I thought the magic was in the Crisco~ my attempt to make Southern Fried Chicken

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Yesterday, I felt like Ceelia Foote from The Help when she was trying to make Southern Fried Chicken for her husband. See, I get my fried chicken from a box…..Churchs or KFC suits me just fine, but my Southern husband asked me a few weeks ago that he would love for me to learn how to make fried chicken.

So I gave it a shot……but any old recipe wouldn’t do, so I asked my friend Lisa if she had a Southern Fried Chicken recipe that would knock my husbands socks off!!  “Yes Ma’am” she said. She even said that her recipe was simple enough that even I could do it. After reviewing her recipe I noticed that Crisco was in order, uhmmmm Crisco……I had visions of myself standing in front of a cast iron skillet with a big glob of Crisco melting while I prepare to drop in the chicken to be fried.

(Crisco, check- flour,check-butter, check-chicken, check)


imagesWell, to my surprise this recipe didn’t require a cast iron skillet or having to dodge splatters of hot Crisco, her recipe called for me to bake it……..but to put in a couple globs of Crisco and butter in the metal baking pan. I needed the “fat” to get all nice and hot before putting my chicken in its home for about an hour.  My only question was “if its baked how does it turned fried?” but I kept my question to myself, I wasn’t going to ask Miss Lisa some stupid question that she will only shake her head and think “Poor little California girl”. So, I just followed her recipe step by step …… somehow some way my chicken will be fried. The trick must be in the Crisco!!

(season the flour, flour the chicken, then put it in the pan–check,check,check)


I waited the 25 minutes before I had to turn the chicken over, I didn’t peek because again I didn’t want to screw it up……but when the buzzer when off and I opened the oven, I didn’t see fried chicken. “Shit I screwed up” I grabbed a bowl, melted more crisco and butter in the microwave, removed the chicken….poured the melted “fat” concoction in the pan…..and placed the chicken back in. “This should fry it”.


As the chicken was cooking, I started up the butter beans that my husband requested, along with some mashed potatoes. “Do you know how to make Sawmill gravy?” he asked. “sawmill what??” I asked.  He informed my nonsouthern self about this gravy and tried to explain how to prepare it. Sounded easy enough so I was going to try it.

Let me just say…… he never got his sawmill gravy, because I was just exhausted. I ended up pulling out a package of gravy mix and prepared that on the stove. I finished sprucing up the potatoes, poured the butter beans in a bowl and was about to pull out the chicken. *crossing my fingers* I said out loud “please oh please be fried”.

It wasn’t “fried”, I googled baked fried chicken……and then saw that what I was cooking was considered “Skinny fried chicken”….. “well, I think I blew the skinny out of it with all the crisco” I said to the furkids.

I plated the chicken…..and hoped that he wouldn’t be disappointed that it wasn’t FRIED CHICKEN, like he had wanted.


Like the Southern gent that he is, he said the chicken was very good. “What’s wrong” he asked.  “I’m tired, this southern cooking wore me out!!! but I was hoping it was going to be FRIED….I thought the magic was in the crisco?”.

Dinner was very good though, but next time ….. I’m busting out the cast iron skillet, the tube of crisco and will attempt to make fried chicken!!


25 thoughts on “I thought the magic was in the Crisco~ my attempt to make Southern Fried Chicken

  1. I’m surprised I haven’t blogged my fried chicken recipe yet. Have you ever heard of Progresso Recipe Starters? I use their Creamy Roasted Garlic starter to marinate the chicken before frying it. Basically just soak the chicken in that and follow it up with an egg wash and dip it in flour. You will have to deal with hot grease popping up at you but if you cook it slow enough it shouldn’t pop too badly. Here’s a pic I used this recipe on sorry it’s the best pic I have on my blog right now of it:


    Using the Progresso Recipe Starter gives it an authentic Southern flavor that your husband will love! I promise you won’t regret it.

    SHUGG….FIRST OFF…your pan is way too smalll…second…you needed to flour that chicken a bit more…AND…then? your chicken woulda been fried.
    Ims justa laughin…you need a recipe for chocolate pie?

  3. I can’t get to WordPress this morning or I’d have commented on your blog. Sorry. But here’s how you make good fried chicken.

    First of all, put enough liquid vegetable or olive oil in your electric skillet to go halfway up the side of your chicken pieces. Boneless requires less oil, but bone in, skin on, is tastier. Heat it to 350 F. Add a TBSP or 2 of margarine just for extra flavor.

    Don’t use Crisco. It’s better for baking. Use it for frying and your chances of a skillet fire go up pretty high. I seriously relieved and a little surprised you didn’t get a fire in your oven, but maybe it wasn’t in a large enough amount to be a problem.

    Shake your chicken pieces in a bag with 1 cup flower and a liberal dosing of Johnny Season Salt.

    Gently lay each piece down in the hot oil. Don’t drop them in or you’ll get splashed. You don’t want to get splashed. Cook it 20 minutes on each side.

    Remove with tongs to a paper towel covered plate to drain off the oil. Pat the tops off with more paper towel before serving.

    Hope this helps.

    Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 17:20:23 +0000 To: ampbreia@live.com

  4. HaHa we are not southern girls that know how to cook that kind of food! I can only imagine what my attempt at making Fried Chicken would be thank God I married a Pollock and not a Southern Boy LOL!

    • HAHA , you can get a way with making American Goulash and pass it off as Chili and he wouldn’t no the difference. hahahaha….

      I will just make a trip to Churchs and pretend that I made it!! haha ~ he’d know though.

  5. On a side note never throw Crisco at the side of your Mom’s house. I don’t know why my brother and I did this when were kids but my Mom was livid. Those stains never washed out! I’ve ever seen Crisco since that day and that had to be more than 15 years ago now. In fact I didn’t even know you could cook with it let alone how to cook with it. Did I mention I’m from the South?! 😀

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