I understand what you are saying, I feel bad good people feel ashamed of such things. There are so many bad people, with negative behaviours – I could make a list of all the things they should feel bad about – like bulling, racism, ignorance.
    Anyhow, I never got why, if any of my parents tell me something negative, it hurts much worse then if anyone else says it. I chose to ignore it, even if it hurts many times. Life is too short:P

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  8. Those were cruel words from your father.
    When I was traveling in Vietnam and taking lots of motorcycle taxis they would frequently comment on how “big” I was– or if they couldn’t express it in English they would just make hand gestures.
    PS I had ice cream for lunch.

  9. Parents never know when to zip it! My Mom has criticized me since I can remember… she has never stopped. I told her once how her words have made me self conscious and she shrugged it off like she didn’t understand why I was making a big deal. Whoa! I have tough skin, but parents always know exactly what to say that will stick forever in our brains.

    • I totally agree…..I would get on my ex-husband (kids father) when he would call my daughter fat or say that no guys will ever want to date her because she was overweight or that she will only attract certain type of me……I laid into him so many times!! those are hurtful words……things our daughters will never forget.

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