Would you pay to be cuddled?

Well, if you answered yes to this then there is a place in Madison, Wisconsin that you can go to have someone hold you. Here’s the kicker…the price for your cuddle session ranges from $60 an hour for a single hug, $120 for a double hug (whatever that is, maybe you’re sandwiched in between two bodies…kinda like an innocent form of a threesome) and over $400 to be cuddled by a complete stranger overnight.

An article came out about this Cuddles R Us and  I was curious, who were these high paying huggers? I went to their site…. The Snuggle House and I noticed that these huggers are quite attractive……well, besides the man who looks like a well maintained hippie. I can see how this could possibly attract some perve or those that have a hard time finding a cuddle partner of their own.

I understand their touch therapy method but I can go to a massage therapist and get the same results without the personal closeness of a stranger. I just find this concept quite strange…….because I know when I cuddle with my husband I feel a closeness to him, I want more………..and even before I was with my husband and was submerged in the whole dating scene, there were times that “we can just cuddle” led to more.

Maybe the Snuggle House is legit …. maybe they have  video cameras in each room and a panic button just in case a client takes the cuddle session too far but whose to say there aren’t copy cat snuggle houses that well……offer more than “just cuddling”.

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15 thoughts on “Would you pay to be cuddled?

  1. Ha! That is interesting. Mainly because, yes I would pay. I believe that touch is essential for humans. I have not been touched (hugs, kisses, anything) by an adult (my kid doesn’t count…sorta) in, oh about10 years. Not even my family gives hug. I feel my soul dying a slow death because of it.

  2. I saw that on yahoo the other day and mentioned it to my husband. I think it would be very awkward to cuddle with a stranger. Did you watch the little video clip…very strange.

  3. Let’s just say I don’t particularly like the idea but I can understand why it might be a useful service. I come from a long line of family huggers. I’ve raised our kids to be huggers too. I think I might not survive a long drought without physical touch. I also think I could find someone for free to take care of that need. Fortunately I learned early on that I need touch and married a thoroughly affectionate man.

    • I grew up in a family that hugs were very foreign….it wasn’t until I became an adult that I had to work at being affectionate and be accepting of it…..We are both very lucky to have husbands who are very affectionate 🙂

  4. I would pay for an embrace. Cuddling would lead my mind to dark places, though, so I would probably have to stay away from that.

    I am very affectionate, but when I had opportunities to hug and cuddle in the past, I took it for granted or shrugged people away. Now I long for just a touch.

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