My ghostly encounter ~ still gives me chills!!



There is a road in Southern California named San Francisquito Canyon Road that sends chills up my spine when I have had to drive it.

A few years ago, around midnight my ex and I  were driving home from having a late dinner….as we were driving on this very dark winding road, I was staring off into the darkness trying to see if I could make out any animals that may want to cross into our path.

Within seconds, I am bracing for impact… the middle of the road stood a white male wearing a baseball cap, khaki shorts and a blue pull over windbreaker. I screamed, my legs were now curled up into me….my left hand on the door….again I was bracing for impact. I thought we were going to hit this man.

My ex looked over at me ,  “what’s wrong?”……..“didn’t you see him?” I said as my heart was about to burst out of my chest….I was shaking. I gave him a detail description ….. “He was RIGHT THERE standing in the middle of the road just feet away from our car.” He didn’t see anything…. of course he didn’t.

I drove that road several times after that, in the daytime of course.I avoided that road at night as much as possible but if I HAD to drive it I made sure that someone was with me, that someone was normally my daughter Ann and leave it to both of us to freak each other telling creepy ghost stories or “what if an ax murderer jumps out in the road” scenarios.




4 thoughts on “My ghostly encounter ~ still gives me chills!!

  1. Freaky stuff! I know I guy who says this happened to him. At night a guy just walked in front of his car, it was too late for him to stop and he thought he was going to kill the guy then there was no one there!

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