Behind closed doors ~ not an ordinary Saturday.

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It started off as  just an ordinary Saturday, I was doing laundry, the housekeeper was cleaning the kitchen and the hubby was outside catching up on college football on the laptop. We were just keeping busy and trying to stay out of the housekeepers way…..I noticed that the hubby went into our room and was fiddling around in the closet, I followed.

“Close the door” he said with a flirtatious smile.

I smiled back and shut the closet door. I knew just by the look he gave me that we were about to have some serious fun. He grabbed me and kissed me passionately…..who knew my sweatshirt and yoga pant get up had turned him on. He took a handful of my hair and pushed me down to my knees to meet the hardness that was yearning to escape from the confines of his jeans.

“My little whore wants some of that doesn’t she?”

I nodded…….I couldn’t resist. I took all of it. There is just something behind the way he commands me that makes me burn with a desire just to please him, but this experience was different. We had to remain quiet, we couldn’t ….well I couldn’t let out a cry of ecstasy when he would bite my neck or while his hands explored my body, I could only let out a whispered plea to give me what I longed for. “Please ….. please sir”

“Does my little naughty slut want to be *ucked?” ….. yes, I whispered.

He bent me over and gave me what I have been yearning for.

After our little romp in our closet we let out a little laugh…..he kissed my lips and said  “you’re naughty”.

I gave him an innocent flirty look and said “ohhh honey, I’m not the naughty one”.

Truth is, we both are….hahaha….. I love spontaneous moments like this. It certainly keeps things exciting in our marriage.


3 thoughts on “Behind closed doors ~ not an ordinary Saturday.

    • well…… his team didn’t play till much later and they lost!!! ……I just want to believe it was my morning hair-yoga pant-sweatshirt combo that did him in. HAHAHA.

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