My future granddaughers are going to be soooo spoiled

I’ve realized that I am going to be in so much trouble when my children make me a grandmother especially if they have a little girl. Those that follow this blog know that I have a slight obsession dressing up my furkids, especially my furgirl Lily!!

Well, a friend of ours is having a birthday party for her daughter who is turning two….she looks more like a three year old, she’s adorable and totally has me wrapped around her little bity almost two year old finger.

“Does she have any dress-up clothes?” I texted my friend.

“nope” she responded.

“I’m soooooo on that!” I replied.

I just remembered how much fun I had with Little Eva when I watched her a couple of months back…..and yes, I know she’s going to be two…..but all little girls no matter their age love to play dress-up. So, today I went shopping. I found a cute pink box at Hobby Lobby and a wooden castle to hot glue on top of the lid and then I spent way too much time at Target. While I was standing in the Disney Princess aisle, a grandmother and her granddaughter were looking at Princess Sophia items.

“Grandma, I need  the Princess Sofia shoes to go with my Princess Sofia dress!”.

“ok, is there anything else? What about the Princess Sofia purse?”

“YES!! And can I get the Princess Sofia tiara?”

“Why not!”

The little girl was in heaven. Once they left, I wanted to check out this Princess Sofia, because this Princess was new to me. I finally remembered that I did watch her cartoon on Disney Jr while I was babysitting her. “Princess Sofia it is” I said to myself. I grabbed the dress …. and the book…..BUT I needed more, so I found an adorable Snow White dress….and matching purse…….needless to say, I may have gone a little overboard.

princess          princess1

* and yes…..believe me if I have grandsons they will be spoiled as well*


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