Come on now….really?? chocolate???


I received some awful news yesterday. It was one of those “Shut up, that can’t possibly be” type of news. I was just sitting there waiting for her to crack a smile and say “I’m kidding”, but that never happened.

How are you feeling? Did your migraine go away?” a co-worker asked.

“it’s not as bad as it was, but I probably overdosed on chocolate which brought on the migraine”….I said, JOKINGLY.

“You DO know that chocolate is a trigger for migraines right?”

“SHUT UP!! You’re kidding…..” I waited for her to say she was joking.

“No really, have you ever read up on what triggers migraines? Chocolate is one of them” she said.

Now….I wasn’t going to argue with her, she knew her stuff… she runs the clinic. So she should know a thing or two about medicine.

“Thanks for delivering the worse news EVER” I said laughing as I looked at the Frankenstein bowl filled with chocolate in front of me. “Stupid ass chocolate, next you’re going to say that wine, olives and bread are triggers as well”. She laughed….as we headed out to our cars.

This can’t be true, I thought to myself as I was driving home. I did eat a good consumption of Twix and KitKats earlier that day, but I was stressed out……urgh I need to move the bowl. I can’t have my death certificate  read “Death by Chocolate”.

Once I got home, I logged onto my computer and typed in “Migraine Triggers” ….. Please let her be wrong, I said to Lily my furgirl……but she wasn’t.

Migraine Food triggers

Here’s a partial list of major food triggers, according to the National Headache Foundation.

• Ripened cheeses (such as cheddar, Emmentaler, Stilton, Brie, and Camembert)
• Marinated, pickled, or fermented food
• Foods that contain nitrites or nitrates (bacon, hot dogs) or MSG (soy sauce, meat tenderizers, seasoned salt)
Sour cream
• Nuts, peanut butter
• Sourdough bread
• Broad beans, lima beans, fava beans, snow peas
• Figs, raisins, papayas, avocados, red plums
• Citrus fruits
• Excessive amounts (more than 2 cups total) of caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, or cola
• Alcohol (including red wine and beer)

I’m screwed …..  hahaha…… at least it doesn’t mention olives, I love olives!!  Okay, so I guess if I have tiny amounts of chocolate, cheese, sourdough bread, tea and of course wine I shall be able to keep the migraines at bay….but I also have to stop stressing myself out to.

I hope I didn’t ruin anyone else’s day by this news.


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