I love when he takes control

This morning while I was getting ready for work , I saw that one of my favorite episodes of Sex and The City was on; “The Catch”. What caught my eye was when Carrie had a “sex sprain” due to her horrible sexcapade with “Thumper” otherwise known as Harry’s bestman.


I had to laugh because it just brought back memories of the horrible bedroom moments that I have had with the men from my past. I’ve had my very own experience with a man who I can only describe his love making as  jack hammer sex. It’s not fun….it was actually on the lines of pathetic; lions in the African jungle have more pizzazz with their mate.  I should have said “adios” to this man after the first experience, but I felt he could be taught. He couldn’t.

Then there was the forty year old who was proud of his assets (beer belly included)…..If you aren’t Magic Mike there is no need to stand there naked and swing something that ….well isn’t long enough to swing. In my opinion, the man who did this looked like an idiot and I lost all interest.  Plus if you are going Magic Mike me….one word, Manscape!!


Mr. “Want to Please” was all talk, he didn’t want to please me the way I wanted, he didn’t even want to take helpful hints. Come to think about it the mere mention of what I liked just made him turn all prim and proper… “You’re a lady and I won’t do that” he’d often say. He was anti naughty play …anti everything fun ….. he was a fuddy duddy, total bore.

I guess the bar was set high when I first dated my husband ten years ago because after we parted I just wanted that same experience, I longed for it…..I yearned for it. I am very thankful that the years of disappointing sex was put to an end when we reunited last year…..because trying to tell men what I enjoyed or even a way around a womans body just grew tiring. I shouldn’t have to teach a grown man ….. I shouldn’t have to explain that you don’t fondle me or women (in general) like you would a carburetor….and if you are not so well endowed than that’s not my fault, grab some magazines and teach yourself how to use what your momma gave you.

I thank my lucky stars that my husband and I came to our senses……because when I say “spank me harder” he does as I ask. I never hear “I won’t do that, you’re a lady”….because in the bedroom I’m his little whore. He knows just by looking into my eyes exactly when I am about to reach the ultimate point of pleasure….and just with a bit of pressure around the neck, it will send me right on over the edge. He takes control and I love it………….no man in my past has ever had the balls enough to take control….full control.


~ don’t get me wrong, he hands over the reins sometimes and gives me full control and I LOVE IT!!


14 thoughts on “I love when he takes control

  1. I am gonna SO get back with you on this….

    BUT so that you know…I am headed to my EYE DOCTOR…dr. tall dark AND handsome….(good golly miss molly) and my plans are for him to look deep into my eyes ….
    With that said, I am off for a spruce me up bath and a do me up hair shine along with some hot ass shoes…yes ma’am pam…because NOW after reading your post…I am HOT AND BOTHERED….BUT, I will get back to you…

    pinky swear.

  2. I knew it! woman some of them, say sex is not everything in a relationship. Screw that, of course you want it, and of course you want a little diversity maybe in the kitchen, or in the back of the car the next day, or try another position. Just keep it fun and flowing and experimenting.
    It was a fun read,

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me, or you were more at ease and daring with that post than the other ones… and I liked that 🙂 keep it up.

    One thing to comment on about what you said that you can’t teach or let your partner know how to please you. I would say that yes, with communication a lot can change and can be taught. The question though, is your partner willing to listen and open to change or not. I personally think that’s one of the differences that makes someone ( man or woman ) good, great or not at all…

    • My husband listens to my requests and I do the same for him, it’s the men from my past that had a hard time with being shown what I enjoyed…..they either took it as an insult that I was showing them or they just couldn’t take in all that I was showing them.

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